7 Best Online Planners To Be More Organized In 2023

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Are you tired of juggling multiple notebooks and calendars to stay organized? Say goodbye to paper clutter and hello to the convenience of online planners! With sleek designs, intuitive layouts, and cutting-edge features, these digital tools will keep you on track with your goals and motivated every step of the way.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the 7 best online planners that will help you get organized and stay on top of your daily tasks and to-do lists in 2023. From digital tools that streamline your daily routine to comprehensive planning apps that allow you to set and track your long-term goals, these planners ensure that you can achieve everything you set out to do.

Whether you are a freelancer juggling multiple projects, a creative entrepreneur, a student, an executive manager, or a busy mom, I’ve scoured the web to bring you the very best online planners available today. So go through this list of planners, choose one that fits your needs and can help you stay organized, and let’s make 2023 your most productive year yet!

What are the best online planners in 2023?

top pick
todoist is best online planner

Todoist – Best Online Planner For Personal Productivity

Not only is its interface sleek and user-friendly, but its advanced features, such as sub-tasks, recurring tasks, and priority levels, make it an indispensable tool for personal and business projects. Give Todoist a try, and see why it’s considered the best of the best!

After a thorough review, the 7 best online planners in 2023 are Todoist, SmartTask, Backlog, Clickup, Monday, Fantastical, and Planio.

Using one of these online planner apps is a game-changer for staying organized. With everything in one place, you can manage your schedule, to-do lists, and deadlines easily. It’s a great way to boost your productivity and simplify your life!

1. Todoist

Best online planner for personal productivity and small teams

todoist online planner preview


Todoist is a modern task management app that helps you organize your tasks, prioritize them, delegate them to others, and track your progress. It can be accessed online via a web browser, offline on most operating systems, or through the mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. You can even keep track of your tasks from your watch!

As the best online planner should, it helps you stick to your plans by breaking down larger projects into smaller, more manageable tasks, prioritizing them based on importance, and setting due dates and reminders. This clear view of your tasks saves you from feeling overwhelmed and improves your time management.

Additionally, Todoist provides a productivity tracking feature that lets you analyze your habits and identify areas for improvement, helping you work more efficiently. It also integrates with various other apps and services, making it a central hub for all task-related activities.


  • Quick Add feature for capturing and organizing tasks quickly
  • Recurring due dates for tasks that need to be done on a regular basis
  • Priority levels to highlight the day’s most important tasks
  • Assigning tasks to collaborators for sharing the workload
  • Personalized task views using boards, labels, filters, and themes
  • Integration with email, calendar, and files for centralizing all work in one place
  • Productivity visualizations to track progress and stay motivated
  • Integration with various apps and services, such as Google Calendar, Zapier, IFTTT, and Alexa


  • Free Plan: for up to 5 projects and up to 5 people per project!
  • Pro Plan: From $4 monthly for up to 300 projects and 25 people per project
  • Business Plan: From $6 per user monthly (for really big teams, this one has a 30-day trial)

Why is Todoist the best online planner?

Todoist has been my go-to online planner for several years now. I tried a bunch of other planning apps but always return to Todoist because it has literally everything I need (and I love its minimalist look and feel).

As someone who juggles multiple projects with Todoist, I no longer feel overwhelmed and instead have the reassurance that everything is neatly organized and accounted for. This allows me to focus and make strides in the areas of my life that bring me closer to my goals.

Personally, my favorite feature is the ability to add a task as a one-liner. It automatically recognizes the labels, dates, and priorities, and links the task to a specified project. It’s incredible how much time this saves!

todoist quick task add example

You can also do this through the Chrome extension without switching the context.

Here are the key areas in which Todoist is helpful, according to other real users:

  • It helps you stay organized
  • It declutters the mind and allows you to focus on important tasks
  • It improves productivity and reduces stress levels
  • It has advanced features like sub-tasks and recurring tasks that make it versatile
  • It helps you remember promises and meet deadlines
  • It makes managing a small business a breeze
  • It is great for making lists and collaborating at work
  • It provides insight into productivity patterns through a review of completed tasks

2. SmartTask

Best online planner for small business owners

smarttask online planner preview


SmartTask is designed to help businesses boost productivity and achieve their goals. Its intuitive interface and advanced features allow teams to collaborate seamlessly and stay on top of their tasks and deadlines.

