8 Best AI Day Planner Tools & Apps In 2024

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Let’s face it: life gets hectic. Finding the perfect AI day planner can make a real difference for anyone seeking to automate routine planning and free up more time for creativity. In this guide, I’ve compiled a list of 8 top AI daily planner tools and apps in 2024 that are designed to enhance your productivity and keep you on track with your exciting goals.

Best scheduler
motion tool logo
  • Automatic day planning
  • Auto-adjustments for urgent tasks
  • Easy meeting scheduling
Best value
taskade ai app logo
  • AI productivity assistant
  • Projects, docs, chats in one place
  • Auto subtask generation
Best for teams
clickup logo
  • Tasks, projects, docs, and goals
  • Pre-built AI writing prompts
  • Multiple collaboration tools

With the sudden growth in artificial intelligence that started in 2023, AI planning tools have brought a new dimension to daily planning. They are not mere scheduling tools but intelligent systems that understand you, learn from your daily habits, and adapt to your needs.

Simply replacing your old paper planner with an AI day planner can seriously improve your ability to achieve goals and boost how much you can achieve in a single day.

The AI planners on this list aren’t copies of each other. Each of them brings a set of unique features that make your daily routine smarter and more efficient.

I will share my experiences using these tools and tell you my personal preferences, but I encourage you to try several AI planning tools yourself and see which one is the best fit to complement and simplify your daily workflow!

What is an AI daily planner?

8 Best AI Day Planner Tools & Apps In 2023

AI day planner is a smart tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you manage your daily tasks. On top of the usual functionality of a digital planner, it has handy AI features that automate parts of your planning or otherwise make it easier. These tools continuously learn from your working habits and adapt over time to further improve your day planning routine.

Quick links for the best AI day planners

What are the best AI daily planners in 2024?

1. Motion

motion ai planner tool preview

Most intelligent daily planner in 2024

Motion is the first AI daily planner app that fully takes over your planning process. All you need to do is set up your initial preferences, such as preferred work hours, meeting availability, and a couple more, and it will start managing your schedule automatically.

When you add a new task to your project, Motion AI will schedule it into a free time you have on your calendar, considering its deadline and priority with respect to the existing tasks. If you add something that needs to be done ASAP, Motion will move less urgent tasks out of the way so you can get this one done.

This AI planner also has a pretty neat way to schedule meetings, which is less time-consuming than emailing back and forth but not as cold as just sending a booking link to someone.

motion tool logo

Best Features of Motion

  • Automatically plans your day
  • Finds time to get every task done
  • Adjusts your calendar to accommodate urgent tasks
  • Offers a quick and elegant way to schedule meetings
  • Keeps track of deadlines and reminds you in advance


Motion pricing starts at $19 per month (annually) or $12 per user on a Team plan. There is a 7-day free trial to see if automatic planning is something that can help your productivity.

My Experience With Motion

I trialed Motion and was impressed by its capabilities. It’s truly a new concept – fully automated day planning – that I haven’t seen anywhere before. If you have a lot on your plate, such as many simultaneous projects, calls, or events, trying Motion is a no-brainer. This app can change your life!

2. Taskade

taskade ai tool productivity preview

Best AI day planner for productivity

Taskade is an AI-powered planning platform that combines your tasks, notes, projects, and team communication into one unified workspace. Simply create a workspace and plan your days as you like, taking advantage of Taskade’s numerous intelligent features.

Taskade AI assistant is impressively capable: from breaking down your big goals into actionable tasks to automatically summarizing notes and co-creating mind maps, it can help you out with almost every part of planning you can think of.

Alongside tasks, you can automate workflows, make good use of their wide AI template gallery, and track project progress through intuitive charts and metrics.

taskade ai app logo

Best Features of Taskade

  • Use AI assistant to plan faster
  • Automate work with 700+ use cases
  • Minimize routine planning work
  • Talk to a handy chatbot whenever you are stuck
  • Generate new ideas and action items with AI


Taskade caters to various groups of users, from solopreneurs wearing many hats to teams of 50+ people. There is a Free Forever account with limited access to AI tools that you are welcome to use until you figure out which plan is best for your needs.

