36 Best AI Productivity Tools to Stay Ahead In 2023

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Artificial intelligence has come a long way, and using AI tools for productivity makes a huge difference in our daily lives.

The world is rapidly changing, and if you haven’t tapped into the power of AI yet, you might be missing out on incredible opportunities to optimize your life and work.

Based on 50+ hours of extensive research and hands-on experience with dozens of useful software tools, I have curated a list of the 36 best AI productivity tools that will dramatically improve your efficiency and level up your goal success.

36 Handy AI Tools for Productivity to Stay Ahead In 2023

Top 3 AI productivity tools in 2023

Everyone has different needs, and there is no one-tool-fits-all.

At the end of the day, the best AI tool is the one that genuinely improves your productivity and saves you time, allowing you to get more done in a day and achieve your goals much faster.

If you want to explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence, try as many intelligent tools from this list as you can, and identify the ones that really make a difference in your life and work.

Based on my research and testing a bunch of tools, here are the top 3 AI tools that will help you be more efficient in 2023:

1st Pick
cope ai text logo


Unleash your creativity with Copy.ai, the AI-powered writing assistant that effortlessly generates compelling copy for your marketing campaigns, blogs, social media posts, and more.

Leverage their free plan to find the best use cases for your needs before buying!

2nd Pick
motion tool logo


Increase your productivity by 137% with Motion, an intelligent project planner that automatically organizes your days and schedules tasks so everything gets done on time.

What would you do if you had 14 extra hours every week?

3rd Pick


Create professional-looking graphics with Canva, the user-friendly graphic design tool that empowers you to create captivating visuals, beautiful presentations, and engaging social media content without any prior design experience.

Besides, their AI image generation is honestly impressive!

Now, let’s take a look at all the interesting AI-powered software tools that will help you be your most productive self in 2023 and beyond!

AI tools for personal productivity

Whatever you choose to do in life, personal productivity is crucial to stay ahead of the curve.

AI-driven tools have revolutionized the way we manage our time, tasks, and goals. These innovative solutions allow you to streamline your daily routine, minimize distractions, and stay focused on the bigger picture.

With personalized recommendations and adaptive learning, useful AI tools for personal productivity are transforming our processes, allowing us to achieve more in less time.

Here are the top tools that will help you supercharge your daily productivity and reach your full potential:

1. Motion

motion ai planner tool preview

Best AI tool for time management

Motion is an intelligent AI assistant that manages your calendars, to-do lists, and meetings, helping you prioritize and schedule your daily workload, meet deadlines easier and feel less stressed about work.

Letting Motion manage your daily schedule is a perfect example of how you can use artificial intelligence to boost productivity in 2023. It’s a relatively new tool that uses AI algorithms to find the ideal time for every task to get done, considering all your priorities, deadlines, and previous arrangements.

If you tend to get distracted easily and get overwhelmed by the amount of work, Motion will help you stay focused and always know what to do next.

2. Brain.fm

brainfm focus music website preview

Best AI tool to stay focused

Brain.fm is an amazing AI tool that offers background music for productivity. Backed by scientific research, this music stimulates your brain to keep your attention on the task while blending in into the background without distracting you.

Whenever you need to focus for long periods of time and block out the outside noise, put your headphones with Brain.fm on and get ready to nail that to-do list.

(20% off with the code JULIETY)

3. Notion

notion planning tool for productivity homepage

Best AI tool for personal productivity

Notion is a popular planning tool for students and professionals alike. It gives you a plethora of instruments to get organized and keep your life together.

From taking notes and tracking important tasks to collaborating on documents and projects, Notion is a must-have tool in 2023 to stay on track with your goals. And it has a free version that might be sufficient for many personal purposes!

They recently introduced an AI-powered assistant that can simplify your workflow by automating your time-consuming tasks. It can summarize information, write whatever you need to write, help finish your thoughts, explain difficult concepts, generate ideas, and more.

4. Todoist

todoist digital planner preview

Best AI tool for daily productivity

Todoist is a minimalist daily planner with an intuitive interface to manage all your work and personal projects in one place. It offers a simple way to quickly add and categorize tasks, set deadlines, and prioritize your work so you can always keep track of your progress in every area of life.

Todoist’s new AI assistant extension gives you an even bigger productivity boost to reach your goals faster. From automatically breaking your big tasks down into actionable steps to offering tips for approaching a difficult task, this smart tool comes to the rescue whenever you get stuck in your planning.

