7 Best AI Personal Assistants For Peak Productivity In 2024

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Having a personal assistant to cater to your every need may sound like a dream, but in reality, it’s a privilege not everyone can enjoy. However, with the advent of AI personal assistants, this luxury is now within everyone’s reach. These advanced tools provide an opportunity for all to delegate tasks and enhance productivity, no matter their budget or professional standing.

And an extra perk for my fellow introverts: you can get more done faster without having another person to follow you around all day!

Best scheduler
motion tool logo
  • Automatic AI daily planning
  • Protects your focus blocks
  • Easy meeting scheduling
Best for business
ClickUp AI
clickup ai assistant logo
  • 100+ use cases
  • Role-specific templates
  • Powerful for business use
Best customizable
textcortex ai assistant logo
  • Multiple AI personas
  • Custom knowledge bases
  • Access to internet

From managing your schedule and handling emails to drafting marketing campaigns and attending meetings on your behalf, AI virtual assistants can take over the most time-consuming parts of your work and make your life so much easier!

In the following sections, I will introduce you to the 7 best AI personal assistants for peak productivity in 2024. These impressive tools empower professionals with several extra sets of hands, making sure that productivity and ease are no longer reserved for the elite few but accessible to all.

Quick links for the best AI personal assistants:

  1. Motion – intelligently auto-plans your day for you
  2. ClickUp AI – the most powerful business productivity assistant
  3. TextCortex – has custom AI personas and Internet access
  4. GetGenie – SEO-friendly AI assistant for content creation
  5. Taskade – helps you manage projects and brainstorm ideas
  6. Sanebox – organizes your emails effectively
  7. Copy.ai – takes care of content and marketing

What can AI personal assistants help you with?

The incredible power of AI personal assistants lies in their ability to assist in nearly any task, as long as you give it clear instructions and manage your expectations, keeping in mind that it’s not human.

If you want to increase productivity on a day-to-day basis, take a close look at your work routine and identify the most time-consuming or energy-draining parts of it. Then, find the right AI tool that can either help you accelerate that task or do it for you with minimal supervision.

The best part is that you can have multiple AI productivity assistants working alongside you who excel at specific tasks – and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

For example, you can have an AI email assistant manage your emails, filtering out the noise and highlighting what needs your attention. You can also use an AI scheduling assistant that automatically plans your day, prioritizing your workload and adjusting for urgent matters.

If you need assistance with random tasks during the day, an AI chatbot assistant can help you out and answer your questions. And don’t even get me started on the number of writing use cases AI writing tools can assist you with!


Some of the best AI personal assistants know exactly what they can help you with and offer a handy library of templates and common use cases for different areas of your life and business.

What are the best AI personal assistants in 2024?

1. Motion

motion ai personal assistant tool preview

Best AI personal assistant for daily planning

Motion is an AI assistant that manages your schedule better and faster than you could ever do it yourself. It combines all your calendars, to-do lists, and projects in one place, helping you stay organized and be productive every day.

What makes this AI day planner unique is its ability to build your schedule automatically based on priorities and deadlines. It finds the best time in your day for each task that needs to get done, taking into account its urgency and the time blocked for meetings.

Motion AI assistant not only creates your daily schedule but also adjusts it intelligently whenever something unexpected comes up. Ever had a headache trying to fit an urgent task into your busy schedule? Motion will automatically shuffle things around, rescheduling less urgent work to accommodate the unexpected.

Motion’s ultimate goal is to save you time on daily scheduling and rescheduling so you can focus on actually doing the work you planned.

It also has a great built-in meeting scheduling solution, saving you from paying for an extra tool if you have a lot of client appointments.

motion tool logo

Best Features of Motion

  • Automatically schedules your days
  • Easily reshuffles to fit urgent events
  • Calendars, tasks, and projects in one place
  • Cool AI collaboration features
  • Elegant meeting scheduling tool


Motion offers a 7-day free trial with access to all features.

After that, it will cost you $19 per month (annually) as an individual or $12 per user on a Team plan.

motion pricing plans
Why I love Motion

I am really impressed by Motion’s ability to take over daily planning, especially how it reshuffles and bumps everything when a new higher-priority task comes up. So far in 2024, I haven’t seen any decent competitors who can do this as effectively as Motion.