My Experience With Taskade

Due to the amount of features, Taskade has a slight learning curve and might be overwhelming at first. I would recommend exploring their library of AI templates first and gradually trying the ones that apply to your daily work. You don’t have to use ALL the features: find a handful of super-relevant use cases that can make your life easier and build from there.

3. ClickUp

clickup online planner preview

Best AI planner for busy professionals

ClickUp is an AI-enhanced online daily planner that meticulously arranges your projects, tasks, and timelines. It’s one of the most popular project management software in the world that has helped 800,000+ teams organize their work since it was launched in 2017.

ClickUp can adapt to various industries and work methodologies. With the recently introduced AI engine, it can take your project planning to a whole new level with various pre-built use cases.

Among other features, ClickUp AI offers writing assistance, pre-structured formatting, multiple creative generators, summarization features for meetings and projects, and many more intelligent tools.

In addition to planning your daily tasks, ClickUp offers time and goal tracking, 20+ visualization options, integrations with various other tools, and multiple workflow automations.

clickup logo

Best Features of ClickUp

  • Helps organize all your projects
  • AI-powered writing assistant
  • Hundreds of AI use cases to save time on planning
  • 20+ views, such as Kanban boards and Gantt charts
  • Tracks tasks, goals, and team’s progress


ClickUp has a really amazing Free Forever plan that allows you to create unlimited tasks and bring unlimited team members. If you need more features, paid plans start at $7 per month and offer a 14-day free trial.

ClickUp AI is an add-on that is not included in basic plans. If you want to leverage the Clickup AI assistant features for your day planning experience, you can add it for an extra $5 on top of any paid plan.

My Experience With ClickUp

Both my husband and I use ClickUp for personal and work projects, including joint projects we have. It’s one of the project management tools that can seemingly handle any task you give it, so you don’t ever want to switch to anything else. A pretty and modern user interface, too!

4. Wrike

wrike ai tool

Best AI daily planner for small business

Wrike is an AI-fueled work management platform that tailors itself to your business needs. Link it with your existing tools, and it will help you arrange workflows, dependencies, and deadlines. Its unique adaptability ensures that projects move smoothly, regardless of complexity.

Wrike’s new intelligent assistant is able to prioritize your team’s workflow automatically based on the urgency of each task and project. Thanks to smart machine learning algorithms, it monitors your projects and offers insights into high-risk issues. Basically, it learns your team’s work patterns and aims to prevent you from missing deadlines.

On top of project management, Wrike offers resource allocation, real-time collaboration, customizable dashboards, and advanced analytics to track your team’s performance. It’s an ideal choice for small business owners looking to enhance efficiency and keep projects in harmony.

wrike logo

Best Features of Wrike

  • Automatically prioritizes the workload
  • Helps you organize your team’s efforts
  • Identifies high-risk projects
  • Generates subtasks in seconds
  • Summarizes long discussions


Wrike offers a generous 2-week trial (no credit card required) for any of its four paid plans, starting at $9.80 per user monthly. There is also a completely free account option with basic functionality, which surprisingly includes access to AI features, such as task prioritization and subtask generation.

5. Tability

tability goals ai

Best AI planner for goal setting

Tability is an AI day planner with goal-tracking functionality at its heart. The idea behind it is to not just manage your projects but align the workload with your team’s goals and priorities.

Once you set your objectives, Tability keeps track of the team’s progress, updating everyone on the milestones and tasks required to reach each goal. The dynamic nature ensures that goals are always up-to-date with your evolving business needs.

Tability AI assistant helps you turn your ideas into SMART goals with actionable steps and sends automatic reminders to every team member to regularly update the progress.

This AI daily planner for teams integrates with multiple other tools, so check-ins can be done in various ways without taking too much time or disrupting your existing workflow.

tability ai logo

Best Features of Tability

  • Setting and breaking down goals with AI
  • Monitoring the team’s progress in real time
  • Multiple views and progress charts
  • Automated check-in reminders to stay updated
  • Useful integrations for smooth collaboration


Tability has a free forever plan that is sufficient for teams of up to 5 people and includes AI goal-setting features.

