8+ Accountability Partner Apps To Put Your Excuses To Bed

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Are you finding it tough to stick to your goals? Are you fed up with excuses piling up faster than your accomplishments? If you’re nodding yes, then accountability partner apps might just be the game-changer you need.

These awesome tools are designed to help you hold yourself accountable, push through procrastination, and get things done.

Best Value
goalswon logo accountability
  • Daily support
  • Mobile app
  • Goal tracking
Best Vibe
flown logo
  • Coworking hub
  • Focus sessions
  • Free on Fridays
Best incentive
forfeit app logo
  • Do it or lose $$$
  • Mobile app
  • No excuses

From matching you with other driven goal-getters for mutual support to offering an online coworking space for focused work, these accountability tools use different approaches to help you achieve goals.

In this guide, I’ll share the 8 best accountability partner apps that will nudge you to stop making excuses and start taking control of your life, as well as a few other accountability apps that you might find useful.

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What is an accountability partner app?

8+ Accountability Partner Apps To Put Your Excuses To Bed

An accountability partner app is a digital platform that assists you in finding an accountability buddy, coach, or group. These apps leverage the power of social obligation, commitment, or even financial incentives to ensure you stay on track with your goals.

By pairing you with like-minded people or coaches, accountability apps provide an external source of motivation and support. The shared responsibility and the fear of letting others down greatly improves your chances of sticking to your commitments.

What are the best accountability partner apps?

1. GoalsWon

Best accountability partner app for goal success

goalswon accountability coaching app to stop procrastinating

GoalsWon connects you with a professional coach who offers daily support and guidance on your path toward achieving your goals.

This app goes beyond automated reminders and nudges, providing personalized coaching that is tailored to your specific needs.

When you sign up for GoalsWon, it takes you through a short questionnaire to understand your goals and the type of support you are looking for.

goalswon coaching support

(For me, motivation is not a problem – but consistency is. I have a shiny object syndrome and perfectionist tendencies that keep me from meeting my weekly goals sometimes. So that’s the kind of accountability I asked for. You might be different.)

Based on your answers, the app matches you with a perfect coach (real human!) who has experience helping people achieve similar goals.

With GoalsWon, your coach is your accountability partner. They track your progress, provide constructive feedback, and motivate you to stay on course.

Here is a sneak peek into my chat with my GoalsWon coach Joel:

goalswon chat example

The daily check-ins ensure that you’re constantly moving toward your goals, and having a professional by your side can offer invaluable insights and strategies.


GoalsWon offers a 7-day free trial, so you can try it out and see if this app actually helps you be more accountable.

After that, the monthly cost is about $90, which is a fraction of what you would usually pay for a single personalized coaching session.

My experience with Goalswon

GoalsWon is even better than your regular accountability partner app, as it makes it all about you! While other apps involve listening to other people’s goals and supporting them in return, with GoalsWon, both you and your coach are focused on your success.

I only have good things to say about my GoalsWon coach! He helped me stay on track and make consistent progress on multiple occasions when I would’ve likely given up without him.

2. Flown

Best accountability partner app for getting things done

flown accountability partner app

Flown app invites you to participate in group focus sessions, where you work along with others who are also looking to achieve their goals.

It’s like a virtual study group that promotes a sense of community and shared productivity. Seeing others work and getting progress “around” you makes you want to get things done too.

If you have ever worked from a coworking space, this accountability platform is basically the same thing but online.

You can join a quiet virtual room during the day or participate in focused 1- or 2-hour coworking sessions with a small group of people.


Flown offers a 30-day free trial that does not require a credit card. And even if you don’t upgrade after that, you can still join focus sessions free of charge on Fridays.

Flown membership costs $25 per month and allows you to participate in various coworking sessions every day, with some healthy limitations.

There is also a discounted yearly plan and a lifetime plan for $675.

3. Forfeit

Best productivity app for staking money

forfeit accountability app homepage preview

Forfeit is a mobile app that employs a novel approach to accountability – financial incentives.

It’s based on the scientifically proven idea that people are more motivated to avoid losing money than to receive the same amount of money (also known as loss aversion).