5. Sanebox

sanebox is an AI email assistant to keep inbox clean

Best AI app for email management

Sanebox is an AI email assistant that helps you keep your inbox under control. It automatically sorts all the emails you have, prioritizing them according to importance and the instructions you give it.

Since unorganized email is known to be among the biggest time wasters, having a tool that can take the load off you and helps you focus on what’s important is incredibly beneficial for your everyday productivity.

You can fully teach Sanebox assistant to your liking: for example, put emails from family members in a separate folder, keep all newsletters in one place, and keep the junk out of sight.

6. Canva

canva preview AI powered graphic design tool

Best AI-powered design tool

Canva is a powerful design tool you can use to make professional-looking graphics without a design degree.

From creating beautiful presentations and editing images and videos to making event invitations and social media ads, there is hardly any limit to Canva’s capabilities in 2023.

They recently introduced a bunch of AI features, including auto-generating engaging text for your graphics and creating impressive AI-generated images from a text prompt.

AI productivity tools for business

As businesses continue to evolve, maintaining an edge in the competitive landscape is critical.

Using AI-powered business productivity tools is the key to unlocking new levels of efficiency and effectiveness in your organization. These cutting-edge solutions automate repetitive tasks, optimize workflows, and facilitate decision-making by analyzing large volumes of data.

These advanced AI tools will empower your business and drive growth, innovation, and profitability like never before:

7. ClickUp

clickup online productivity planner preview

Best AI tool for project management

ClickUp is one of the best online project managers on the market in 2023. From personal projects to team collaborations, it streamlines the day-to-day processes for maximum efficiency.

ClickUp just introduced their new AI-powered assistant that has a set of tools to boost productivity and speed up your work even further. With features like summarizing and rewriting text in one click or generating action items and brainstorming ideas, it’s like welcoming another team member who never gets tired.

8. Tability

tability ai tool

Best AI tool for goal setting

Tability is an amazing AI goal-setting tool that makes achieving results easier!

Just tell it what you want, and it will automatically outline the steps, formulate SMART goals, and break them down into actionable tasks you can assign to your team members and track progress.

If you thought generative AI is only applicable to content creation and chatting with bots, you’ll be surprised by how much delegating simple administrative tasks to AI is able to increase productivity.

Tability will even notify you to check in with the team regularly and will auto-generate progress reports to share with clients or investors.

9. Ayoa

ayoa ai tool

Best AI mind mapping tool

Ayoa is the first AI platform for mind mapping. It supercharges your brainstorming and ideation process by offering a virtual extra brain that can continue whenever you get stuck.

It’s on my list of the best productivity tools because it can become your valuable sidekick and support your ideas 24/7. It also offers a free trial so you can play around with different features before committing to it.

From generating new ideas to finding solutions and explaining difficult concepts in a visual way, Ayoa is the number one mind-mapping solution to improve your productivity and creativity.

10. Copysmith

copysmith ai tool for productivity

Best AI writing software for small business

Copysmith is a unique AI content writing tool created with e-commerce in mind. It specializes in generating engaging product descriptions, and it can create hundreds of them in just a few clicks.

Copysmith integrates with popular store platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce, allows you to import and manage your whole product catalog, and even helps with SEO optimization for your product pages.

11. Beautiful

beautiful ai

Best AI presentation software

Beautiful is a powerful AI tool that will take your presentations to the next level.

By simply giving it short one-line prompts, you can create a beautiful presentation full of engaging slides in just a couple of minutes. Beautiful AI will generate charts and tables, write content, and create all kinds of unique slides with modern design and your company’s branding.

It also integrates with various collaboration tools, including Slack, Monday, and Google Drive, to improve your team’s productivity even further.

12. EaseText

easetext ai tool website

Best AI tool for audio transcription

EaseText is a modern AI tool that can improve your work productivity by transcribing speech to text in multiple languages.

It works completely offline to keep your data secure and is able to convert voices into text in real time. Whether you need to add a good-quality transcript to your Youtube video or podcast or create supporting text materials for educational videos, EaseText AI is your best bet.

13. Smith

smith ai tool website for business productivity

Smith.ai is a virtual receptionist for your business. By combining real live agents with the power of artificial intelligence, they take over your customer communications and handle them gracefully.

Smith agents can help you with answering calls and chat inquiries 24/7 and booking appointments, as well as summarizing and analyzing conversations and providing insights into your clients’ needs.

They can also make outreach calls on your behalf and follow up with your customers whenever necessary.

