33 Best AI Business Tools You Can’t Ignore In 2024

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Is your business radiating artificial intelligence-driven efficiency across all its operations? If it’s not, despite how seamless your other processes are, you’re not reaching your full potential. Amazing AI business tools we’ll discuss today will help you catch that smart technology train and not be left behind!

Considering that 91% of leading-edge companies worldwide are continuously investing in AI, I’m often astounded by the underutilization of AI capabilities by smaller businesses in 2024. It usually comes down to not fully grasping its benefits or clinging to outdated methods for no good reason.

In this article, I’m going to spotlight the 33 most powerful AI tools that no business owner can afford to overlook in 2024. We’ll break down their unique features, advantages, and how they can seamlessly fit into your business for maximum effectiveness.

Top 3 AI business tools in 2024

Based on extensive research and closely following the industry, I identified these 3 AI tools as the must-have for every serious business owner.

Exploding Topics
exploding topics logo

Identify trending topics, products, and startups before they become mainstream.

marketmuse logo

Best AI SEO tool for content planning, website audits, and securing top rankings.

brand24 tool icon logo

Smart AI tracker for brand awareness, social mentions, and customer insights.

Properly incorporating just these three tools into your workflow is likely to bring a significant boost to your business growth. However, make sure to check out as many of the AI instruments from this list as possible, as each of them can play a different role in pushing you to meet your business goals.

What are the benefits of using AI tools in business?

With an unprecedented leap of AI in 2023, companies aiming to stay ahead in the market increasingly understand the necessity of integrating artificial intelligence into their day-to-day processes.

And no wonder: AI tools are able to make life easier for business owners, deliver valuable insights, and position businesses on the cutting edge, irrespective of their size.

But what specific benefits does AI technology promise?

✔ Elevate content creation

From your company’s blog to all social media platforms, generative AI tools support your writing strategies, producing content that is interesting to your audience and aligns with your existing brand voice. With complicated machine learning algorithms inside and easy controls on the outside, AI improves content quality while reducing time-consuming tasks, from idea generation to complete automation of the creative process.

✔ Maximize marketing impact

AI business tools make your marketing smarter and more personal. They help you craft a better content strategy, send personalized emails that people actually want to read, find new customers easily, and create captivating ads that enhance your brand’s visibility. These integrations empower your marketing efforts, leading to increased customer engagement and ensuring every action results in maximum impact.

✔ Boost team productivity

By automating mundane tasks and managing workflows, AI tools create a productivity surge across your team. AI-enhanced project management and intelligent automation reduce time wasting, minimize human errors, and transform your business into one smooth and efficient mechanism. All companies looking to improve team productivity and efficiency can benefit from some of these top AI tools on the market.

✔ Increase customer satisfaction

Employing AI opens new horizons for customer relationship management. Be it 24/7 AI chatbots offering consistent customer support or data analytics tools delivering personalized experiences, AI can also ensure your customers’ needs are met swiftly and effectively.

✔ Secure a competitive edge

Implementing AI tools doesn’t merely provide an advantage – it redefines the playing field. With the right AI tools for business in 2024, you stay ahead of market trends, make informed decisions based on intelligent analytics, and are free to channel your energy into top-level tasks.

With these compelling benefits in mind, it’s clear that AI integration is a game-changer for businesses. So, let’s dive right into the first category of AI business tools that is on everyone’s lips: content generation.

Best AI business tools for content creation

1. Koala

koalawriter ai writing tool preview

If you’re looking for a way to create solid, in-depth SEO-friendly articles without the usual AI headaches, Koala Writer might be worth checking out. It does a surprisingly good job compared to other long-form article writers I tried, especially with difficult formats like Amazon roundups and product reviews.

Koala Writer’s interface is really straightforward, making the whole writing process a lot less intimidating. The tool was developed by a person who runs a content business so they clearly know what good content looks like.

If you need help with brainstorming or have a quick question, Koala has an AI chatbot you can interact with. Among other useful features, I would name internal linking and custom prompting, which most other AI article generators don’t have.

Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or just starting to dip your toes in, this tool could definitely come in handy.