If you feel overwhelmed, often procrastinate with a long to-do list, or waste a lot of time trying to find the perfect meeting time for everyone, Motion will be your hero.

2. ClickUp AI

clickup ai homepage preview

Best AI assistant for work productivity

ClickUp AI is a personal productivity assistant with mindblowing abilities to streamline your workflow. It was launched on World Productivity Day as a tool to make your work easier.

Unlike general AI assistants like ChatGPT or Alexa, ClickUp AI was designed specifically for professionals and business owners and has 100+ powerful use cases across various categories, such as marketing, project management, customer support, and more.

ClickUp AI assistant can summarize lengthy content, be it comment threads or meeting notes, and generate action items for each team member. It can write emails, analyze spreadsheets and documents, plan marketing events, generate engaging blog posts, create creative briefs, and so much more.

It would take me a separate post to list all the use cases that ClickUp AI can handle, and I’m sure I would still miss some. I would suggest you check it out yourself – it’s only $5 per month – and see what it can do for your specific role.

clickup ai logo

Best Features of ClickUp AI

  • Summarize docs and generate action items
  • Write and rewrite your emails, blogs, notes
  • Built for professional use and collaboration
  • Hundreds of useful features tailored to specific roles
  • Great help for everyone from freelancers to product teams


ClickUp AI is an add-on for the ClickUp project management software that only costs $5 per user per month, regardless of the ClickUp plan you have (although not available for the Free Forever plan users).

If you are an existing paid ClickUp user, you can just add it on top of your current plan. It might require your team administrator to enable it in order for you to use it.

If you aren’t a ClickUp user yet, you’ll need to sign up for a paid plan first and activate the AI assistant add-on in your billing settings.

Why I love clickup

ClickUp makes it possible to not be good at prompt engineering and still take advantage of the power of AI in your day-to-day work. (And even if you have mastered it, it still saves you a ton of time with pre-built role-focused templates!)

I also appreciate that their support is always very nice and helpful.

3. TextCortex

textcortex ai assistant for productivity website

Unique AI assistant with multiple personas

TextCortex is an advanced AI chat and writing assistant that takes your productivity to new heights. It transforms the way you write by offering a wide range of powerful applications across multiple industries.

Unlike ChatGPT, it has access to the Internet, and its knowledge base doesn’t end there. TextCortex allows you to do more specific research, drawing information specifically from academic sources, news platforms, YouTube, or even Reddit.

Additionally, you can create your own knowledge base by uploading your files or documents and asking TextCortex questions about it in the chat.

TextCortex is great at research, writing, summarizing lengthy content, generating key takeaways, analyzing documents, and more. It can also assist you in composing emails, formatting complex data sets, planning projects, creating engaging social media posts, and many other work and life use cases.

Besides the general AI personal assistant called Zeno, TextCortex has a bunch of other predefined personas, such as:

  • Hemingwai, the copywriter
  • Phil, the product manager
  • Enigma, the prompt engineer
  • Molly, the motivational coach
  • and more…

And if that’s not enough, you can create your own customized assistant persona, depending on the role or industry you need help with.

textcortex ai logo

Best Features of TextCortex

  • Offers pre-built and custom role-based assistant personas
  • Summarizes long documents and extracts key insights
  • Enhances your writing in various ways
  • Has access to the Internet and other knowledge sources
  • Helps you brainstorm, research, and create
  • Has a handy Chrome extension to assist you across platforms


TextCortex offers a flexible pricing structure depending on your target use.

textcortex ai assistant pricing plans
  • Free Plan is pretty generous. It’s free forever, and gives you access to GPT-4, web search, and 100+ AI writing templates. It even allows you to create up to 3 custom assistant personas! The Free plan only limits you to 20 creations per day, which is roughly 2500 generated words at maximum.
  • Unlimited plan is exactly what the name says. It offers unlimited AI creations, unlimited custom assistant personas, and unlimited knowledge bases so you can create one for each project you work on.
  • Lite Plan is everything that’s in between Free and Unlimited. It has a gradual pricing structure based on AI use, starting at $5.59 for 150 uses and up to $55.99 for 2800 uses. You can create 10 AI assistant personas and build up to 10 knowledge bases, and it has some other limitations in terms of storage and chat history.
  • Team plan is a special discounted offer for teams of 5 or more users. It has a complicated pricing structure based on the number of AI generations and team members. For example, if you have a team of 10 people on the Unlimited plan, the team plan will save you $1000+ per year.

