10 Best AI Email Assistants For Next-Level Productivity [2023]

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Imagine a world where your inbox is no longer a stress-inducing nightmare but rather a well-organized, time-saving haven. Welcome to the future of productivity – already possible with the help of these best AI email assistants in 2023!

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 tools powered by artificial intelligence that’ll help you regain control of your emails, streamline your workflow, and skyrocket your productivity.

I’ve carefully curated this list of innovative solutions, each designed to tackle unique email challenges – be it inbox organizing, crafting responses, or ensuring the clarity of your messages.

Quick links for the best AI email assistants:

  1. SaneBox for an organized and clean inbox
  2. GetResponse for creating engaging emails
  3. WriteMe to maximize email productivity
  4. Grammarly to write clear error-free emails
  5. Encharge for killer subject lines
  6. Reply.io to generate first-touch and follow-up emails
  7. Missive for team collaboration
  8. Benchmark for smart email sending
  9. Lyne to personalize cold emails
  10. Flowrite for quick and thorough email replies

What is an AI email assistant?

11 Best AI Email Assistants To Boost Your Email Productivity

An AI email assistant is a cutting-edge tool that leverages artificial intelligence to help you manage your inbox more effectively. It’s a smart helper that can automate tasks, generate emails, suggest subject lines, and even improve your own writing and marketing skills.

A good AI email assistant adapts to your unique communication style and does a great job of making your email management an easy and pleasant activity.

With the power of AI at your fingertips, you’ll no longer see your inbox as a source of stress but rather as a well-organized, efficient hub for communication and growth.

How can AI email assistants make you more efficient?

Depending on your current work routine, there are many ways an AI email assistant can make your life easier. Here are some of the best use cases:

  • Organize and declutter your inbox for easy navigation
  • Ensure clear, error-free communication with advanced writing assistance
  • Craft attention-grabbing subject lines for better open rates
  • Improve your email writing skills with real-time feedback
  • Personalize cold emails for higher response rates
  • Maximize email productivity with time-saving features
  • Enhance team collaboration on shared inboxes
  • Optimize email sending times for maximum impact
  • Streamline customer support with faster, relevant responses

In 2023, AI email assistants are already powerful enough to truly take your productivity to the next level and produce results at a rate that was never possible before.

A fresh study that compared the performance of more than five thousand customer support agents working with and without AI tools found that using AI assistants increased average productivity by 14%.

Just imagine the level of productivity boost if everyone knew about all these mind-blowing AI email assistants!

Are you ready to experience the transformation and harness the power of AI to take back control of your inbox? Let’s dive in and explore the future of email management!

What are the best AI email assistants in 2023?

Using an AI email assistant is a game-changer for both personal and professional productivity.

Imagine being able to manage your inbox effortlessly, feeling less stressed, and having more time to focus on your more important tasks!

Here are the top 10 AI email assistants to power up your email game:

1. SaneBox

Best AI email assistant for staying organized

sanebox is an AI email assistant to keep inbox clean

SaneBox is an AI email assistant designed to streamline your inbox, ensuring that important messages are never buried.

The powerful AI filters within SaneBox sort your emails, categorizing unimportant messages and distractions into designated folders like SaneLater (for distractions), SaneNews (for newsletters), and SaneCC (for FYIs not addressed directly to you).

This allows you to prioritize the most relevant emails while still being able to check less urgent folders at your convenience.

SaneBox customers experience a remarkable boost in productivity, saving an average of over 100 hours per year by utilizing this innovative email management tool.

SaneBox AI assistant also offers features like Do Not Disturb scheduling for the focused hours, email snoozing to deal with less important stuff later, and custom folder creation for effective email management personalized to your needs.

sanebox ai tool logo

Best Features of SaneBox

  • AI-powered filtering for sorting emails into designated folders
  • Customizable folders for organizing emails, such as receipts or bills
  • Do Not Disturb scheduling with the optional “away” autoresponder
  • Customizable email snoozing with presets like SaneNextWeek and SaneTomorrow
  • SaneBlackHole folder for permanently banishing unwanted senders
  • SaneNoReplies folder for tracking unresponded emails
  • Email Deep Clean feature to remove old, unnecessary messages


Sanebox offers three plans called Snack, Lunch, and Dinner, and the ability to pay monthly, yearly, or biyearly.

sanebox ai tool pricing

Each of the plans comes with a free 14-day trial that doesn’t require a credit card.

There is also an extra-light plan called Appetizer, which allows you to manage one email account with limited functionality for $24 a year, or just 7¢ per day.