2. Jasper

jasper ai website

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, Jasper serves as your AI personal assistant for all content creation needs. Its smart algorithms help you generate the first drafts, expand your ideas, continue writing when you get stuck, and more.

Essentially, artificial intelligence tools like Jasper can take the burden of content generation off your shoulders while you focus on other critical tasks. It ensures that your thoughts and concepts are articulated in a coherent and engaging manner, and it even adjusts its writing style to match your preferred tone, ensuring a seamless blend with your existing content.

3. Keyword Insights AI

keyword insights ai tool for content creation

Before you can start writing content, you need to find the right topics that your audience is actually searching for. Keyword Insights AI is your ideal companion for all things SEO and keyword research. Its AI is designed to analyze and interpret complex keyword data, turning it into actionable insights for your website or blog.

The strength of this AI content marketing tool lies in its ability to simplify and organize. You provide it with a seed keyword and then use artificial intelligence to uncover related search queries, calculate keyword difficulty, and estimate search volume.

Whether you’re crafting a new blog post or optimizing an existing page, this tool provides the insights you need to climb the search engine rankings.

4. Neuronwriter

neuronwriter ai tool

Neuronwriter is your secret weapon for content optimization and SEO. Its AI-powered capabilities support you in the article writing process by generating NLP terms you should include to be able to compete for your desired keyword.

The beauty of Neuronwriter lies in its comprehensive semantic features. You feed it with your topic or keyword, and it analyzes competitors’ top-rated content and your preferred Google SERPs to give you a competitive edge.

As you are crafting the article, it gives you an ongoing SEO score and useful suggestions for improvements. Under the hood, it uses natural language processing to help you optimize every article for better rankings.

5. Grammarly

grammarly ai tool

Grammarly streamlines the editing process by automatically scanning your text for grammar, punctuation, and style errors. It offers suggestions for corrections, enhances readability, and even provides insights to polish the tone of your writing.

In essence, Grammarly can become your full-time proofreading assistant while you focus on getting your ideas on paper. It ensures that your writing is clear, effective, and error-free, and it delivers comprehensive reports to help you understand your strengths and areas for improvement.

My experience

As someone who writes a lot of content for my blogging business, I’ve been using Grammarly for years, first the free version and later switching to the premium plan. With the handy extension, it’s always there for me, whether I’m writing something in WordPress editor, in Google Docs, or in Gmail.

As a non-native English speaker, I can confidently say that Grammarly has contributed a lot to how my writing skills have improved over the years. I also use their plagiarism checker to ensure I don’t accidentally reproduce someone else’s thought without quoting them.

Best AI business tools for marketing

6. MarketMuse

marketmuse ai tool website

MarketMuse is a tool you won’t want to overlook if content marketing is a key strategy for your business. This AI-powered platform provides deep insights into your content, stacking it up against the top performers for similar topics.

It helps you pinpoint gaps in your content and provides actionable suggestions for your content strategy in order to improve topical authority of your website. By identifying the opportunities and potential keywords you can rank for, this tool helps you create high-quality articles that please both your readers and search engines.

With MarketMuse, your content is not just more optimized, but it’s also more competitive and relevant to your audience.

7. Rasa

rasa email writer ai

Rasa.io is your ultimate tool for elevating your email marketing game. Its AI-driven system helps you create and deploy smart newsletters that embody a level of personalization that is beyond the ordinary.

Rasa is a powerful AI platform that allows you to generate hyper-personalized emails with information tailored for every individual subscriber, based on the subject they like and their previous behavior. Whether you let the AI do all the work or choose to feature select articles in your newsletter, Rasa delivers personalized content that boosts engagement, renewals, ad revenue, members, sales, and leads from your email list.

8. Seamless.AI

seamless ai tool

Seamless.AI is one of the best AI tools for marketing as it simplifies the process of finding quality sales leads. It provides accurate contact information for potential customers, helping you grow your sales pipeline.

It’s intuitive to use and offers key insights that could turn a cold lead into a loyal customer. Seamless.AI is a valuable asset for any sales-driven business.