AI productivity tools for teams

Collaboration is the cornerstone of a successful team, and AI is taking teamwork to new heights.

AI-driven team productivity tools streamline communication, enhance collaboration, and facilitate seamless project management. With features such as real-time document editing, smart task assignment, and intelligent meeting transcription, these tools empower teams to achieve their collective goals more efficiently.

Here are the top AI tools available today that will take your team’s productivity to the next level and help your business achieve goals faster:

14. Tom’s Planner

toms planner ai tool for team productivity

Best AI tool for Gannt charts

Tom’s Planner is a minimalist AI day planning software to supercharge your business. Just give it a brief description of your project, and it will quickly generate a professional-looking Gannt Chart.

The charts are really intuitive and easy to manage. From moving the tasks around with simple drag-and-drop functionality to zooming in and out between daily and yearly overviews, you are able to easily keep track of your project’s progress and what each team member is working on.

Tom’s Planner is an affordable AI technology for small teams that want to step away from spreadsheets but avoid the complexity of expensive project management tools.

15. Scribe

scribe tool website

Best AI guide generator

Scribe is an extremely helpful time saver when you have to explain the same things over and over again.

From providing technical support and answering customers’ most common questions to creating training materials for colleagues and onboarding new team members, Scribe is an incredible AI tool to boost your productivity.

With Scribe, you can simply record an instruction video, and it will automatically generate a step-by-step guide with screenshots, documenting the process and highlighting the areas you clicked on. Then you can share it with all team members or whenever that same question comes up again!

16. Otter

otter assistant to make online meetings more productive

Best AI tool for online meetings

Otter AI is the most popular meeting assistant in 2023. It can join and transcribe your meetings in real time, record them, and summarize the discussion with convenient timestamps.

Otter will automatically capture shared slides so people who watch the recording later can easily understand the context. It literally saves you and your team hours of time every week that is better spent on more important tasks.

17. Wrike

wrike ai tool

Best AI tool for team productivity

Wrike is an all-in-one project management and collaboration platform that takes your team’s productivity to a whole new level.

With Wrike, you can prioritize and assign tasks, manage calendars, and see the project’s progress in various visual ways, including Gantt charts and analytics.

By working together in a single intuitive workspace, your team members can stay fully focused on business goals and achieve results faster.

18. Krisp

krisp tool website for noise cancelation

Krisp is the number one AI tool for removing background noise during online meetings. Its powerful noise cancelation capabilities can easily remove TV sounds when you work from home and random talk in the background if you choose to work from a coffee shop.

Krisp is an invaluable tool for remote and hybrid teams. No more keyboard clicks, barking dogs, children interruptions, or kitchen noises in your meetings – all non-essential sounds will be suppressed to eliminate distractions and ensure more professional communication.

AI tools for writing productivity

Writing could sometimes be a daunting and time-consuming process before AI came into the picture and changed everything.

AI-powered writing tools enhance creativity, improve writing quality, and significantly reduce the time spent on editing and proofreading. With features like content generation, SEO optimization, and alternative tone suggestions, these tools are revolutionizing the way we approach the written word.

Here are the best AI writing tools to unleash your inner wordsmith and create compelling content effortlessly:

19. Copy.ai

copy ai tool to maximize writing productivity

Best AI writing tool for productivity

Copy AI is a game-changer for content writing. It helps you meet deadlines and save time on tedious tasks by quickly generating high-quality written materials from your general ideas.

Whether you need to write a sales copy, create an engaging ad or social media post, generate product descriptions for your e-commerce store, or publish fresh content on your blog, Copy.ai has got you covered.

Their free plan gives you access to 90+ copywriting tools and allows you to generate up to 2000 words per month, so you can fully explore this AI writer’s capabilities before making a purchase.

20. Jasper

jasper ai website to write content faster

Best AI content creation tool

Jasper is a preferred AI writing tool for thousands of bloggers, including some of the successful content creators I know personally.

It’s great at generating both short-form and long-form content in seconds while preserving your brand’s voice.

From generating catchy headlines to writing full-blown blog posts, Jasper AI is a go-to tool for writers and content marketers who have a regular need for fresh quality content to keep a business thriving.

21. Neuronwriter

neuronwriter ai tool

Best AI tool for SEO

Neuronwriter is a smart SEO tool for content writers. It helps you write or update your articles with search engines in mind, which gives you a higher chance of ranking for your desired keywords.