SmartTask is an all-in-one online planner that lets you manage all aspects of your business, from sales and customer success to hiring new team members and project tracking, in one place.

With customizable views, powerful communication tools, and intuitive dashboards, SmartTask makes it easy to streamline your workflow, collaborate with your team, and keep your projects running smoothly.

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or part of a large team, SmartTask has everything you need to manage your workload and promote a healthy work-life balance. Plus, with a wide range of integrations and free training and setup by customer support, SmartTask is the perfect tool for any business owner looking to optimize their workflow and boost their productivity.

Key features of SmartTask for business planning

  • All-in-one platform for sales, customer engagement, team management, and projects
  • Customizable views to fit any team’s needs
  • Powerful chat and video conferencing to streamline communication
  • Recurring tasks, subtasks, custom statuses, and time tracking
  • Intuitive dashboards with real-time charts for tracking progress and potential problems
  • Workload view for distributing tasks evenly across the team
  • Smart project and action templates for repeatable steps
  • Integration with popular tools such as Google Calendar, Zapier, and Slack


SmartTask has a Free Forever plan with access to all features, which can be enough for a solopreneur or a small team. If you have a bigger team or want to make the most of customizations and advanced analytics, business and premium plans start at $7.99 per month.

Why is SmartTask the best online planner in 2023?

SmartTask stands out from other online planners with its unique features that enhance collaboration, efficiency, and organization. Some of the most impressive features are customizable views, chats and video conferencing, workload view, and the ability to replace all SmartTask branding with your own.

With SmartTask, you can work smarter, and not harder, by creating a system that works perfectly to save you time and satisfy all your business needs. Make sure to utilize the workload view feature to promote balance and prevent burnout in your team!

3. Backlog

Best online planner for digital creators and tech projects

backlog online planner preview


Backlog is an all-in-one planning and collaboration tool that helps you manage projects, tasks, code, bugs, and much more in a single online workspace. With built-in project management, bug and issue tracking, and code management, you can plan and deliver your best work all in one place.

Backlog offers features such as Gantt charts, task hierarchy, custom fields, issue templates, code repositories, wikis, and more. You can visualize and edit your project’s timeline, manage tasks through your workflow, and keep all related project files in one workspace. It’s perfect for teams who want everything they need under one roof to plan work, track progress, and release code with ease.

Key Features

  • Timelines with Gantt charts
  • Boards for managing tasks
  • Burndown charts (see the scope and how much time is left)
  • Bug and issue tracking with customizable workflows
  • Task hierarchy for better organization
  • Built-in code management with Git and SVN repositories
  • Drag-and-drop file sharing
  • Email integration for automatic issue creation
  • Differences viewer for verifying code updates


Unlike the other online planners, Backlog doesn’t charge per user. It has four pricing plans with a flat fee, starting with a Free plan for up to 10-people teams and going up to $175 per month if you want unlimited users and projects.

A fixed-price subscription model offered by Backlog allows you to focus on growing your business without worrying about costs increasing as your team grows.

Who is Backlog online planner best for?

Backlog is a versatile collaboration tool that is perfect for teams and organizations of all sizes and types. It is particularly useful for software development teams, as it offers built-in code management and issue-tracking features.

However, it can also be used by teams in other industries, such as marketing, creative, and project management, to plan and manage their work. With its customizable workflows, task hierarchy, and project tracking features, Backlog is designed to help teams streamline their work and improve their productivity.

4. ClickUp

Best online planner app for everyone

clickup online planner preview


ClickUp is one of the most popular user-friendly online planner tools in 2023. It claims to help you unlock the next generation of productivity by managing tasks, using real-time reporting, visual collaborations, and countless automation opportunities to organize your work.

ClickUp’s unique hierarchy allows for the creation of the perfect scalable structure for your business. The Everything view makes it easy to find anything you are looking for, and the customizable tasks with nested subtasks and checklists simplify complex projects.

ClickUp offers 15 different ways to review the scope and progress of your project, some of which are List View, Board View, Box View, and Gantt View. Everything can be easily customized to manage any type of project, with no code or add-ons required.

