7 Best AI Task Manager Apps For Smarter Planning In 2024

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What sets a high achiever apart from the rest? It’s not luck or even sheer hard work – it’s the ability to plan and prioritize effectively. In 2024, this process is much more accessible with multiple AI task manager apps and their smart, time-saving algorithms.

for productivity
taskade ai app logo
  • Easy nested tasks
  • 100+ AI templates
  • Real-time sync
for autoscheduling
motion tool logo
  • Autoscheduling
  • Lists & boards
  • Meeting booking
for teams
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  • Super customizable
  • Powerful role-based AI use cases

Navigating the sea of AI productivity tools can be confusing and time-consuming. In this article, I’ll cut through the noise by sharing with you my seven favorite AI-powered task managers that will elevate your strategic planning.

If you haven’t used an AI task planner before, you’ll be blown away by some of these tools’ capabilities!

What are the best AI task managers in 2024?

1. Taskade

taskade ai task manager for productivity preview

Best AI task manager for productivity

Taskade is a modern-looking AI task manager that streamlines your work and team collaboration by centralizing all your project needs into one dynamic platform.

I love how easy it is to add tasks and view your projects in multiple convenient ways (Lists, Kanban Boards, Actions, Calendars, Roadmaps, and more). You can have as many nested levels of tasks as you need and organize your workload in your preferred format.

taskade ai list view with tasks

Taskade offers dozens of AI templates, so you don’t have to start from a clean slate. The AI task management assistant is just one hotkey away, ready to help you out with anything from breaking down your goals to generating mind maps.

taskade ai task management tools

Leveraging smart algorithms, Taskade offers instantaneous updates, ensuring that everyone on your team is in sync, from anywhere, at all times.

With Taskade, you get more than just a task management tool – you get a smart assistant that actively helps you manage your workflow.

Best Features of Taskade

taskade ai app logo
  • Straightforward task management
  • Real-time syncing for team collaboration
  • AI task assistant to break down projects
  • 100+ AI generator & project templates
  • Convenient team chat and AI chat
  • Boards, lists, calendars, roadmaps, etc.


Taskade offers several plans depending on your usage needs. What’s unique about their payment system is that they don’t charge you per user but based on your team size.

There is a Free plan with 10,000 AI credits per month to see what this AI task management tool is capable of.

Paid plans start from $5 per month for 3 users and go up to $119 per month for up to 50 users.

My Experience With Taskade

I tested Taskade when I was choosing an online task planner for myself, and I was impressed by its AI capabilities. If you are looking for a cost-efficient assistant to help you out with your daily workload, definitely give Taskade a shot.

2. Motion

motion ai task planning tool preview

Best AI task manager app with autoscheduling

Motion is a mindblowing AI task manager that claims to boost productivity by 137%. This tool doesn’t just manage your tasks – it strategically schedules them into your calendar, automating the planning process and ensuring you’re always focused on the most important work.

As an AI scheduling assistant, Motion has a calendar view where all your tasks are lined up based on priorities and deadlines, taking into consideration your existing meetings and appointments.

There is also a Tasks & Projects view where you can add and manage tasks, assign them to team members (which automatically schedules them into people’s calendars!), and see the whole workload at a glance.

usemotion ai task management example

You can view your tasks in a list or on a Kanban board, filter and sort them per your needs, and group them in various ways, for example, by urgency.

When you add a new task, Motion’s AI acts as your personal task-scheduling assistant. If necessary, it automatically reshuffles your upcoming activities in the calendar in order to accommodate a new task.

motion ai task planner in use

Motion will warn you if something is not likely to be done on time and even readjust your day plan if unexpected events occur.

With Motion as your task manager, you don’t have to worry about finding the time for each task or trying to fit something unplanned into your day. The AI algorithm takes care of it all, making sure you meet your deadlines while also carving out time for focused work.

