17 Smartest AI Scheduling Assistant Apps In 2024

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For many of us, the challenge of daily planning is not organizing the tasks – it’s the intricate dance of managing appointments, scheduling meetings, and ensuring that overlapping events don’t wreak havoc on our calendars.

And if you have to juggle several time zones, manage multiple projects, and appear reliable even though you have way too many commitments, you are really doing yourself a disservice if you don’t utilize an AI scheduling assistant.

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Focusing on these common scheduling headaches, I set out to identify the tools that truly understand and address the problems of manual scheduling. I spent hours and hours on extensive research and hands-on testing of various AI tools.

As a result, I’m happy to share with you the 17 smartest AI scheduling assistant apps of 2024 that are able to manage your calendar, adapt to your daily workflow, and free up invaluable time in your busy life.

Quick links for the best AI scheduling assistant apps in 2024:

Best AI assistants for scheduling tasks

1. Motion

Best AI scheduling assistant for busy people

motion ai scheduling assistant app preview

Motion is a cutting-edge AI scheduling assistant designed to make life a bit easier for a busy professional. If you still manage your calendar manually, it promises to free up a month (!) of your time per year by automatically building a perfect schedule for you.

One of the tool’s core strengths lies in its AI-driven functionality, which continuously learns from your scheduling patterns to suggest time slots that align with your preferences, maximizing productivity and minimizing disruption. This means that the longer you use Motion, the better it understands your workflow, making scheduling even more effortless over time.

Motion’s AI reorganizes your tasks, projects, and meetings so each event has a strategic placement in your day, taking into consideration your energy levels and peak productive hours.

What I like about Motion is that it has a clean and user-friendly interface. Even if you aren’t tech-savvy, you’ll find it easy to navigate and make changes as you use it. It prioritizes user experience and adapts to your work routine, ensuring that scheduling feels less like a chore and more like a helpful nudge in the right direction.

Best Features of Motion

  • AI-powered intelligent planning
  • Easy task creation and automatic scheduling
  • All your tasks, projects, and calendars in one place
  • Adaptive learning from your personal work patterns
  • Doesn’t let you forget about commitments
  • Tells you exactly what to do next

2. TimeHero

Best AI scheduling assistant for teams

timehero ai scheduling app preview

TimeHero is a smart scheduling assistant that is perfect for small teams. It integrates with your favorite tools, such as Google Calendar, Slack, and Gmail, to help you build a realistic schedule and manage your workload in one place.

While many other tools operate based on due dates only, TimeHero understands potential roadblocks or disruptions in your schedule and offers timely adjustments, minimizing the risk of overdue tasks and ensuring high-priority projects receive due attention.

As you populate TimeHero with tasks, it intelligently assesses your current workload and preferences to auto-allocate tasks, giving you a clear picture of your day and everything that you need to get done, in order.

TimeHero keeps an eye on your schedule and tasks and offers helpful suggestions based on your habits and preferences. It can warn you about the tasks that are at risk of not meeting the deadline, or team members who have too much on their plate.

For those who juggle numerous tasks across various projects, this AI scheduling tool is an absolute lifesaver, offering a birds-eye view of projects while ensuring detailed attention to individual tasks.

TimeHero also fosters a sense of accomplishment. By having tasks auto-arranged and seeing them get ticked off throughout the day, you get a clearer picture of your productivity levels. This feedback can be encouraging, providing that extra push on tougher days.

Best Features of TimeHero

  • Takes care of your schedule
  • Plans your days based on availability and priorities
  • Detects risky projects and overloaded team members
  • Auto-adjusts schedule whenever necessary
  • Allows to add recurring tasks
  • Tracks your workload and improves over time

3. Trevor AI

Simple AI scheduling app

trevor ai scheduler preview

If your calendar is swamped with tasks and competing priorities, Trevor AI offers a refreshing approach to daily planning. This simple AI assistant is designed to bring clarity, control, and focus to your day.

Instead of being overwhelmed by a cluttered to-do list, you can visually manage your tasks by scheduling them as distinct time blocks in your calendar. This drag-and-drop mechanism gives you a comprehensive view of your day, allowing you to juggle the numerous demands of work and life in a less stressful way.

You can simply drag and drop the tasks from your To-Do list into time blocks on your calendar. Trevor also offers intelligent suggestions for calendar organization and task duration based on historical data.