Highlights of Clickup planner

  • Efficiently manage projects of all sizes with ease
  • Create visually appealing documents and link them to relevant tasks
  • Set measurable goals to track progress and align work with business strategy
  • Foster team collaboration and bring ideas to life with visual aids
  • Monitor progress in real-time through comprehensive reporting
  • Customize your view with 15+ options to suit your needs
  • Organize roadmaps, sprints, backlogs, and more for a streamlined workflow
  • Manage product development from concept to launch
  • Keep all clients and team members in one place


ClickUp understands that everyone has different needs so it offers a variety of plans depending on your team size and the features you need. There is a Free Forever plan that provides quite a few useful features for unlimited team members. Other plans start from $5 per member monthly and grow from there.

pricing table for clickup online planner

What makes ClickUp the best online planner?

ClickUp is a really cool project management tool that offers a wide range of features for result-oriented goal-getters. With its user-friendly interface, customizable views, and robust integrations, ClickUp provides a seamless and efficient experience for managing projects of any size, from ideation to release.

From beautiful docs to visual collaboration, real-time reporting, and comprehensive task management capabilities, ClickUp has everything you need to stay organized and on track, all in one centralized platform. Whether you are a small team or a large enterprise, ClickUp is the perfect solution for all your planning and workflow-related needs.

5. Monday

Best online planner for focused teams and individuals

monday online planner preview


Monday is an online planning tool that helps teams plan, organize and track their work. The platform is designed to be easy to use and intuitive, with an emphasis on visual organization.

With over 200 customizable templates, 30+ column types, and eight different data visualizations, you can create workflows that suit your team’s specific needs. There are also commonly used features like automation, file sharing, and integration with over 40 different tools to simplify your work and increase productivity.

Besides work management and planning, Monday offers separate solutions for sales management, marketing, software development, and more.

Key Features of Monday include:

  • Over 200 templates to choose from
  • 8 different project views, including Kanban, Calendar, Timeline, and Workload views
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices
  • Automation for routine tasks
  • Integration with over 40 different tools, including Excel, Gmail, Zoom, and Slack
  • 24/7 live support


Similar to Clickup, Monday.com offers a variety of plans for different business needs. From a Free Forever plan for solopreneurs (allows up to 3 projects and you can later bring a second person on board!) to customized solutions for huge enterprises, there is something for everyone.

Their most popular plan is aimed at medium teams, includes Gantt chart visualizations, and costs $10 per person if you pay annually.

Monday allows you to try every plan for 14 days without linking your credit card. They don’t need to trick you – they know their product is awesome and you’ll want to stay.

Why is Monday the best online planner in 2023?

If you are looking for a reliable and versatile online planner that is highly customizable and scalable, I highly recommend checking out Monday! Its user-friendly interface, the vast variety of project management features, and seamless integrations with other tools make it a great option for individuals and teams alike.

By 2023, 100.000+ teams and creatives all over the world already chose Monday to increase their effectiveness. With its visually appealing design and powerful collaboration capabilities, you’ll be able to stay organized and productive like never before!

6. Fantastical

Best planner app for personal and family productivity

fantastical online planner preview


Fantastical is a powerful digital planning tool that seamlessly syncs across all your devices, including Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch, and offers an award-winning design with a beautiful and user-friendly interface.

With powerful DayTicker and Calendar views, you can quickly review your day, week, month, quarter, or even the whole year to get a bigger perspective. Additionally, this digital planner app allows you to save time on repetitive activities by creating event and task templates in one click.

Managing daily tasks without distractions has never been easier! Fantastic helps you maximize productivity by using smart filters according to your defined project focus.

Highlights of Fantastical planner

  • Scheduling and task management
  • Focus filters for personalized calendar views
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Beautiful and user-friendly UI
  • Conference call detection and integration with 30+ services
  • Multiple calendar views
  • Event and task templates for quick scheduling
  • Integrates with Todoist (mentioned number 1 best online planner on this list)


Fantastical is designed for personal use so you’ll have to contact them directly for business options. It has two easy monthly plans for one-person and family productivity, starting with less than five dollars per month. They also offer a 14-day free trial if you want to test the waters first.

fantastical app pricing for personal and family productivity

Why is Fantastical on the list of best online planners?