In simple words, putting $10 on the line is usually enough to get you off the couch and do the thing you said you would do.

Using Forfeit is like making a bet on yourself. You commit to a task and say, “If I don’t do this task, I lose this much money.”

When the deadline comes, a member of the Forfeit team checks your evidence and decides whether you keep or lose your money. There are multiple ways to confirm your success, for example:

  • Take a picture of yourself in the gym
  • Record a timelapse of yourself meditating for 10 minutes
  • Take a screenshot of your screen time being under a certain amount
  • Open the app with GPS turned on as proof of visiting a place
  • …and more

It is not as scary as it seems. According to Josh Mitchell, co-founder of the app, “the average user loses around $10/month – a lot rarely lose money.” And the value you gain from achieving goals every day is mindblowing.

By putting your money at risk, Forfeit gives you extra motivation to achieve your goals and stay accountable. It also helps you build good habits or get rid of the bad ones.

If you aren’t comfortable trusting a stranger with your money, there is a self-verify option that relies on your honesty.

There is no room for excuses! But there is an appeals system in case life gets in the way or something happens outside of your control (we’re all humans, after all).


Forfeit is a free mobile app that only requires you to pay when you fail to complete your task.

When you create a new Forfeit, you can choose how much money you are willing to lose if you don’t deliver on your promise. The minimum the app allowed me to choose is $1, and the maximum is $50.

What’s also cool is that they have a bunch of additional ways of “losing” on their roadmap – for example, losing to a charity of your choice, or to a group of friends.

My Thoughts

From a psychological standpoint, this app might be the most effective of them all! It pushes you to actually get things done because nobody wants to lose money because of procrastination, mindless scrolling, or another lame excuse.

And the fact that there will be a real person verifying your results works as an additional incentive to keep you on track. Overall, if you are serious about your goals, this app can change your life!

4. FocusMate

Best accountability partner app for daily focus

focusmate accountability partner app

FocusMate app offers a unique approach to productivity by providing a virtual coworking space. It’s built around the idea that having someone working alongside you, even virtually, can boost your productivity and focus.

When you schedule a work session on the FocusMate platform, you’re paired with an accountability partner who is also planning to be productive during that time window.

You start with a quick video chat to state your goals for the session, then you both get to work. It’s that simple!

Just knowing that someone else is working and holding you accountable can be incredibly motivating and help you stay on task.


FocusMate keeps it simple: you can use it completely free for up to 3 focused sessions per week. If you are really serious about your goals, you can get access to unlimited sessions for $9.99/month (or $6.99/month with a yearly plan).

focusmate accountability app pricing

5. Tability

Best accountability app for business goals

tability ai accountability tool

Tability is a perfect accountability tool for solopreneurs or teams who want to set clear objectives and track progress.

With Tability, you’re not just jotting down goals; you’re breaking them down into actionable steps, setting timelines, and getting a clear visual representation of your progress.

It’s one of the many incredible AI tools that make your life easier in 2024.

Tability is full of useful features for project management, from assigning and monitoring tasks to getting automated reports with valuable insights.


Tability offers a free forever plan that may be enough for a one-person business or a small team of up to 5 people.

Paid plans range between $4 and $8 per person per month and offer gradually more AI credits and other useful features, such as strategy maps, advanced reporting, and more.

My Thoughts

Tability is a unique goal-oriented app that has a built-in AI assistant to help you manage projects. Not only can it formulate SMART goals for you, but it can also analyze your progress and suggest improvements, which ensures accountability and pushes you and your team to achieve better results.

6. Supporti

Best accountability partner app for mutual support

supporti accountability partner app

Supporti is a mobile app that brings the concept of accountability buddies right to your fingertips.

It’s an app designed to match you automatically with an accountability partner, someone who shares similar goals and is committed to supporting you in your journey.

This exchange of support creates a mutual understanding and a sense of community that makes chasing your goals a less solitary journey.

What makes Supporti stand out is its user-friendly design, which allows you to set your goals, track your progress, and communicate with your partner all in one place.

It ensures you always have a productivity pal by your side, cheering you on and holding you accountable to your commitments.