4. GetGenie

getgenie personal ai assistant for keyword research

Best AI virtual assistant for content creators

GetGenie is a powerful AI personal assistant specifically designed for content creators, SEO experts, and digital marketers. It has a dedicated WordPress plugin that allows you to supercharge your blog content creation without leaving the platform.

GetGenie AI assistant is created with the main purpose of helping you write SEO-optimized blog content faster. It has 37+ AI writing templates to help you with every step of article creation, from AI keyword research and competitor analysis to content writing and SEO optimization.

With features like predictive content scoring, NLP-based keyword clustering, and an extensive array of templates, GetGenie empowers you to produce higher-quality work, rank better on search engines, and ultimately achieve your content goals more effectively.

It’s a comprehensive, one-stop solution for anyone looking to support their digital presence and increase traffic to their blog.

getgenie logo

Best Features of GetGenie

  • Research and compare keywords
  • Generate content in seconds
  • Analyze competitor websites
  • Generate creative titles and detailed outlines
  • Built-in editor inside WordPress
  • AI chatbot for natural communication


GetGenie has a free tier that allows you to test all the features: 37+ AI templates, keyword analysis, competitor research, and even the one-click blog generator. Predictably, it limits you to 1 website and 2500 generated words per month.

getgenie pricing structure

If 2.5k monthly words aren’t enough for you (which is the case for any professional blogger), there are three paid plans to choose from, all of which allow you to work on unlimited websites with unlimited team members:

  • Writer: Starting at $13 per month, it lets you generate up to 50,000 words, conduct 40 SEO keyword analyses, and 20 competitor searches every month. This is a solid offer if you are just starting or working on growing your blog alone.
  • Pro: Starts at $34 per month and lets you write 400,000 words with AI, as well as do keyword research 250 times and competitor analysis 80 times. I would recommend this plan if you actively manage more than one blog.
  • Agency: Starting at $69 per month, this plan gives you access to unlimited AI generations, as well as offers 600 keyword analyses and 200 SERP analyses each month. As the name suggests, it’s best for agencies or bigger content businesses with multiple websites and a team of writers.

5. Taskade

taskade ai assistant for productivity preview

Best AI personal assistant for daily tasks

Taskade is the ultimate AI productivity tool, diligently created to amplify your efficiency in business and personal life. It aims to completely change your work experience by offering a full AI-supported project management platform.

On top of conventional task management tools, Taskade offers hundreds of powerful AI features for project planning, collaboration, brainstorming, and more.

Some of Taskade’s powers as an AI assistant include generating subtasks for your bigger tasks, brainstorming ideas in project boards and mind maps, generating outlines, expanding or rewriting your text, summarizing stuff, and more.

There is also a handy AI chat that allows you to ask Taskade assistant questions or give it specific tasks in a natural language, whether it’s research or formatting.

My favorite part about Taskade is its easy and intuitive navigation. You can get quick access to any feature by simply typing “/” followed by whatever you need.

For example, “/ai” will suggest all available AI features, “/mon” will set the due date for a task to the nearest Monday, and “/name” can be used to quickly assign the task to a specific team member.

Taskade AI assistant seamlessly integrates into your workflow and optimizes your productivity. It enables you to manage tasks, collaborate on projects, share ideas, organize meetings, and maintain a cohesive team environment, all within a single intuitive platform.

taskade ai app logo

Best Features of Taskade

  • AI-powered project management tool
  • Handy chat to communicate with AI assistant
  • Automatic subtask generation
  • AI features: rewrite, summarize, outline, expand, etc
  • AI brainstorming and mind mapping
  • Multiple collaboration features for teams
  • Powerful shortcuts


Taskade offers a Free Forever plan that includes 1000 AI credits per month, so you can try the features you are interested in with no strings attached.

taskade pricing personal plans

If you fall in love with this AI productivity assistant, Taskade has five paid plans depending on your needs.

The cheapest Starter plan will cost you $5 per month for personal use (1 workspace, up to 3 users, 50,000 monthly AI credits).

The biggest Ultimate plan can accommodate up to 50 users and only costs $119 per month, which is a good deal considering that most competitor tools charge per user. It offers unlimited AI use across unlimited workspaces.