2. GetResponse

Best AI assistant for creating engaging emails

getresponse ai email assistant

GetResponse, widely recognized as one of the best email marketing tools ever, now offers an AI-powered email generator. It allows you to create captivating emails in a matter of seconds.

By leveraging the latest GPT technology, it optimizes email marketing efforts with industry-specific and goal-oriented subject lines and content.

This tool has been proven to reduce email creation time by 85% for GetResponse customers.

With GetResponse AI email assistant, you can create an entire email by simply providing a few keywords and choosing your industry, tone, and design direction. The AI-generated email and subject line will be ready in less than a minute, allowing for quick customization and ready for sending.

GetResponse logo

Best Features of GetResponse

  • Fast AI email writing with the context in mind
  • AI-optimized subject lines for increased open rates
  • Industry-specific content optimization based on keywords and trends
  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop email editor
  • A/B testing to identify high-performing words and phrases
  • Advanced AI marketing tools and automations with GetResponse MAX


GetResponse offers a variety of affordable plans that depends on your email marketing purposes and the size of your email list.

The best option is hopping on a 24-month plan, as it gives you 30% off compared to the monthly price. If you choose a longer plan, make sure to account for potential list growth and not underestimate yourself.

getresponse ai email tool pricing

Note that the AI email generator feature is not available in a free plan. However, you can use it on any paid plan, including the cheapest one, which costs about $13 per month if paid biennially.

3. WriteMe

Best AI email assistant to be more productive

writeme ai email assistant

WriteMe is an AI-powered email generator designed to help users create effective and compelling emails for various purposes, including newsletters and formal correspondence.

Email generation is just one of the 40+ writing use cases WriteMe can help you with. Make sure to try the other ones too, and find ways to be even more productive.

This AI writing assistant allows users to craft unique emails in just four simple steps, with the ability to explore different writing tones and generate content in multiple languages.

From my experience, WriteMe demonstrates much cooler abilities compared to Gmail’s native AI features.

Just input the key points of what you want to say, choose the preferred tone, and get a beautifully written email in seconds.

writeme ai logo

Best Features of WriteMe

  • Easy 4-step process to create compelling emails
  • Offers 20+ writing styles to match desired email tone
  • Supports 30+ languages for content generation
  • Unlimited line suggestions for refining email content


WriteMe offers four monthly plans depending on your writing needs. Since it’s a universal AI writer, the plans are based on how many words it can generate for you every month.

There is a Free plan with up to 2,000 words and up to 5 projects if you want to test the tool’s capabilities. Paid plans range from 30k words per month and 10 projects ($25) to 150k words and unlimited projects ($50).

If you ever need to generate more words, you can purchase additional 10k words for $5-10 depending on the plan you got.

4. Grammarly

Best AI email writing assistant for clear communication

grammarly ai tool

Grammarly is widely known as the best tool for error-free writing, and recently this tool has been taken to the next level as they introduced an AI assistant.

GrammarlyGO is an AI-powered communication assistant that integrates generative AI with the Grammarly experience to support users across various digital writing spaces.

With almost 500 existing prompts, such as “Paraphrase it,” “Make it persuasive,” “Sound apologetic,” or simply “Improve it,” GrammarlyGO can completely change your email writing experience.

It is designed to unblock ideas and enhance productivity for both individuals and teams.

By selecting the text and clicking the green lightbulb icon, you can write amazing emails and reply to incoming ones better and faster with the AI co-creator that understands your context and goals.

grammarly tool logo

Best Features of Grammarly

  • Speed up your writing with ready-to-use drafts in just a few seconds
  • Make rewriting fun with suggestions for better and different versions
  • Customize the assistant to match your personal writing style and tone
  • Generate ideas, brainstorm, and plan documents easily
  • Summarize emails and reply quickly using context-based prompts


GrammarlyGO AI assistant is included in all Grammarly plans, including the Free one. Each plan has a monthly allowance of prompts, starting with 100 prompts/month on a free plan and up to 1000 monthly prompts per user on the Entreprise plan.

grammarly ai plans

The most common paid Grammarly plan, which is the one I also use, costs $12.00 per month.

5. Encharge

Best AI email assistant for unique subject lines

encharge ai email assistant

Encharge is a free AI email subject line generator that helps you create captivating and attention-grabbing subject lines for your emails.

By harnessing the power of AI, Encharge ensures your emails stand out in your recipients’ inboxes, leading to higher open rates and increased engagement.

Say goodbye to generic and repetitive ideas from basic generators. Encharge AI email assistant utilizes advanced GPT-3 technology to craft unique and compelling subject lines tailored to your needs.