9. Pencil

pencil ai tool ad generator preview

Pencil is an AI-powered creative platform that automates ad design. It analyzes your product and audience to create compelling ads that resonate with your viewers.

It saves you hours of creative work and ensures consistency in your branding. Pencil is your go-to solution for ad campaigns that deliver results.

Best AI social media tools for business

10. Adcreative

adcreative ai tool website

Adcreative is a robust AI tool that elevates your social media and ad campaigns. It is able to generate creative ads and social media posts for you from a single text-based instruction.

Just give it a short description of your project, and it will walk you through the steps of creating whatever graphics you need, including generating AI-powered copy and incorporating your brand’s assets.

11. MeetEdgar

meetedgar business ai tool for social media

MeetEdgar is a powerful social media management tool supported by sophisticated AI algorithms. It helps you schedule and publish posts, recycle old content, A/B test variations to track user engagement, and even create new content based on your old posts.

MeetEdgar is especially great for solopreneurs and small businesses as it keeps your social media profiles active with minimum effort on your part, helping you grow your online presence without the added stress.

12. Missinglettr

missinglettr ai social media scheduling tool

Missinglettr simplifies social media marketing by automatically creating engaging campaigns from your blog posts. It curates a content strategy, schedules posts, and even suggests the best times to post based on your followers’ previous activity.

Basically, Missinglettr can take over your whole social media feed curation while you are busy doing more important work. It ensures your valuable content gets the attention it deserves on social media, and it tracks the performance of every post to collect insights for future scheduling.

13. Postwise

postwise ai tool for business tweets

If your business is active on Twitter, Postwise is a great AI tool to save your time and energy managing this social media platform.

It is trained to auto-generate tweets that have a high probability of going viral for the topic you want to cover. You can edit the output however you want before scheduling your tweets for your preferred time, and then go do something else while Postwise posts consistently on your behalf.

Best AI business tools for productivity

14. Motion

motion ai planner tool preview

Motion is a pivotal tool for enhancing your productivity as a business owner as it seamlessly integrates online planning, intelligent scheduling, and popular time management techniques into a single app.

It saves you precious hours every week by eliminating the need to juggle multiple productivity tools. It schedules all your tasks into your calendar based on availability and priorities, and even reschedules things that didn’t get done for the next day.

15. Tability

tability ai tool

Tability is an impressive goal-tracking tool that operates like an accelerator for your business achievements. It’s a data-driven tracking app intended to keep you and your team accountable and aligned with all your company’s goals.

By merging intuitive goal-setting techniques with data analytics, Tability relies on AI algorithms to assist you in staying motivated and concentrated on essential tasks, filtering out the noise. You’ll receive regular updates, progress tracking, and data insights to sustain momentum and make consistent progress toward the goals you set.

16. Taskade

taskade ai tool productivity preview

Taskade is a smart all-in-one productivity tool for working on your business goals as it consolidates task management, collaborative workspaces, and real-time chat features into one platform.

From tasks and documents to notes and mind maps, all your project-related data is in one location, enabling you to focus on vital work and smoothly coordinate every aspect of your team’s efforts.

17. Notion

notion planning tool homepage

Notion is an all-in-one workspace where you can write, plan, collaborate, and get organized. It’s a comprehensive tool that replaces multiple traditional applications, allowing you to take notes, add tasks, manage projects, and create your own wikis all within one platform.

This tool recently caught an AI wave too, introducing Notion AI, a new feature that automates tedious writing tasks, such as summarizing important points and generating next steps from meeting notes or improving your writing.

With features like grammar and spelling corrections, language translations, and tone adjustments, Notion AI acts as your highly-capable assistant and aims to simplify your workflow.

Best AI business tools for team meetings

18. Otter

otter assistant for zoom meetings

Otter is an intelligent transcription tool that uses AI to turn spoken language into written text in real time. This means business owners can say goodbye to the boring task of manually transcribing meetings and instead have an accurate, searchable text of every conversation at their fingertips.

Not only does Otter transcribe live meetings or audio files, but it also recognizes different speakers and highlights critical discussion points, thus maximizing the value of every interaction.