Best Features of Motion

motion tool logo
  • AI-driven automatic task scheduling
  • Keeps track of upcoming deadlines
  • Dynamic rescheduling for unexpected events
  • Comprehensive project views with Kanban and list options
  • Powerful meeting scheduling features


Since fully automated AI scheduling requires a lot of resources, it’s understandable that Motion doesn’t offer a Free plan.

The cost of a monthly subscription is $34, but it’s reduced to just $19 (45% discount!) if you pay annually. If you choose a Team plan, the price is even more enticing – $20 per user per month or $12 per month with annual payment.

There is a 7-day free trial to fully explore Motion and see the full power of automated task scheduling.

My Experience With Motion

Motion was in my top-2 task managers battle when I needed a new digital planner (see my comparison of Motion vs Sunsama).

From my experience, autoscheduling in Motion is far better than any other tool on the market today. It literally lays down your whole day by the minute, so you never have to think about what to do next.

3. ClickUp

clickup online task planning app preview

Best comprehensive AI task manager

ClickUp is an AI-powered task planner that caters to team leads, project managers, and anyone navigating complex projects.

What makes ClickUp stand out as a task management tool is that it lets you personalize every aspect of your project flow. The number of customization options is unmatched, and you can make it work for any workflow regardless of your role and project type.

Stepping beyond standard task planning features, ClickUp recently introduced its own AI-powered assistant designed to give you a helping hand in day-to-day operations.

clickup ai task management software homepage preview

ClickUp AI assistant can condense lengthy tasks into bite-sized actions that only take a fraction of the time. It serves as a productivity booster, helping you tackle tasks more efficiently while also fine-tuning your written communication.

There are hundreds of pre-defined AI templates built for different departments, such as sales, customer support, engineering, project management, and more.

Best Features of ClickUp

clickup logo
  • Smart management of recurring and templated tasks
  • Extensive customization features to fit your unique work requirements
  • AI assistant with role-specific templates
  • Built-in automation tools for smart workflows
  • Advanced collaboration options for teams


Although ClickUp offers a Free plan, you can’t get access to AI features with it.

Even though ClickUp AI is an add-on that costs $5 per month, you can only add it to your existing paid subscription.

Premium plans start at $7 per user per month and give you access to a comprehensive set of tools that you likely won’t find anywhere else.

4. Notion

notion ai

Best task manager for AI task breakdown

Notion, geared towards professionals who demand efficiency and intelligence in their tools, elevates task management with AI capabilities that make your work both faster and smarter.

Instead of just giving you a space to jot down tasks and check off boxes, Notion acts like your ultra-capable teammate that takes automation and organization to new heights.

With Notion AI assistant, you can speed up almost every text-based task you do during the workday. For example, the AI can analyze your meeting notes to pinpoint what the next steps should be, turning them instantly into action items.

notion ai task manager use cases

It can condense extensive notes or research into crisp, actionable summaries in just a few seconds. This is especially beneficial for extracting key takeaways from research, sales calls, and more, allowing you to focus on execution rather than sifting through information.

Notion AI also serves as your creative partner. Whether you’re stuck with writer’s block or looking to augment your creativity, AI can step in to help. It offers writing prompts and can even take over and continue where you left off, ensuring you’re never staring at a blank page for too long!

Best Features of Notion

notion planner logo
  • Automated task creation from meeting notes
  • Quick summaries and key takeaways
  • One-click writing improvements
  • All projects, docs, and tasks in one place
  • Useful pre-built AI templates


Similar to ClickUp, Notion AI is an add-on you can add to the main task management plan.

If you use a free Notion account and just want AI capabilities, the cost will be $10 per month. If you have a Plus or Business plan (which are recommended for teams depending on the size), you will pay an additional $8 per month (annually) for each member who enables the AI assistant.

5. Todoist

todoist ai task management tool preview

Best task manager with AI assistant

Todoist, the world-renowned task manager, serves as a centralized hub where you can declutter your mind and optimize your work and personal life.