With no cost involved, you can take advantage of this intelligent tool to optimize your email marketing efforts and capture your audience’s interest effectively.

encharge logo

Best Features of Encharge

  • Smart email subject line generation, completely free
  • Takes into account best length and marketing practices
  • 15 free email subject line templates
  • Advanced recommendations based on proven psychological tactics

6. Reply.io

Best AI email assistant for first steps and follow-ups

reply io ai email assistant

Reply.io’s AI Email Assistant is a powerful tool designed to streamline your sales email process by generating personalized and human-like emails in just seconds.

With its AI-backed algorithm, which is powered by the GPT-3 language prediction model, you can create emails that maximize open and reply rates.

This intelligent email assistant helps you craft first-step emails and follow-ups, and instantly integrate them into your sequences without having to switch between apps.

The Reply.io AI Email Assistant offers real-time feedback through its Email Quality Check feature, ensuring your emails are optimized for the best response rates.

This smart email management tool not only helps you create compelling messages but also evaluates the quality of your emails based on factors such as length, readability, and spam words.

With this innovative assistant at your disposal, you can fully focus on connecting with your leads and closing deals.

reply io logo

Best Features of Reply

  • Generate personalized sales emails in seconds
  • AI-evaluate the quality of email in real time
  • Create first-step emails and follow-ups
  • Seamless integration with email sequences
  • Intelligent email sorting for hot leads


Reply platform has two plans: starter and professional, both of which include the AI email assistant and a bunch of basic tools such as email sequences, performance tracking, reports, and a Chrome extension.

Professional plan allows you to manage two mailboxes instead of one and offers quite a few useful features on top of that, such as mailbox warmup, more advanced reports, various automations and integrations, meeting management, and more.

reply io plans

There is also a 14-day free trial to check out all the features before committing to the tool. It doesn’t require a credit card and lets you see everything Reply is capable of and then make a decision.

7. Missive

Best AI email assistant for team collaboration

missive ai email assistant

Missive App is an easy-to-use tool that combines all your email accounts, chats, and tasks in one place, making your work smoother and helping your team work together more easily.

With its strong features, you can handle multiple email accounts, work together with your team on emails in real time, and quickly set tasks and follow-ups to make sure everything gets done.

Missive email assistant integrates with OpenAI to quickly compose new and improve your existing email messages, from changing the tone to fixing grammar mistakes.

This all-in-one platform has many helpful functions, including shared email inboxes, working together on emails with your team, and built-in chat.

Missive App also has special email management features, like putting emails on hold, scheduling emails to be sent later, and viewing email conversations, to help you stay organized and efficient.

missive ai tool logo

Best Features of Missive

  • Combines email accounts, chat, and tasks in one place
  • Shared inboxes for easy teamwork
  • Built-in chat for quick communication
  • Custom rules and automation for faster work
  • Integration with OpenAI to write and improve emails


Missive has a Free plan that allows managing up to 3 users and 2 shared accounts. This may be enough for solopreneurs or small teams who are just starting out and don’t have a huge email workload.

The main drawback of the Free plan is that it has a short memory, meaning you can only manage the last 15 days of your correspondence.

missive app pricing

Starter plan costs $14 per month and allows 5 accounts with 6 months of historical data. Productive plan seems to make more sense: for just $4 more per month, you get up to 50 users with unlimited history, integrations with popular platforms, and various automations to really reach that next level of productivity.

8. Benchmark

Best AI email assistant for smart sending

benchmark ai email tool

Benchmark offers a quick and powerful way to grow your audience and gain new customers through smart email marketing.

It uses artificial intelligence, marketing automation, machine learning, and more to make your email campaigns as effective as possible. You can easily reach your audience with confidence, knowing that the AI tools are doing the hard work for you.

This handy email assistant offers features like Smart Content, which turns your ideas into unique email copy with a single click, and Smart Sending, which ensures maximum deliverability based on the perfect sending timing for each contact.

Benchmark also provides a variety of email templates for different occasions, making it simple to create mobile-responsive, branded emails that your subscribers will love.

You can build your subscriber list with forms, pop-ups, and landing pages, or integrate with your favorite sales and marketing tools to eliminate context switching and further improve your workflow.

Benchmark ai logo

Best Features of Benchmark

  • AI-powered email marketing and automation
  • A variety of email templates for different occasions
  • Smart Content and Smart Sending for efficient emailing
  • Effective tools to grow your subscriber list
  • Marketing automation for personalized communication
  • Easy integration with other sales and marketing platforms


Benchmark offers a scalable pricing system depending on the size of your email list and the features you need.