6. Sanebox

sanebox is an AI email assistant to keep inbox clean

Best AI personal assistant for email management

Sanebox is a robust AI-powered email assistant aimed at busy professionals, project managers, CEOs, and anyone who is sick of managing email clutter. Built to seamlessly integrate with your existing email client, Sanebox goes beyond simple sorting and elevates the concept of inbox management to a whole new level.

Designed to cut through the noise and prioritize your messages, Sanebox has the ability to understand your email behavior and automatically filter important emails into a focused inbox while sidelining distractions.

You can teach Sanebox AI assistant the types of emails to prioritize, set custom filters and folders, and make it get rid of flashy promotional stuff so you don’t ever see it.

Whether it’s follow-ups, reminders, or streamlining communication with your team, this tool takes the guesswork out of email management.

Utilizing machine learning algorithms and intuitive user settings, Sanebox reduces the overwhelm and makes you smile as opposed to stressing out when you enter your email environment.

Instead of endless scrolling and searching, you’ll be able to find things instantly after Sanebox organizes your mailbox.

sanebox ai tool logo

Best Features of Sanebox

  • Intelligent email sorting and prioritization
  • Customizable filters and folders
  • SaneBlackHole to automatically trash annoying emails
  • Deep Clean feature to get rid of old garbage


Sanebox offers a generous 14-day free trial that doesn’t require a credit card.

The pricing structure is based on how many email accounts you need to manage and which features you need.

  • The cheapest plan is called Appetizer and only costs you 7¢/day ($24 paid yearly). It can organize 1 email account for you, but you can only use 1 smart feature, for example, SaneBlackHole or SaneNoReplies.
  • Two features are included in a Snack plan for $7 per month.
  • Lunch plan lets you connect two mailboxes and choose 6 smart features for each, which is probably the best value option for most people. It costs $12 per month or $99 per year (which gives you 3 free months).
  • Finally, the plan with access to all smart features is called Dinner. It costs $36 per month or $299 per year and can manage 4 inboxes at once.
sanebox ai assistant pricing

Sanebox wants you to not care about your emails anymore, just set it and forget it, which is why their sweetest deal is 9-10 months off if you pay for two years at once.

7. Copy.ai

copy ai chatbot assistant website

Best AI chatbot assistant for professionals

Copy.ai is a really smart AI writing assistant that takes the hassle out of content creation.

With access to the Internet and personalized features like brand voice, it’s a superior alternative to ChatGPT that has quickly become a must-have tool for professionals and creatives.

Unleashing the power of AI, Copy.ai brings a whole new level of productivity to your fingertips. It assists with multiple content and marketing use cases, such as drafting engaging blog posts, creating compelling ad copy, generating social media captions, crafting persuasive sales emails, and much more.

With Copy.ai, you can overcome writer’s block and fuel your creativity effortlessly. It ensures that your writing is clear, concise, and captivating so you can engage your audience without breaking a sweat.

copy ai logo

Best Features of Copy.ai

  • Chat-based AI assistant
  • Tons of business templates for content creation
  • Brand voice support to write in your unique style
  • Multiple versions for each generation
  • Fun features like Song Lyrics or Wedding Vows


Copy.ai assistant is free for up to 2000 words per month. It’s not enough for writing full-blown blog posts, but I was able to try several use cases that were most relevant to me, play around with brand voice, and make an opinion about the AI assistant’s capabilities before paying for it.

copy ai pricing

Copy.ai has the simplest payment structure possible: there is only one paid plan. It allows unlimited interactions with AI assistant, and it will cost you $49 per month (with a 25% discount if paid yearly).

What is an AI virtual assistant?

An AI virtual assistant, or AI VA, is a software program that uses artificial intelligence to perform tasks typically carried out by a human assistant. These tasks may include scheduling, organizing and writing emails, drafting articles, responding to customers, or managing meetings.

Powered by complex algorithms and machine learning, AI VAs are designed to understand and adapt to individual preferences, making them highly personalized and efficient in supporting various professional and personal needs. They are also able to learn and improve over time, becoming increasingly helpful as they know your habits better.

Will AI replace human virtual assistants?

While AI can perform many tasks efficiently and autonomously, it’s unlikely to fully replace human virtual assistants in the foreseeable future. Human assistants offer empathy, nuanced understanding, creative thinking, and a level of personal connection that AI currently cannot replicate.