After 16 years of being a staple in the planning industry, Todoist has expanded its functionality to include AI features that act like a virtual assistant designed to enhance your productivity and help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

Built with unique natural language recognition, Todoist lets you effortlessly manage your to-do list. Using handy shortcuts, you can simply type your task in just one line and Todoist will populate the deadline and priority, add reminders, and categorize it to the right project.

The real game-changer is Todoist’s AI Assistant, though it’s only available to Pro and Business users. If you have a goal but aren’t sure of the steps needed to achieve it, the AI Assistant can formulate a concrete list of tasks to break down that goal.

todoist ai task management process

For tasks that are a bit too vague, the AI Assistant comes to the rescue again. Utilize the “Make task more actionable” feature, and the AI will suggest ways to rewrite your task to make it more specific and achievable.

Additionally, for tasks that feel too overwhelming, Todoist’s AI Assistant can break them down into smaller, more manageable pieces.

Sometimes, all you need is a little guidance to cross the finish line. Todoist’s AI Assistant offers concrete tips for completing tasks, ensuring you’re always progressing toward your goals.

Best Features of Todoist

todoist is best online planner
  • Intuitive task creation using natural language
  • Automatically breaking down tasks with AI
  • Task suggestions for achieving specific goals
  • Turning abstract goals into SMART ones
  • Best and simplest UI on the market (based on my personal experience with multiple tools)


Todoist offers a free plan that I myself was using for several years before I could afford the Pro plan. However, to use AI features, you’ll need either a Pro or Business plan.

The Pro plan costs just $4 per month, while the Business plan is designed for team collaboration and costs $6 per user per month.

The good news? Todoist’s AI assistant is an integration that comes out-of-the-box with the Todoist subscription, so you don’t have to pay extra as opposed to ClickUp or Notion.

6. TimeHero

timehero ai task manager preview

Best AI task manager tool for teams

TimeHero offers a smart, dynamic approach to task management that goes beyond traditional due-date-oriented systems. It’s like having a sophisticated AI planning algorithm on your side, constantly fine-tuning your schedule based on task importance, urgency, and your availability.

If this description reminds you of Motion, that’s because they are indeed very similar. To me, TimeHero feels like a simpler and more intuitive version of Motion that is specifically designed for teams.

At its core, TimeHero does more than just remind you of when tasks are due – it practically orchestrates your day for you. It automatically plans daily tasks, projects, and recurring work you add to the inbox, and it adapts to changes in real time.

So if a sudden meeting pops up or a priority shifts, TimeHero adjusts your plan accordingly.

This AI task manager is also smart enough to keep you informed about project status and warn you about potential bottlenecks or delays, all without requiring constant update meetings. It lets you reallocate tasks and adjust workflows, ensuring that your team stays on track.

Best Features of TimeHero

timehero logo
  • Automatic task scheduling based on priorities
  • Adaptive planning that reacts to unexpected changes in real-time
  • Automatic risk detection and project forecasting
  • Team workload planning and progress tracking


TimeHero offers a Free 7-day trial that doesn’t require a credit card, so you can test the capabilities of this smart task manager for a week with no risk involved.

The monthly subscription starts at $4.60 per user, and this includes automatic scheduling. That said, expect to pay at least $10 if you want anything more than basic features, for example, recurring tasks, unlimited projects, or Slack integration.

7. Tability

tability ai task manager for goals

Best AI task manager for business goals

If you’re on the hunt for an AI-driven task manager that does more than just list out your chores for the day, Tability has a unique angle that might resonate with you.

This tool positions itself as an AI goal tracker, and it approaches task management with the big picture in mind.

For starters, it automates the creation of SMART goals and OKRs for you. You can just let it know your vague goal, and it will transform it into something more specific and measurable.

Then, Tability uses AI to suggest actionable steps that will help you meet those objectives faster, essentially turning your broad goals into a well-defined path forward.

tability tracking tasks and deadlines

The built-in Strategy Map ensures alignment across teams, helping you zero in on areas that require attention. And the automated weekly check-ins keep everyone accountable, so you don’t have to chase down updates manually.