Supporti app is available on both Google Play and Apple Store. Since it connects you with real users for daily accountability, it has a subscription-based model to ensure only serious goal-oriented people are using it.

The monthly cost is $15.99, or $129.99 if you pay yearly.

My take

What I like about Supporti is that it matches you with a partner for 7 days, so you have some ongoing context about each other’s goals and can support each other on a deeper level. After 7 days, you can choose to continue with the same partner or get matched with a new one.

7. Accountable2You

Best accountability partner app for destroying bad habits

accountable2you partner app

Accountable2You takes accountability to another level by directly reporting your bad choices to your designated accountability partner.

This app operates on the principle of transparency, keeping your actions under scrutiny, which, in turn, encourages self-discipline and adherence to your goals.

Knowing that your questionable online activity will be immediately shared with your partner, be it your spouse or a friend, will make you think twice before indulging in bad behavior again.

Whether it’s spending too much time on social media, searching things you shouldn’t be searching, or visiting websites that distract you from your goals, your partner will know.

This accountability app makes it harder to excuse bad habits, driving you to make better choices for your productivity.


Accountable2You offers a personal plan starting at $7/month and a family plan that covers you, your spouse, and your children at $12/month.

There are also several group plans for organizations that care about accountability.

accountability app pricing
My take

This app is a wonderful way to quickly get rid of bad habits. Choose an accountability partner whose opinion you really value, and the app will make you avoid undesired behavior in order to not disappoint that person!

8. Boss as a Service

Best accountability partner app for intense motivation

bossasaservice accountability app

BossAsAService is a fun accountability app concept that basically offers a boss for hire.

This “boss” is a dedicated professional who helps ensure you’re accountable for your work and deadlines.

You share your tasks, set your deadlines, and your virtual boss follows up, pushing you to complete your tasks on time.

The idea behind BossAsAService is to create a sense of urgency and obligation toward your work. Much like an actual boss, it maintains pressure, provides structure, and promotes a disciplined work ethic.

It’s an ideal app for freelancers or entrepreneurs who tend to procrastinate and need that extra nudge to stay productive.

A boss doesn’t take your word for it – proof is required.


BossAsAService payment structure is very straightforward. It starts at $25/month and gets cheaper if you pay in advance.

3-month costs $60, and a yearly plan gives you a whopping 33% off with one $200 payment.

boss service app plans
My take

If your usual accountability buddy is too nice and doesn’t push you hard enough, this “online boss” service may just be perfect to finally stop procrastinating and start working on your dreams.

Other accountability partner apps worth mentioning

Other than the 8 best accountability partner apps listed above, there are a bunch of other apps out there that are also doing some cool stuff to keep you accountable:


Cofocus allows you to book your planned focused hour in advance and matches you with another person who is ready to work at the same time. You join the meeting, quickly state your goals for the hour, and get to work. It’s all about keeping each other motivated and in the zone.


Groove is a free app that matches you with 1-3 people for a 50-minute focus session. You hop on a video chat before and after to share your to-do items and whether or not you got them done. During the session, you can motivate each other in a dedicated written chat.


FlowClub is an effective body doubling app that can help you be more accountable. These guys help you get into the “flow” of things with guided, virtual coworking sessions. They even play focus music to help you get totally absorbed in what you’re doing, which can lead to some serious productivity boosts.


Finally, there’s GetMotivatedBuddies. This app plays matchmaker, but not for love, for productivity! It pairs you up with a buddy who’s got similar goals and works in your timezone, so you can check in regularly and keep each other accountable. You can also join like-minded groups and organize friendly challenges.

Why use an accountability partner app?

Accountability partner apps serve as a reality check. It’s easy to give in to excuses when you are only accountable to yourself. But when there’s someone else involved, you realize how lame your excuses sound.

Having your accountability buddy check on your progress gives you an extra boost of motivation to get things done and keeps procrastination at bay.

Final thoughts on accountability apps

So, there you have it – eight best accountability partner apps, each with unique capabilities designed to help you lay your excuses to rest.

Whether it’s by finding a companion in productivity or risking your hard-earned money, there’s an app out there to match your approach to motivation.

Take advantage of these resources, choose an app that fits your needs, and bring your goals closer today!

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