Trevor AI promotes the idea of Deep Work – a state characterized by profound concentration and minimal distractions.

By emphasizing the importance of focusing on one task at a time within a specific time block, the platform nudges you to work without interruptions, ensuring higher productivity and deeper engagement with each task.

With Trevor, you can easily organize your tasks and sync your calendars to create a straightforward workflow for the day with everything important taken into account.

Best Features of Trevor AI

  • Effortless drag & drop time blocking
  • Focused time blocks for deep work
  • Reminders for overdue tasks
  • Scheduling suggestions and step-by-step action plans
  • Integrations with Todoist, Google Calendar, Tasks, and more
  • Detailed insights based on your performance

4. Schedule.cc

Best AI schedule maker for small business

schedule cc ai assistant preview

Schedule.cc is an intelligent scheduling tool that helps reduce the back-and-forth often needed to set up meetings with clients. You can embed it into your website, blog, or emails to automatically schedule appointments, including those that require payment upfront.

This assistant’s one-click meeting arrangement functionality can drastically cut down the time and effort typically associated with setting up meetings.

Schedule.cc is a part of the 50-tool productivity toolkit you get access to with a single affordable subscription. Tools integrate well with each other to handle automation, marketing, collaboration, customer support, and sales use cases for small businesses.

Schedule.cc is all about making your work more efficient. By reducing email exchanges and offering an intuitive interface, this tool manages to simplify the scheduling experience. It takes into account different time zones which makes it a good solution for distributed teams and working with clients from other countries.

If you’re trying to find a time that works for several people, the tool offers a collaborative platform where everyone can indicate their availability.

What makes Schedule.cc a great assistant for calendar management is that it can handle multiple calendars to avoid double-booking any time slots. You can organize meetings, appointments, and tasks or block out specific times for focused work.

Best Features of Schedule.cc

  • Sets up meetings quickly
  • Works well with different time zones
  • Handles multiple calendars
  • Easy to use minimalistic interface
  • Automated reminders and follow-ups

Best AI scheduling assistants for team meetings

5. Reclaim

Best AI tool for scheduling one-on-one meetings

reclaim ai app preview

Reclaim is an AI scheduling automation tool that aims to simplify the often tedious process of scheduling one-on-one meetings. Recognizing that it’s more valuable to focus more on productive meetings rather than wasting time on their coordination, Reclaim offers a solution in the form of Smart 1:1s.

Reclaim analyzes calendar availabilities of both parties and automatically pinpoints the most suitable times for a one-on-one meeting. Whether you’re aiming to connect with a manager, a colleague, or a business partner, Reclaim ensures that you both find a convenient slot based on your working hour preferences.

Reclaim has a free forever account that is great for personal use or solopreneurs. It allows you to sync two calendars, schedule up to 3 weeks in advance, and schedule 1:1 meetings with anyone.

A particularly noteworthy feature of Reclaim is its adaptive scheduling. If a conflict arises or if either of the attendees indicates they can’t make the scheduled meeting, the Smart 1:1s feature can automatically find a new time and reschedule the meeting.

Besides scheduling events, Reclaim AI can help you build good habits and accommodate your to-dos into your calendar based on priorities and due dates.

Best Features of Reclaim

  • Easy scheduling of 1:1 meetings
  • Auto rescheduling when necessary
  • Building habits and scheduling breaks
  • Syncing all your calendars for work-life balance
  • Task scheduling and team workload management

6. Clockwise

Best AI scheduler for team productivity

clockwise ai scheduler preview

As an AI-powered tool, Clockwise presents a fresh perspective on calendar management. Rather than merely displaying tasks and appointments, it actively reshapes your calendar to meet the team’s goals and keep you productive.

Clockwise tries to make your calendar work better for you. It can move around meetings and tasks to help you get more focus time. It syncs well with main calendar systems and also gives insights into how you spend your time.

Understanding the need for deep focused work, Clockwise reserves longer time blocks in your calendar so you won’t be interrupted by a random meeting. During that time, it shows you as unavailable to other team members through integration with Slack and other team collaboration tools.

The best thing about Clockwise is that it’s adaptive. If you’ve got a sudden change in plans or an unexpected meeting, the system can adjust everything else around it, rescheduling some less important tasks and making sure you make it.

This means you can spend less time manually moving things around in your calendar and just focus on work.