There is a Free plan if you want to try things out: it allows you to manage up to 3,500 emails per month limited by 500 contacts, and offers features like performance tracking and building a segmented email list.

benchmark pricing ai email marketing tool

When your business grows, the price grows too. For example, here is how the pricing will look like if you need 15,000 contacts.

benchmark pricing business ai email marketing tool

If you already handle more than 25,000 contacts, you can look at the Enterprise plan or contact Benchmark’s support to figure out a perfect custom solution for your needs.

When it comes to AI assistant features, Smart Sending is available in all plans, even the Free one, and you even get 25 credits to play with the Smart Content feature for free. All the other plans allow 100 email writing credits per month.

9. Lyne

Best AI assistant to personalize cold emails

lyne email assistant tool ai

Lyne.ai is an AI-powered sales personalization tool designed for marketing professionals who want to send personalized cold emails at scale.

Lyne streamlines the research process of accounts and contacts, freeing up time for the tasks that matter. It’s like having a personal “robot” assistant that will help you optimize your cold email outreach and cut down on wasted hours. With Lyne, you can put your productivity on autopilot and achieve more with less effort.

This tool is created by cold email professionals who understand your day-to-day challenges and aim to make your work easier.

Lyne offers unmatched speed, researching 9000% faster than your best sales rep or VA, allowing you to scale your campaigns effortlessly.

It provides best-in-class hyper-personalization at scale and in-depth research by relying on AI algorithms and machine learning.

With Lyne, you can generate more sales, convert faster, and enjoy better profits with contextual account intelligence at your fingertips. Additionally, it helps increase response rates and reduces prospecting costs.

lyne logo

Best Features of Lyne

  • AI-powered sales personalization
  • Automate account and contact research
  • Scale cold email campaigns
  • Improve cold outreach effectiveness
  • Increase response rates and sales
  • In-depth research using artificial intelligence


Lyne AI assistant utilizes the pay-as-you-go model, which means there is no monthly charge, and you only pay for the credits you actually use.

This allows you to not overpay when you are not using all the tool’s capabilities and saves you from losing money when you happen to have a quieter month.

lyne pricing ai tool

However, if you prefer to just pay a fixed monthly price and forget about it, there are a couple of options available starting from $120 per month.

10. Flowrite

Best AI email assistant for customized replies

flowrite ai tool

Flowrite is an almost-magical AI email assistant, your ultimate partner in effortlessly conquering your inbox by crafting daily emails and messages across your browser.

Using Flowrite is a breeze – just provide a few keywords or brief sentences as instructions, or let the AI’s creativity take the wheel.

Click the Flowrite button and watch in awe as it weaves a one-of-a-kind message for your reply or outreach.

Flowrite has an impressive template library covering all the most common use cases, from sending a follow-up email and giving feedback to a team member to typical customer support replies.

Flowrite’s seamless integration with Gmail, LinkedIn, and other popular email and messaging tools, makes it the perfect companion for all your daily conversations.

Every time you attempt to generate a new email message, Flowrite offers three high-quality, personalized versions of each email, allowing you to pick your favorite or make tweaks as needed.

flowrite email ai tool

Best Features of Flowrite

  • AI-powered email and message creation with flair
  • Extensive range of AI templates for all roles and teams
  • 3 versions for each email generation
  • Lightning-fast reply suggestions


Flowrite AI email assistant offers 3 plans based on how many generations per month you’d like to use. The price starts at €4 per month for 15 generations and goes up to €24 per month for unlimited email generations.

flowrite pricing ai tool

You can try any plan out with a free 14-day trial; no credit card required.

Can an AI email assistant replace a human assistant?

While AI email assistants offer impressive capabilities and can significantly improve your email management, they are not designed to completely replace human assistants.

AI email tools excel at automating repetitive tasks, handling routine correspondence, and facilitating all your email-related processes, but they might struggle with understanding the bigger-picture tasks or emotionally nuanced situations.

Human assistants bring valuable qualities such as empathy, creativity, and interpersonal skills that are essential for higher-level decision-making and relationship management.

In essence, AI email assistants should be seen as powerful tools that complement human assistants, helping them work more efficiently.

Final thoughts on using AI email assistants

That’s it: I introduced you to the very best AI email assistants of 2023, each designed to supercharge your productivity and transform your email experience.

Remember, the key to success is choosing the right tool that aligns with your unique needs and improves your workflow.

These AI email assistants can help you stay organized, save time, and communicate consistently, making your email exchanges both effective and enjoyable.

Now go ahead and explore these fantastic tools, and get ready to experience a whole new level of email efficiency and productivity!

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