It works hand-in-hand with popular virtual meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, ensuring that no matter where your conversation is happening, Otter is there to capture it. It can even join meetings on your behalf and take notes when you aren’t available.

19. Krisp

krisp tool website for noise cancelation

Krisp is a revolutionary noise-canceling app that uses AI to eliminate background noise from your calls on the go. The app is a blessing for business owners with back-to-back meetings, as it allows you to take calls from anywhere without worrying about distracting noises.

Krisp ensures your voice is crystal clear on every call, improving communication efficiency. Interestingly, Krisp works not only for your own voice but also for incoming audio, enabling you to hear your partners with perfect clarity.

Besides noise cancelation, Krisp has AI note-taking capabilities to make your meeting experience pleasant as never before.

20. Vowel

vowel ai tool for business meetings preview

Vowel is the last AI meeting assistant on this list, also designed to transform the way businesses handle meetings. As opposed to Otter and Krisp, it’s a full AI-powered meeting platform, meaning it not only transcribes and summarizes your calls but also hosts them, so you don’t need to set up Zoom or other tools.

It has the ability to break down a conversation into actionable tasks and key points, and makes everything searchable for future reference. With Vowel, businesses have a powerful tool that lets them focus on discussions rather than documentation and ensures no important detail ever slips through the cracks.

Best creative AI tools for business

21. Pictory

pictory ai business tool for video creation preview

Pictory leverages the power of AI to transform long-form content into engaging video content for social media. If you’re a business owner looking to repurpose blogs, articles, or other text content into attractive video formats, Pictory is the tool for you.

Pictory’s AI automatically identifies key points in your content, recommends suitable visuals and animations, and even adds a voiceover. The result? An impactful, eye-catching video that drives engagement and helps you reach a wider audience.

Many business owners call Pictory the best AI video generator as it enables them to create visually compelling narratives with ease, saving time and resources.

22. Ayoa

ayoa ai tool preview for mind mapping

Ayoa is a versatile AI-powered tool that combines mind mapping and task management into one intuitive platform. It is perfect for business owners looking to enhance creative collaboration and boost productivity with AI.

With Ayoa, teams can visualize their ideas in various ways, break down tasks, set goals, and monitor progress. The AI functionality assists to explore new angles and brainstorm fresh ideas, helping your team to collaborate more effectively.

23. Canva

canva ai design tool for business

Canva is an AI-powered design tool that allows business owners to create stunning visual content with ease. From social media graphics to presentations and posters, Canva offers thousands of customizable templates and an easy-to-use design interface.

This robust platform features a bunch of powerful AI tools that can automatically generate text for your designs or create unique images based on your description. Whether you’re a design novice or a seasoned professional, Canva empowers you to bring your creative vision to life and collaborate on designs with your team members.

Best AI business tools for branding

24. Brand24

brand 24 ai tool for branding website preview

Brand24 is an AI-powered social media monitoring tool that provides businesses with insights about their online presence. It tracks and analyzes conversations about your brand, products, and competitors across various online platforms.

With Brand24, you can easily manage your reputation, respond to customer feedback promptly, and identify influencer opportunities. The real-time alerts and sentiment analysis provided by its AI capabilities make Brand24 a must-have tool for any business owner serious about building brand awareness.

25. Storydoc

storydoc proposal creator

Storydoc is a modern AI-assisted proposal creator with a slick interactive design. It lets you create stunning scroll-based presentations to impress your clients or stakeholders.

The process is as simple as it can possibly be: tell StoryDoc’s AI assistant what you need to create and what your brand is about, choose one of the templates pre-built for typical business use cases, and the tool will generate a custom presentation with AI-tailored copy and design. Everything is adjustable, so you can be as hands-on as you want with the end result, or even create the deck from scratch yourself!

Storydoc allows you to embed any type of content into your decks, from videos to personal calendars. It also comes with built-in analytics and can integrate with your favorite marketing tools.

26. Looka

looka ai branding tool preview

Looka leverages AI to help business owners create a unique and professional logo in minutes. This tool uses AI algorithms to understand your preferences and suggests logo designs based on your input.

Beyond logo design, Looka also offers a full suite of branding tools, including business card and social media kit design.