In a nutshell, Tability offers a refreshing, AI-empowered take on task management, focusing not just on what you need to do but why you’re doing it and how best to get it done.

Best Features of Tability

tability ai logo
  • AI-driven SMART goal and OKR setting
  • AI generation of tasks and action items
  • Easy cascading of goals and dependencies
  • Automated weekly check-ins and reminders
  • Visual progress dashboards for real-time tracking of each team’s progress


Tability used to offer packages similar to Taskade, but they eventually changed to a pay-per-seat model that is more common in this industry.

The plans start at just $4 per user per month, and there is a Free trial to see what this AI task management tool is all about (no credit card required).

What is an AI task manager?

An AI task manager is a software tool equipped with artificial intelligence to automate, streamline, and optimize task management processes. Unlike traditional planners, which rely on manual input for organizing and prioritizing tasks, an AI task manager offers intelligent features that adapt to your work style and project needs.

How do AI task managers work?

AI task managers use various machine learning algorithms to make planning easier for you.

Different AI task managers can bring multiple unique capabilities to the picture in order to give you the full power of AI-powered day planning.

Some of these advanced planning tools can automatically schedule your day based on the upcoming deadlines and task priorities, and even adapt to your work habits over time.

For example, they might analyze the time you usually spend on specific kinds of tasks or observe deadlines and completion rates to provide intelligent suggestions.

Other AI task planners are able to break down your tasks into actionable steps, summarize big amounts of information, or generate action items for every team member based on meeting notes.

The introduction of AI algorithms brings a higher level of efficiency and intelligence to task management.

Why use an AI task manager app

When it comes to managing your tasks and projects, the capabilities of traditional task managers can often fall short, especially if you’re juggling complex tasks and tight schedules.

AI task managers go beyond simple to-do lists to offer a whole new level of automation and intelligence. Here’s why you might want to consider making the switch:

  • Auto-schedule your days: AI-powered task scheduler can automatically organize your day based on task priorities and impending deadlines, adjusting for unexpected in real time, stress-free.
  • Simplify your workload: AI can break down complex tasks into actionable steps and auto-generate tasks for team members based on meeting discussions or, say, quarterly goals.
  • Summarize information: Some task managers include AI assistant features that can summarize large volumes of data, saving you loads of time so you make decisions faster.
  • Become more productive: The AI algorithms are built to optimize and streamline various tasks, freeing you up to focus on tasks that require your unique skills and attention.
  • Avoid analysis paralysis: AI task management apps prevent you from getting stuck on choosing the next task by laying out your whole agenda in the most efficient order.

What makes a good AI task manager app?

Here are the criteria I considered to identify the best AI task managers:

  1. AI capabilities: The quality of machine learning algorithms and how effectively they assist in task management.
  2. User experience: A clean, intuitive interface that doesn’t require a steep learning curve.
  3. Unique AI use cases: Many task managers are copies of each other, so I only tested the tools that stand out in the crowd.
  4. Customization: The ability to tailor the app to fit individual or project-specific needs.
  5. Collaboration features: Options for team communication, shared tasks, and updates.
  6. Cost-effectiveness: Value for the price, considering the range and quality of features offered.
  7. Reliability: Consistent performance, timely updates, and strong customer support.

Of course, this list of the best AI task managers is somewhat subjective as it’s based on the results of my own tests and what I’m personally looking for in online planners.

You should always consider your specific goals and things like the size of your team, etc., to identify the best AI tool for you.

I also encourage you to test a couple of these apps yourself, as they all offer either a free trial or a free plan, and see which one works best for your needs.

Final thoughts on best AI task managers for 2024

There’s no denying the game-changing potential AI task managers bring to productivity. By now, this guide should have demystified how these intelligent tools are setting a new standard in task management.

If you’re aiming to catapult your performance and want a tool that evolves with you, there’s never been a better time to integrate an AI task manager into your workflow.

The future of productivity is automated, adaptive, and incredibly efficient. Why settle for anything less?

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