I use it as a guideline to optimize my articles and secure better rankings. It’s much more affordable than other tools (for example, SurferSEO), and it helps me improve my blog’s content by suggesting related terms I haven’t thought to include.

Neuronwriter is one of the editing tools that can help you strengthen your position in SERPs: it dynamically shows the article’s optimization score compared to the competitors and everything your article is missing to beat them.

22. Copymatic

copymatic ai tool website

Best AI writing tool for long-form content

Copymatic is another powerful AI writer that can help you generate long-form content for your website in a couple of minutes.

From creating beautiful landing pages based on modern templates to writing high-quality blog articles in just a few clicks, it’s an incredibly helpful tool for boosting your productivity.

Copymatic will even source royalty-free images to supplement the content, helping you eliminate extra work and improve your publishing process.

23. Autorytr

autorytr ai tool

Autorytr is a relatively new player in the AI content writing field, but it has already won the hearts of quite a few bloggers and marketers.

Other than typical blog generation use cases, it uses AI and machine learning to transcribe your audio recordings and videos, create social media content and ideas, and even help you write marketing emails.

24. TextCortex

textcortex ai productivity assistant tool

Best AI writing assistant for productivity

TextCortex is not just a writing tool – it’s a powerful AI assistant that can really improve your workflow and boost productivity with all its smart features.

With TextCortex AI, you’ll be able to easily fight procrastination as it’s always ready to offer a helping hand when you are stuck with something.

With more than 60 AI writing templates, AI chatbots, and a handy browser extension, TextCortex offers an innovative solution that can really speed up your business growth.

AI productivity tools for marketing

The ever-changing digital landscape demands agile marketing strategies, and AI-driven marketing tools are the answer.

These advanced solutions enable marketers to analyze consumer behavior, optimize advertising campaigns, and generate personalized content at scale.

With AI at the helm, marketing productivity soars as teams can focus on creative and strategic initiatives while AI tools handle the heavy lifting.

Here are several game-changing tools that will redefine your marketing approach and help you stay ahead of the competition:

25. MarketMuse

marketmuse ai tool website

Best AI tool for a smart content strategy

MarketMuse is an AI-powered content intelligence and strategy platform designed to help content creators, marketers, and SEO professionals optimize their content for search engines and target audiences.

It provides an overview of your existing content, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses, and allows you to analyze your competitor websites to identify opportunities and gaps in your own content.

MarketMuse uses AI to generate suggestions on how to optimize your content, including keyword usage, content structure, and readability.

26. LeadPages

lead pages ai

Best AI tool for effective landing pages

LeadPages is a beautifully designed AI tool that allows you to easily create landing pages and websites that convert visitors into customers.

With the power of AI, you can generate engaging headlines in one click and A/B test everything with analytics insights. You can also customize your pages with a simple drag-and-drop editor.

LeadPages tool offers a variety of professional-looking page templates, including some pop-ups and alert bars that grab customer’s attention and nudge them to engage with your offer without annoying them.

27. ContextMinds

contextminds ai tool

Contextminds is a user-friendly tool that uses AI to make research and analysis tasks easier for you and your business. By processing large amounts of text data, it identifies patterns and gives you valuable insights to make smarter decisions.

With Contextminds, you can save time on research, as it finds you the most relevant keywords, creates content maps with unique ideas, and automatically generates content based on the research results.

This tool will help you work more efficiently, find new opportunities, and stay ahead of your competition.

28. Brand24

Best AI tool for brand awareness

Brand24 is an easy-to-use tool that helps you keep track of your brand’s online presence. It monitors mentions of your brand across the internet, including social media, blogs, and news sites.

With Brand24, you can quickly find out what people are saying about your brand and respond to any feedback or issues in a timely manner. This tool will help you protect your reputation, engage with your audience, and make better decisions based on the AI-powered insights it provides.

29. AdCreative

adcreative ai tool website

Best AI productivity app for social creatives

AdCreative is a convenient tool that uses AI to help you create eye-catching and effective ads for your business. It simplifies the advertising design process by generating unique ad concepts, text, and visuals that are tailored to your target audience and goals.

With AdCreative AI, you don’t need to be a professional designer or copywriter to create ads that resonate with your audience. This tool saves you time and effort, giving your marketing a boost with high-quality ads that stand out from the competition.

30. SocialBee

socialbee ai tool website

SocialBee is an AI app that simplifies managing your social media presence. It lets you schedule, categorize, and analyze your social media content across multiple platforms, all in one place.