AI tools can certainly increase your productivity and take over time-consuming tasks, but the blend of emotional intelligence and complex decision-making in human assistants remains irreplaceable.

How to choose the best AI personal assistant for you?

Choosing the best AI personal assistant for you is an important decision, as it can impact how efficiently you handle your daily tasks and overall workflow. You need to find an AI tool that aligns with your specific needs, preferences, and budget.

The idea is not to pick the latest or most popular tool but to find the one that makes a real difference in your productivity.

Here’s a list of criteria for choosing an AI assistant:

  • Tasks you need assistance with: First of all, identify the specific tasks you want the AI assistant to handle, whether it’s managing your calendar, organizing email, writing assistance, content generation, or something else.
  • Type of work you do: If you have a remote team, you may need a different set of features from your assistant than if you work alone (collaboration tools, meeting management, etc.). Take into account your occupation and daily activities. For example, AI marketing assistants designed with sales or SEO in mind can usually do a better job for industry-specific use cases than general AI writing tools.
  • Ease of use: Look for an AI personal assistant that offers a user-friendly interface and doesn’t require a steep learning curve.
  • Budget: Decide how much you are willing to invest in an AI assistant. Most of these tools are subscription-based so make sure to evaluate your needs to clearly understand which tier is best for you.

By taking these factors into account, you can find an AI personal assistant that not only boosts your productivity but also aligns perfectly with your lifestyle and professional demands.


Choosing an AI virtual assistant isn’t nearly as difficult as finding a good human assistant. All you need to do is identify the areas you need help with and spend a few hours trialing a couple of the most promising AI tools to see if they do the trick. And if something doesn’t meet your expectations, you can easily switch to a different AI assistant tool with no hassle.

Before you start using an AI assistant…

Getting an AI virtual assistant is exciting and can lead to remarkable gains in productivity. But before you get on that trendy train, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. Keep an eye on outputs: While AI personal assistants might outshine humans in terms of availability and technical accuracy, they are not immune to errors. They can provide invaluable support, but it’s crucial to fact-check their outputs and maintain some level of supervision. Trusting an AI tool doesn’t mean abandoning critical thinking or oversight.
  2. Be patient: AI personal assistants learn and improve over time, adapting to your preferences and unique requirements. Don’t get frustrated if the tool doesn’t immediately output exactly what you want. Give it time to learn from your interactions and provide detailed instructions to make your request super-clear.
  3. Invest wisely: While budget-friendly options can be appealing, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. It’s important to assess the value an AI personal assistant offers in relation to its cost. Sometimes, investing a bit more in a tool with proven reliability, functionality, and support might be a wiser long-term decision.

Frequently asked questions

How can AI be a personal assistant?

AI can serve as a personal assistant by utilizing intelligent algorithms, machine learning, and natural language processing to assist you with day-to-day tasks. Whether it’s sorting emails, setting reminders, scheduling meetings, finding information, or writing on your behalf, AI personal assistants can provide you with a level of support that will make your work more efficient.

What is the most advanced AI personal assistant?

Among the plethora of AI personal assistants available, ClickUp AI and Motion stand out as some of the most advanced options. ClickUp AI focuses on project management, offering hundreds of use cases from writing and brainstorming to planning and reporting. Motion, on the other hand, has a single goal to schedule your day in the most efficient way so every task gets done and deadlines are never missed.

Is an AI assistant worth it?

Having an AI assistant is like having a handy digital helper that never gets tired. Imagine someone who always remembers your appointments, sorts your emails, helps plan your day, or does some of your work for you without ever needing a break! That’s what AI personal assistant is for.

It takes care of all those time-consuming little tasks so you can focus on the more important stuff. Whether you’re running a business or just trying to keep up with daily life, an AI assistant makes things simpler and saves you time.

Final thoughts on finding the best AI assistant in 2024

The future of productivity is leaning heavily into AI, and these seven personal assistants are leading the charge.

From organizing your emails and calendars to co-writing and brainstorming with you, these smart tools are redefining what it means to be productive.

If you’re striving for peak performance in 2024, this isn’t a trend you can afford to ignore. “Hiring” an AI personal assistant (or several) can make a huge difference in your daily life and business, so why not pick one today?

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