Best Features of Clockwise

  • Smart calendar optimization
  • Flexible and non-negotiable tasks
  • Auto-adjusting for priorities and time conflicts
  • Protected time blocks for focused work
  • Powerful integrations with other tools
  • Insights into your progress, focus, and productivity

Best AI assistants for scheduling appointments

7. HoneyBook

Best all-in-one AI platform for your business

honeybook ai scheduler preview

HoneyBook is an AI-powered client management tool for creative professionals. It offers a platform that can handle all your business operations in one place, from appointment scheduling and invoicing to automating day-to-day tasks.

With HoneyBook, you can just set your availability and give your clients a link to directly book a time slot that works for you. You can customize the booking page so it matches your aesthetic and only offers the communication types that you prefer.

Most HoneyBook users mention how intuitive and easy to set up the platform is in their reviews. Even for non-tech-savvy folks!

HoneyBook understands that creative people care more about nurturing relationships with clients than learning technical stuff – so it provides an intuitive platform to handle the administrative side of your business.

Best Features of HoneyBook

  • Easy appointment scheduling
  • Multiple session types
  • Customizable templates
  • Invoicing and payment processing
  • Designed for creative professionals

8. Sign In Scheduling

Best AI appointment scheduling tool

sign in scheduling ai app preview

Sign In Scheduling (formerly 10 to 8) is a useful AI online booking tool for businesses of any size. It provides multi-channel booking options, both online and over the phone, and can send automatic reminders to drastically minimize no-shows.

Instead of having a full-time employee to handle appointments, you can integrate Sign In Scheduling to run smoothly 24/7, accommodating your clients or business partners from different time zones.

You can accept reservations directly from your website or create a dedicated online booking page with an easy-to-use customizer.

Sign In Scheduling is especially loved by solopreneurs as it frees up a lot of time usually spent on admin work, allowing you to focus on core parts of your business.

This feature-rich AI scheduling tool provides mechanisms to manage client information and accept online payments. It also offers analytics to help businesses understand and optimize their booking patterns.

Sign In Scheduling assistant works on all devices, browsers, and operating systems, so you can control it on the go and connect from anywhere.

Best Features of Sign In Scheduling

  • Diverse multi-channel booking options
  • Automatic reminders to reduce no-shows
  • Integration with all popular calendars
  • Website and email embeds + custom page builder

9. CalendarHero

Best for scheduling various types of meetings

calendarhero ai scheduler preview

CalendarHero is another AI meeting scheduler for busy modern professionals. It offers an effective solution to meeting coordination, integrating with 60+ popular tools and platforms.

The key feature of CalendarHero, automatic meeting scheduling, is powered by an intelligent algorithm that accounts for participants’ availability, ensuring no overlaps or double bookings.

In CalendarHero, you can create multiple reusable templates for different meeting types to accommodate calls with various durations, communication platforms, and availability patterns.

You can embed CalendarHero on your website and customize the look to align with your branding. If you require an upfront payment before booking, you can integrate Stripe, and it will handle that part, too.

Other than just scheduling appointments, you can add extra questions to be filled out before booking and even get insights about people who booked a call with you.

Best Features of CalendarHero

  • Intelligent automated meeting scheduling
  • 1:1 and group meetings
  • Multi-calendar synchronization
  • Multiple templates for different meeting types
  • Payment processing
  • 60+ integrations with popular tools

Best AI assistants for scheduling via email

10. Meetz

Best AI assistant for sales outreach

meetz ai scheduling assistant preview

Meetz is a useful tool for marketers and sales reps that uses artificial intelligence to help with reaching out to potential clients and scheduling meetings.

It works by letting you input details about the people you want to connect with and the way you’d like to approach them. Meetz then takes information from sites like LinkedIn to write personalized emails for each person.

What makes Meetz really stand out is Laura, a virtual assistant that arranges all your appointments for you. She is designed to talk and act like a real person and can become your smart digital secretary to save time and make email outreach more efficient.

Laura has been taught on thousands of real emails and is able to handle all sorts of different situations, just like a human secretary would. Whether you need to schedule a one-on-one meeting or something with several people, all you have to do is include Laura in the email, and she’ll handle the rest, finding the right time for everyone and sending the meeting invites.

Besides the personalized emails and scheduling, Meetz arranges automatic follow-ups to make sure every meeting is getting booked.