If, on top of the goal tracking, you need task management and progress reporting features, plans range between $4-$8 per seat.

6. Notion

notion goal planning example of aesthetic layout

Best AI planning tool to get organized

Notion is an AI daily planner app that serves as your all-in-one workspace and can be as simple or as sophisticated as you need.

Inside Notion, there is everything you need to plan your life and work: note-taking, document sharing, databases, project boards, and so much more. There are literally thousands of templates you can start with, depending on your project types and needs.

Notion AI is a feature-rich sidekick that can assume the role of your personal assistant. It can quickly summarize and format information according to your preferences, analyze meeting notes to generate actionable steps, and help you out with writing tasks in a variety of ways (edit, explain, translate, elaborate, fix grammar, change tone, and more).

notion planner logo

Best Features of Notion

  • All-in-one life management tool for daily planning
  • Project roadmaps, timelines, charts, and other views
  • Knowledge management and handy databases
  • Aesthetically pleasing docs and workspaces
  • AI assistant for writing and planning tasks


Notion has a pretty good Free plan that has more than enough features for personal projects. If you have a team or need more features for work, paid plans start at $8 per user per month.

Similar to ClickUp, Notion AI is an additional feature that is not included in basic plans. If you have a free plan or are on any monthly plan, it will cost you an additional $10 per month, which is reduced to $8 for annual paid subscribers.

7. TimeHero

timehero ai app preview

Best AI daily scheduler for teams

TimeHero is an AI daily planning tool that automates scheduling, task assignments, and follow-ups. Integrate it with your calendar, input your tasks, and TimeHero will automatically find optimal time slots for each task. Its intelligent engine even adapts to last-minute changes and reorganizes your schedule accordingly.

This AI planner is designed for small teams who work remotely, which means it understands the planning needs of distributed teams. It can automatically assign tasks based on everyone’s availability and reschedule the work that didn’t get done on time.

Besides scheduling, TimeHero offers predictive timelines, workflow automation, and in-depth analysis of every team member’s time utilization.

timehero logo

Best Features of TimeHero

  • Connect calendars for automatic planning
  • Add all tasks that are on your plate, including recurring
  • Take advantage of Slack, Gmail, and other integrations
  • Enjoy an automatically built schedule for the whole team
  • Intelligent adjustments for urgent tasks
  • Time tracking and timesheets


TimeHero offers a 7-day free trial, and the plans start from $5 per user per month.

8. Monday

monday online planner preview

Best AI planning software for bigger teams

Monday is not just an AI software tool for daily planning – it is a full AI-integrated work operating system that transforms the way teams work together. It is designed to help you manage teams of any size, and it can assist in pretty much every aspect of your work.

Monday’s smart algorithms automate your processes from planning to execution. With a clean and visually appealing interface, it combines project management, resource allocation, progress tracking, and all kinds of business operations, adapting to various project types and business strategies.

Monday AI assistant is still in beta and is being gradually rolled out to users, so you may not have access to it right away. But if you have a big team and see the clear benefits for everyone’s productivity, try reaching out to the support after signing up and asking for early access.

monday com logo

Best Features of Monday

  • Set and track business goals
  • Manage projects and team workload
  • Integrate with Slack and other collaboration tools
  • Automatically generate project plans with AI
  • Summarize, rephrase, define action items, and more


Monday’s pricing is based on the number of team members you bring aboard and the number of automations and integrations you need access to.

There is a free forever plan with basic features that accommodates up to 2 users, and everything on top of that starts at $8 monthly per person.

How can AI help with planning?

You might be surprised by how much of your daily grind artificial intelligence can take over these days if only you invest in the right tools.

Apart from scheduling your appointments and tasks, AI can also provide insights into your most optimal work hours, automatically adjust your day plan, and use other strategies to ensure that you are working at your peak potential.