If you are looking for a feature-rich but easy-to-use planner that seamlessly integrates across all your devices, Fantastical is a great choice. It has an appealing and intuitive user interface and offers a wide range of features including task planning, event scheduling, conference call integrations, and even weather forecasts.

Its powerful views and task templates make it easy to plan and complete projects, while its focus filters help you prioritize what’s important right now. With Fantastical, you’ll never forget an important task or event again!

7. Planio

Best online planner for startups

planio online planner preview


Planio is an online project administration platform that helps teams manage their projects, stay organized, and work more efficiently. It is designed to be a one-stop shop for all project-related activities, including project planning, issue tracking, version control, help desk, documentation, and team chats.

Planio streamlines project management by providing users with easy access to all relevant information, such as tasks, issues, git commits, wikis, and documents, all in one place, saving time and effort in searching for information and ensuring that everyone on the team is on the same page.

This online planner supports modern agile management techniques like Scrum and Kanban, allowing teams to plan sprints, and track progress on agile-friendly boards. This makes Planio more popular among tech startups and developers, even though it still allows you to use more traditional project management techniques such as Gantt charts and waterfall models.

Planio Highlights

  • Track issues, tasks, and bugs with configurable information and powerful workflows
  • Use version control for files and code to track changes and collaborate effectively
  • Keep all team files and documents in one place with synced access
  • Create a customizable wiki to store information, discuss ideas, and onboard new team members
  • Collaborate and discuss updates with team members in a dedicated chat
  • Use agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban
  • Stay updated and manage tasks on the go with the mobile app


Similar to Backlog, Planio charges a flat rate so your planner cost doesn’t grow with each new team member. They have four subscription options, starting from the $25/month Silver plan with up to 3 projects and 5 users, and all the way to the $199/month Platinum plan that allows 40 projects and up to a 45-people team.

planio planning tool price options

Why is Planio one of the best online planners?

Planio is an excellent choice for startups looking to manage their projects more efficiently. With customizable issue tracking, version control functionality, file syncing, chats, and support for agile project management methodology, Planio provides a comprehensive platform for managing tasks and tracking progress.

Plus, with its accessibility from anywhere and mobile app, it’s perfect for startups on the go, or for digital nomads trying to be more organized. Whether you are a one-person team or an established business owner, Planio will help you stay organized, plan your workflow, and get better results.

Personally, I find the interface a little outdated so Planio wouldn’t be my first choice, but you can always try it yourself and see if it fits your needs!

What is an online planner?

An online planner is a digital web-based app that helps you manage all your projects and daily tasks in one place. It combines the best features of a project management tool, a daily planner, a time tracker, and more. It helps you stay organized, track your progress, and be more productive every day.

You can create to-do lists, track deadlines, and assign tasks to team members, all while having access to the information from anywhere with an internet connection. A good online planner can save you lots of time by keeping your projects neatly organized and making sure you stay focused and on track with your goals.

Make sure to try one or several of my top picks for the best online planners and start planning for success today!

Is an online planner better than a paper planner?

An online planner has many advantages over a paper planner, such as the ability to access your information from anywhere, an option to collaborate with team members, and convenient reminders about task updates and upcoming deadlines.

In an online planner, you can easily update the information, label tasks, and remove old tasks out of sight, which is either time-consuming or impossible with a paper planner.

Some of the features that make online planners awesome are time tracking, reporting, analytics, and switching between different project views in one click, none of which are available with a paper planner.

That being said, some people still prefer the simplicity and tactile experience of using a paper planner. It really comes down to personal preference and what works best for you. However, if you are looking for a tool that can help you stay organized, productive, and connected with your team, then an online planner might be worth considering.

Personally, I used both paper and digital planners over the years, and still use paper-based productivity tools alongside apps sometimes. The idea is to find a system that helps you be more organized, work faster, and feel motivated to work on your goals, regardless of their shape or form.

Final thoughts on finding the best online planner

All these seven best online planners are great tools for task management in 2023. Any one of them can help you become more organized and productive if you take responsibility for your projects and commit to your goals.

Choose a planning tool that suits your needs and start using it consistently. Don’t get caught up in analysis paralysis or it will become your new way of procrastination. Remember, the best online planner is the one you use!

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