Best Features of Meetz

  • Creates personalized outreach emails based on LinkedIn
  • Arranges meetings with a single person or multiple guests
  • AI scheduling assistant Laura communicates like a human
  • Follow-up system to schedule more meetings

11. Clara

Best AI assistant for scheduling meetings by email

clara ai scheduling assistant preview

Clara is your digital personal assistant whose only job is to schedule meetings for you at a convenient time. You can almost treat her like a real person, as she uses natural language for email communication.

All you need to do is CC Clara as you are emailing someone about scheduling a call – and she will take over the process of finding the perfect time slot for both sides.

Clara can free up all your time that is usually wasted on back-and-forth emails. You can do more important work while she communicates the details and schedules the meeting into your calendar.

In a way, Clara is even better at this than you are cause she never forgets to respond or follow up. She is also available 24/7, so she can reply immediately when the other person is active, making communication fast and efficient.

If you have had conversations between different timezones that get stretched over days, or even weeks, with one email per day because of the busyness and time differences, Clara is a great solution for eliminating this.

Clara offers meeting slots, takes into account differing availabilities, and finalizes appointments. And the best part? Thanks to the AI’s deep learning algorithms, it gets even more effective over time as it understands your scheduling nuances and preferences.

Best Features of Clara

  • 24/7 AI personal assistant
  • Responds in a natural way
  • Takes time zones into account
  • Saves you lots of back-and-forth emails
  • Follows up automatically
  • Schedules meetings in your calendar and sends invites

12. Sidekick

Most flexible AI meeting scheduling assistant

sidekick ai scheduler preview

Sidekick AI is like your dedicated virtual meeting coordinator, designed to make scheduling as simple as possible. You can almost feel a sense of real human touch as it handles the complex task of organizing meetings without any of the common hassles.

As opposed to other scheduling tools, Sidekick doesn’t limit you to just one way of scheduling. Currently, it offers 3 ways to schedule meetings which you can use depending on the situation and meeting type.

To schedule a meeting with Sidekick, you can either:

  1. Forward an email with a suggested time to Sidekick, and let it take it from there;
  2. Build a scheduling page with your availability and give people the link to book a time slot;
  3. Use an internal mechanism for Sidekick scheduling if both parties are Sidekick users.

After a time that fits everyone is chosen, Sidekick will create a calendar event and send out invitations. It will also send reminders before the meeting to minimize no-shows.

Best Features of Sidekick

  • Schedule by forwarding an email
  • Custom scheduling pages
  • Convenient team scheduling
  • Automatic reminders

13. Scheduler AI

Best AI scheduling tool for small teams

scheduler ai preview

Scheduler AI is a meeting scheduling assistant created to streamline the process of organizing meetings for teams and clients. It integrates directly with web pages and emails and responds to your incoming meeting requests with suggested time slots, so you don’t have to.

By auto-responding immediately like this, Scheduler AI aims to improve conversion rates and keep the conversation going while the person is still active.

This smart scheduling assistant is equipped to pool the availability of each team member, synchronize time zones, and coordinate group times in a natural email conversation.

Some of the great features of Scheduler AI include the ability to reduce no-shows through automated reminders and immediate rescheduling if a prospect requests a new time or declines an existing meeting.

Thanks to the convenient integrations with multiple communication platforms, Scheduler takes into account personalized availability settings and helps avoid scheduling conflicts.

The main value of Scheduler AI lies in its capacity to free up teams from the time-consuming tasks of scheduling, rescheduling, and follow-up. It enables teams to focus on work that counts, driving revenue rather than wasting time on coordinating logistics.

Best Features of Scheduler AI

  • Smart scheduling through natural communication
  • Fast response time to increase conversions
  • Automatic reminders and rescheduling
  • Personalized availability settings for each team member

Best AI assistants for social media scheduling

14. MeetEdgar

Best AI scheduler for social media

meetedgar ai scheduling assistant for social media

Social media’s dynamic nature demands tools that can keep up, and MeetEdgar fits the bill perfectly. Positioned as a social media management powerhouse, its standout feature is content recycling.

Recognizing that quality content can and should be reused, MeetEdgar automates the process of reposting high-performing content at optimal times. This ensures sustained engagement without the constant need for new content.

Instead of trying to figure out what to post to social media every day and stressing out about it, let MeetEdgar repurpose your blog content, featuring the most valuable bits on social platforms.