Here are some impressive ways AI can help plan your day:

  • Optimize daily scheduling: Instead of trying to manually find the time for each task, you can simply set deadlines and priorities as you add each task and let AI calculate the best time for it. This ensures that your day is structured in the best possible way, taking all factors into account without forgetting anything.
  • Adapt to change: Accommodating unforeseen changes during the day takes a lot of time and can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. Thankfully, many AI day planners are able to automatically adjust your schedule as things change, rescheduling and moving what can be moved to make room for the unexpected. If a meeting runs late, the system can reorganize your day without you having to lift a finger.
  • Analyze your work habits: AI planning tools analyze your habits, recognize patterns, and suggest optimal times for various tasks. Through continuous learning, AI understands your workflow better and better, providing insights into how you spend your time and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Integrate with existing tools: Introducing a new tool should improve and not disrupt your workflow. Good AI planners have handy integrations with other tools, such as Gmail or Slack, letting you and your team seamlessly make a switch.
  • Break down difficult tasks: Since AI day planners mostly have a generative AI engine under the hood, they are able to help you out with creating subtasks and action items, making planning faster and achieving your goals easier.
  • Remind you about deadlines: While some non-AI planners also have the ability to send you notifications about upcoming deadlines, AI planners can do it in a smarter way. They can predict if a particular task is at risk of not meeting the deadline and suggest adjustments to prioritize it to ensure it gets done.

How to choose the best AI day planner for you?

Just as with any other productivity tool, choosing the best AI planning tool for you depends on your specific needs, preferences, team size, and work style.

While most AI planners have basic features like task and project management, each tool brings a set of different additional intelligent features to the table.

The idea is to find a smart planner that not only organizes your day but does it in a way that actually saves you time and helps you align the workload with your goals.

In order to choose the best AI day planner, consider:

  • Automatic scheduling: Tools like Motion and TimeHero can schedule tasks into your calendar based on the deadlines, priorities, and your availability.
  • Team collaboration features: If you work alone, you might enjoy Taskade or Notion, while if you have a team to manage, tools like ClickUp, Wrike, or Monday might be a better choice.
  • AI powers: Don’t choose an AI tool just because it has AI in the name. Trial several AI assistants and see which tool has the most relevant-to-your-work features you can make good use of on a daily basis.
  • Goal-setting tools: Do you need a simple AI planner to manage daily tasks or a smart tool that can also help you set and track goals? If you choose the latter, Tability is an obvious choice, although it’s not the only day planner on this list with goal-setting capabilities.
  • Automatic reminders: Look for a planner that sends timely reminders and notifications to help you keep track of the deadlines and identify risky projects before it’s too late.
  • Integrations: Ensure the planner seamlessly integrates with the apps and tools you use daily, further simplifying your workflow instead of adding extra steps.
  • Budget: Depending on the size of your team, the cost can add up quickly since most of these tools use a pay-per-user model. Compare the plans and features carefully and see which tool gives you the best bang for your buck.

AI daily planning FAQs

Is an AI daily planner better than a non-AI planner?

An AI daily planner often provides more efficiency and automation compared to a non-AI planner since it’s able to do some parts of the planning automatically and even improve over time. However, whether it’s “better” depends on your personal preferences and needs, and some people prefer a manual approach to planning.

Can AI plan your day?

AI tools like Motion or TimeHero can plan your day automatically by analyzing your tasks, appointments, and preferences and scheduling them in an optimal way. They also adapt to changes in real time, making them responsive to your dynamic schedule.

What is the best AI day planner in 2024?

If you are looking for automatic scheduling, the best AI day planner in 2024 is Motion. However, there are many other AI tools that can make your planning easier depending on the type of work you do and the features you need.

Can AI create a schedule for me?

Yes, AI tools like Motion can schedule the day for you by taking into account your tasks, meetings, priorities, and even personal habits. They can automatically organize these elements into a coherent daily plan, often with the flexibility to adapt to changes and unexpected events.

Final thoughts on planning with AI

As the landscape of productivity shifts, AI day planners stand at the forefront of innovation. Your next planner might not just organize your day but also help you be more efficient while you work.

Take the time to assess your needs and try several of these AI planners so you end up with the one that makes a meaningful change in your daily planning routine.

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