By automating repetitive tasks, like scheduling and posting content, SocialBee frees up time for you to focus on engaging with your audience and creating high-quality content. The platform also provides you with insights into your content’s performance, so you can adjust your strategy for maximum impact.

31. Seamless

seamless ai tool

Best AI tool for sales prospecting

Seamless is an AI-powered tool that helps you find and connect with potential customers more easily.

It automates tasks related to lead generation, prospecting, and outreach, giving you more accurate and up-to-date contact information.

With actionable insights and CRM integration, Seamless lets you and your sales team work more efficiently. By taking care of time-consuming tasks and finding critical information on potential leads, Seamless allows you to stay focused on closing deals and building relationships.

AI tools for learning productivity

The future of learning is here, and it’s powered by AI.

AI-enhanced learning tools are transforming the educational landscape by providing personalized learning experiences, real-time feedback, and adaptive content.

Whether you’re a student looking to improve academic performance or a professional constantly seeking self-development, these tools can significantly improve your learning outcomes:

32. Grammarly

grammarly ai tool

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that makes it easier for you to create polished and professional content.

It checks your writing for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes, as well as offers suggestions to improve your style and clarity.

Whether you’re writing an email, a report, or a social media post, Grammarly will help you avoid mistakes and communicate more effectively.

I especially like their plagiarism checker and the Chrome extension that allows me to check my writing in WordPress, Gmail, and everywhere I go.

33. Blinkist

blinkist tool website

Blinkist is a handy app that lets you learn from the hottest non-fiction books when you don’t have the time to read them all.

It provides you with short, easy-to-understand summaries of key ideas from the books, so you can quickly grasp the main points and start implementing them for your life and business.

Blinkist is perfect if you’re short on time but want to keep learning and expanding your knowledge. With 5000+ titles to choose from, you’ll always have something new and interesting to read or listen to.

34. ChatGPT

chatgpt website

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot designed to make conversation and text generation simple and natural. It can help you write content, answer questions, or just have a friendly chat.

I absolutely had to include this tool in my list of best AI tools for productivity! Not only has it been helping me work for many months but it was also a catalyst for the invention and growth of many other productivity apps we enjoy using today.

With ChatGPT, you can save time on tasks like writing emails, creating social media posts, or generating ideas. I literally use it for everything now from helping me with blog content to practicing my conversational French!

35. Speechify

speechify ai tool site

Best AI tool for studying productivity

Speechify is an app that turns text into speech, making it easy for you to listen to articles, documents, or books while you’re on the go.

If you’re busy or have trouble reading for long periods, Speechify AI can help you learn and absorb information more comfortably.

With a variety of AI voice options and adjustable speeds, you can customize the listening experience to suit your needs.

36. Quillbot

quillbot website

Quillbot is a user-friendly paraphrasing tool that helps you rewrite sentences or paragraphs while maintaining their original meaning.

Whether you’re working on an essay, a report, or a social media post, Quillbot can help you find new ways to express your ideas. It’s perfect for improving your writing, avoiding plagiarism, or just finding a fresh perspective.

With Quillbot, you can make your writing more engaging and creative without spending hours trying to find the perfect words.

What are the benefits of using AI tools?

Incorporating AI tools into your daily routine can revolutionize the way you work, offering unprecedented levels of productivity and performance.

Here are the key benefits of AI tools for your productivity:

  • Time savings: AI tools automate repetitive tasks and streamline processes, giving you more time to focus on tasks that matter.
  • Improved decision-making: Artificial intelligence helps you make informed decisions based on accurate insights by analyzing large amounts of data quickly.
  • Enhanced creativity: AI-powered tools can spark inspiration and generate ideas, from building mind maps to creating full AI video clips from text, enabling you to think outside the box and innovate.
  • Personalization: AI tools adapt to your unique needs and preferences, providing tailored solutions to boost your personal and business productivity.
  • Better collaboration: AI-powered platforms improve communication and teamwork, making it easier to achieve shared goals efficiently.

Final thoughts on using AI tools to improve productivity

As we embrace the rapid growth of technology in 2023, it’s clear that AI is changing the way we get things done and AI tools are becoming an essential part of our daily lives, helping us to work smarter, save time, and improve our performance.

With these 36 handy AI productivity tools, you now have an arsenal of resources to stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape!

By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, you can streamline your workflow, optimize your content, and generate amazing results for your business.

Make sure to take advantage of these innovative tools to stay ahead of the curve, elevate your productivity, and conquer your goals in 2023 and beyond!

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