Just import your evergreen content, choose your preferred time slots, and let Edgar do its magic! By categorizing posts and employing A/B testing, the platform ensures that content reaches your target audience with the right messaging, maximizing engagement and reach.

Recycling high-quality content like this will allow you to maintain a steady authentic online presence for your brand without spending hours per week (or even per day) trying to please every social media platform.

Best Features of MeetEdgar

  • Automated content recycling
  • Automated scheduling
  • All popular social media platforms
  • A/B testing capabilities

15. CoSchedule

Best AI scheduling assistant for content marketing

coschedule ai scheduler preview

CoSchedule is a unique AI scheduling tool for content marketers that actually understands all your marketing needs. It’s a smart calendar where you can manage your blog content strategy, social media marketing plan, email newsletters, and other projects to see a clear picture of your marketing efforts.

With CoSchedule, you can group multiple projects and platforms into one campaign and align the efforts of your marketing team to ensure consistent messaging and optimal content distribution across various channels.

Its calendar-centric approach guarantees that content pieces, whether blogs, social media posts, or email campaigns, are coordinated and consistent.

Instead of managing several calendars and juggling between project management tools, you can see and plan everything together in CoSchedule.

The coolest thing I found in CoSchedule is the recent introduction of their AI-powered marketing assistant. It can help you brainstorm ideas, outline the content strategy, and draft content for any platform.

Best Features of CoSchedule

  • All-in-one marketing calendar
  • Blogs, emails, and SMM strategy in one place
  • AI marketing assistant
  • Kanban board for project management
  • Drafting social media content with AI

16. Ocoya

Best AI social media assistant for creatives

ocoya ai scheduler preview

Ocoya is an innovative tool that leverages the power of AI to revolutionize your social media and content marketing efforts. It’s a one-stop solution for modern content creators that combines social media management, copywriting, and graphic design tools in one beautiful package.

With Ocoya, you can effortlessly generate social media content in 26 languages and post it across various platforms at the push of a button. The AI writing assistant helps you craft engaging text for social media posts, making your content creation process faster and more efficient.

With thousands of design templates, Ocoya allows you to quickly create professional-looking social media graphics – or does it for you with AI assistance if you don’t have the time!

Ocoya ensures that you stay ahead in the fast-changing world of social media. Its real-time analytics feature provides valuable insights into the performance of your content, while the hashtag functionality keeps you up-to-date with relevant and trending tags.

If you are running an e-commerce business, Ocoya has something special for you too! You can integrate your shop and create professional graphics for your products in mere seconds.

Best Features of Ocoya

  • Most time-efficient social media assistant
  • AI-powered content generation
  • Reliable scheduling to all platforms
  • Thousands of design templates + AI design
  • Useful integrations for e-commerce

Best AI assistants for employee scheduling

17. Celayix

Best AI scheduling assistant for workforce management

celayix ai scheduler preview

When you get to the point where you have more employees than you can effectively manage without smart tools, an AI-powered scheduling assistant may be a great solution to keep your business running smoothly.

Celayix stands out as a robust workforce management software designed to cater to diverse business needs. Supported by artificial intelligence, this tool makes scheduling shifts easier by recommending the optimal calendar setup based on the previous performance of each employee.

Celayix offers a Smart Replacement feature that can handle all emergency situations, from sick calls to missed shifts, immediately suggesting another available person for the job.

The platform assists businesses in aligning the right employees with the right roles, considering factors like skills, availability, and work preferences. By doing so, Celayix not only ensures smooth operations but also aids in controlling labor costs and eliminating unnecessary overtime.

You can quickly create reusable shift templates and use the drag-and-drop feature on the calendar to modify your team’s schedule.

Best Features of Celayix

  • Intelligent employee shift scheduling
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Customizable shift templates
  • Immediate replacement suggestions for emergencies
  • Overtime management to ensure cost-efficiency
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics

What is an AI scheduling assistant?

An AI scheduling assistant is an intelligent software tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to automate and manage scheduling tasks. This includes planning meetings, appointments, and daily tasks and ensuring that everything fits seamlessly into your day.

Unlike traditional accountability calendars or manual planning, AI scheduling assistants take into account various factors such as your personal preferences, working hours, and even the optimal time for specific activities.