27. Landing AI

landing ai tool for website creation preview

Landing AI is an innovative tool that leverages artificial intelligence to build unique and appealing websites. Startup owners can use this tool to create a distinct online presence in a matter of minutes, with the AI generating unique copy, logos, and illustrations based on the user’s product, market, and customer information.

A variety of themes and languages are available, allowing for a tailored approach to branding. Users can download variations of their landing page, each of which comes with all the necessary code, text, unique logo, and images, ready to be deployed on a hosting provider.

Best AI business tools for customer satisfaction

28. ResolveAI

resolve ai tool preview busines chatbot

Resolve AI focuses on customer service through the use of AI chatbots. These chatbots can be trained with your business documents, allowing them to handle a wide range of customer inquiries and questions.

Resolve AI also allows businesses to customize their chatbots to fit their branding, including adjusting the avatar, text, welcome messages, and chatbot persona. The chatbots can be integrated into a website or connected with various messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Business owners can stay informed with notifications about new conversations and live agent requests, and they can join live chats when needed.

29. HippoVideo

hippovideo preview ai tool for business emails

HippoVideo is an AI-powered video marketing tool designed to simplify video editing, creating, and sharing. With this tool, businesses can easily create personalized video content to engage their audience, drive conversions, and improve customer experience.

Whether you’re creating product demos, customer testimonials, or email campaigns, HippoVideo is a comprehensive tool for interactive personalization that makes video marketing accessible to businesses of all sizes.

I added it to this list of best AI tools for business because it has many unique features, such as using your prospect’s Linkedin profile as a background for a generated video. And the best part? This AI tool offers a free trial so you can get impressed with its capabilities before you even pay a dime.

30. Tidio

tidio ai tool for customer support and live chat preview

Tidio combines live chat, chatbots, and marketing automation to enhance customer service and engagement. With Tidio, businesses can automate responses to common customer inquiries, allowing for quicker response times and improved customer satisfaction.

Tidio’s AI chatbots can also capture leads, helping to increase conversions and sales. With seamless integration with popular website and e-commerce platforms, Tidio is an invaluable tool for business owners looking to boost their online customer service and engagement efforts.

More AI tools for business owners

31. HubSpot

hubspot crm ai business tool preview

HubSpot is a comprehensive, AI-powered marketing, sales, and service software that helps businesses attract, engage, and delight customers. It offers an all-in-one platform with tools for content management, SEO, email marketing, lead generation, social media, customer relations, and analytics.

In 2023, they introduced a couple of new AI tools for businesses to enhance your experiences even further. For example, their AI content assistant can draft your emails, generate content for social media, and come up with ideas for blog posts, while their conversational CRM bot helps you access automations even faster with text-based commands.

32. Murf AI

murf ai voice generator for business needs preview

Murf AI is a unique AI voice generator tool that converts text into realistic speech using an intelligent algorithm. It’s an excellent resource for business owners who need to create voiceovers for their videos or audio content.

With various AI voices and fine-tuning capabilities, Murf AI delivers a lifelike voiceover that can convey your message in an engaging and human-like manner. This easy-to-use tool enhances the audio dimension of your content, adding a professional touch without the need for a recording studio or voice actors.

33. Manatal

manatal ai recruiting tool for business preview

Manatal is an AI-powered recruitment software that transforms the way businesses hire. It uses AI to streamline the recruitment process, from finding and screening candidates to managing the recruitment pipeline.

The AI capabilities of Manatal help in matching candidate profiles with job descriptions, predicting hiring success, and providing insights for better decision-making. With its intuitive interface and integrative features, Manatal is an essential tool for business owners seeking to modernize their hiring process, improve team collaboration, and make data-driven recruitment decisions.

Wrapping up

Today, running a business means making the most out of what technology has to offer. And right now, it’s all about gently introducing AI tools into your daily workflows. They can help make your business operations smoother, quicker, and more efficient.

I hope this article gave you some ideas on how you can transform the future of your business with AI, and that you found at least a couple of tools that can improve your day-to-day operations.

Don’t cling to the old methods – give artificial intelligence a chance and let it revolutionize the way you work.

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