They analyze your work patterns and behaviors to suggest or make adjustments, aligning your daily routine to suit your goals, and they improve as they understand your workflow better over time.

When it comes to scheduling meetings, AI assistants can take over all administrative work, automatically confirming and adding meetings to your calendar, ensuring everyone’s availability is taken into account.

Benefits of using AI for scheduling

Planning is a part of life that you can’t skip if you want to achieve success in business or any creative endeavor. As overwhelming as it might seem, making a to-do list is the first step to actually getting anything done.

But hey, we are much luckier than all the previous generations! We get to utilize various AI productivity tools, including scheduling assistants, some of which can be real time-savers if applied to the right pain points.

Here are just a few benefits of using AI for your scheduling needs:

✔ Time savings

Why wouldn’t you want your day to be pre-planned when you show up for it in the morning? It will surely help you procrastinate less when you have clarity on what exactly you should do next.

When an AI assistant manages your calendar, you don’t have to spend any time trying to figure out how to organize the day. The tools build your schedule based on your tasks, priorities, and events – adjusting in real time when something unexpected comes into the picture.

Gone are the days of manually entering appointments or shuffling between slots to find the perfect meeting time. AI scheduler apps automate these tasks completely, allowing you to focus on what really matters. The hours you’ll save each week can be reinvested into more meaningful and productive work.

✔ Cost efficiency

By automating routine scheduling tasks, AI assistants significantly reduce administrative overhead. What once required dedicated human effort can now be handled swiftly by AI scheduling algorithms. This not only saves money but also streamlines the entire scheduling process.

Instead of hiring a human assistant with a full-time salary, you can just pay a few dollars a month for a tool that can do many of the same tasks, and sometimes more.

✔ Timezone management

For those juggling international meetings or remote collaborations, time zone conflicts can be a nightmare. AI scheduling assistants effortlessly align different time zones, ensuring that everyone’s availability is considered. This eliminates confusion and improves international collaboration.

✔ Team collaboration

AI scheduling isn’t limited to individual planning; it also brings teams together. By syncing schedules and providing shared views, AI scheduling assistants provide a common space so everyone is on the same page about the team workload and upcoming commitments.

✔ Error reduction

Human errors in scheduling can lead to double bookings, missed deadlines, no-shows, or overlooked commitments. AI assistants are designed to minimize these mistakes by providing accurate and consistent management of your calendar. The result is a more reliable schedule that you can trust without the fear of unexpected surprises.

Even if AI tools make mistakes at first, they are usually able to learn and understand your work patterns better over time.

Frequently asked questions about AI schedulers

How is AI used in scheduling?

AI is used in scheduling by employing machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics to automate the planning of tasks, meetings, and appointments. It analyzes personal preferences, historical data, and real-time input to optimize your schedule.

Additionally, AI tools consider factors like the best time for specific tasks, avoiding double bookings, and accommodating last-minute changes. The result is a more efficient, personalized, and responsive scheduling system.

What is the app that uses AI to plan your day?

Motion is the best AI app for daily planning. It manages your schedule automatically based on your work habits, priorities, and preferences.

Along with Motion, there are several other AI-powered tools like TimeHero or Trevor AI that also offer personalized daily planning and adapt to your unique workflow.

How does automated scheduling work?

Automated scheduling works by using smart algorithms to allocate resources, set appointments, and arrange tasks without manual intervention. It takes into consideration various constraints such as time, availability, priority, and preferences to create an optimized schedule.

What is the difference between planning and scheduling in AI?

Planning and scheduling in AI, though related, serve different purposes. Planning involves defining a sequence of actions or tasks to achieve specific goals, often considering various alternatives and constraints. Scheduling, on the other hand, focuses on allocating resources and time to those planned tasks, ensuring that they are carried out at optimal times.

While planning determines the “what” and “how” of achieving a goal, scheduling takes care of the “when” and “who,” making sure that everything fits efficiently into a timeframe.

Final thoughts on scheduling with AI

Life’s daily scheduling challenges no longer have to be a solo battle. With the power of AI scheduling assistant apps, you have the ability to make planning your day a pleasure, manage your commitments efficiently, and get valuable time back.

The 17 scheduling tools I researched and described for you show how AI can bring impressive improvements to everyday life. Make sure to try some of them if you want to work smarter, not harder, and leverage the time they free up for something fun!

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