Brain Pod AI Writer: Is It Worth It? The Only Honest Review

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As an experienced blogger and content creator who writes about AI and productivity, I often try new tools that have the potential to help me and my readers work faster.

I’ve read enough positive reviews about Brain Pod AI writer to be intrigued, so I bought and tested this tool myself – and described my whole experience in this post, with a detailed overview, screenshots, and results.

Quick answer: No, Brain Pod is not worth it

Based on my tests, I would NOT recommend Brain Pod AI writer for content creation. You can see my reasons, output examples, and recommended alternatives below. If the tool gets better in the future and my opinion changes, I’ll be sure to update this page.

What is Brain Pod AI?

brain pod ai writer website

Brain Pod AI is an artificial intelligence-based writing tool designed to assist with the content creation process, primarily for bloggers, content creators, and marketing teams.

As an AI writer, it aims to accelerate the production of high-quality text, allowing you to focus more on generating ideas rather than wasting time writing every word yourself.

Brain Pod AI tool dashboard

My first impression was actually very good: it has a beautiful design, a one-click switch between light and black theme (with some minor UI bugs), and a promising dashboard.

brainpod ai dashboard

But the more I tried to use it, the less intuitive and buggy I found it. For example, you can see on the picture that the token usage view is empty – and it still shows nothing after a few weeks, even though there are several documents created.

The quantity of tokens left is reflected on the dashboard, but the token usage statistic remains a mystery to me.

The best and the worst of Brain Pod AI writer

To quickly sum up all my impressions before we go into the detailed review, here is what I like and don’t like about the BrainPod AI tool:

What I like

  • Design and black theme
  • 50+ template ideas
  • Lifetime deals
  • SEO-optimization
  • Plagiarism check
  • Multilingual support
  • Integrations with Zapier, Pabbly, and more
  • Direct import to WordPress

What I dislike

  • Really bad content quality (the only thing that really matters)
  • Can’t input a prompt
  • Context is way off
  • No understanding of search intent
  • Non-intuitive interface
  • Really bad image generator
  • Misleading promises
  • Laggy and buggy overall

I should clarify that some of the green things in there are more about the promise of a useful feature and the idea of having it than the actual feature performance.

What can Brain Pod AI do?

While the main purpose of Brain Pod AI is content writing, it can do more than just write.

One of its key features includes AI optimization, which is intended to help improve Google search rankings. The tool also comes with a built-in SEO mode for enhanced search engine visibility, which appeared to be one of the hidden modes inside the editor.

What can Brain Pod AI do features

Moreover, Brain Pod AI offers an AI Image Generator, which is supposed to create beautiful images from text input, a feature designed to aid in the production of creative content. (Spoiler alert: it’s not good at this either)

To further diversify its offerings, Brain Pod AI also includes an AI Music feature. This unique tool creates sounds based on a text prompt, offering a variety of genres and artist styles in raw audio format.

☹ Despite these features, my initial impression of Brain Pod AI is less than favorable.

At the current level of output it provides, and with the amount of editing it requires to make it acceptable for publishing, it is the opposite of the promised streamlining content creation. For me, it would actually create more work instead of saving time.

Before we go into writing and image examples, let’s look at the specific use cases for the Brain Pod AI tool.

BrainPod AI writer

It is not quite obvious, but you are supposed to go to Workflows, and you’ll find several options of what you can do there and even a how-to that walks you through the process.

brainpod ai features

Alternatively, you can go to Templates -> All Templates from the Dashboard menu to see all 50+ things you can do with Brain Pod, all neatly categorized depending on your field of work.

Available categories in Brain Pod AI writer:

  • Social Media
  • Emails
  • Marketing materials
  • Advertisement
  • Product information
  • Video
  • Content

Writing use-cases for content creators

The first section that I cared to check out as a blogger is, of course, the Content section.

brainpod templates for content writing

All typical use cases you need for writing are there, such as Blog Post Outline, writing an intro or conclusion paragraph, sentence expander, and content improver.

There are some creativity-boosting templates, such as Blog Post Topic Ideas and Creative Story. It also offers quite a few unique use cases I haven’t seen in other tools, for example, Cover Letter and Quora Answers.

Weirdly, some descriptions are cut off, with no way to read them fully. Just one of the many bugs I stumbled upon.

brainpod cutoff descriptions

Writing use-cases for video creators

If you are looking to elevate your video creation with AI, there are five things BrainPod AI attempts to help you with: coming up with video topic ideas, writing video titles and descriptions for Youtube, as well as generating video script outlines and catchy introductions.

brainpod templates for video creators

Writing use cases for social media

As you can see in the picture, there are four types of social media posts Brain Pod can write: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

brainpod templates for social media

Other interesting AI writing templates BrainPod has

  • AIDA Framework and PAS Framework for marketers
  • Ridiculous Marketing Ideas – make your marketing less boring
  • Persuasive Bullet Points – potentially helpful for landing pages
  • Explain It To a Child – rephrase the text for easier understanding
  • Email Subject Lines and Personalized Cold Emails
  • Feature To Benefit
  • Text Summarizer
  • Quora Answers

I obviously haven’t tried all 50+ templates, so if you need a specific use case, feel free to check it out yourself.

BrainPod AI image generator

If you go straight from the menu to Create an Image, it’s not particularly clear what you are supposed to do. Maybe it’s just me.

brainpod AI image generator

Alternatively, you can click on AI Image Generator when you are in writing mode, and that flow is much more intuitive, leading you through the prompts and options required to generate an image.

BrainPod AI music generator

While I’ve been a professional writer for 15+ years and can tell the difference between well-written content and bad one, I’m not an expert on music, so I’m leaving the music part out of this review.

What makes Brain Pod stand out among other AI writing tools?

Brain Pod stands out in the ocean of AI writing tools because of its bright and fun colors and design that seems to be more targeted at an audience of young professionals.

It definitely draws attention and sparks the interest of bloggers and content creators thanks to the wide variety of features, SEO optimization toolkit, and bulk article generator that promises to churn out up to 2000 articles in one go.

how brain pod stands out among writing tools

Brain Pod AI tool pricing

BrainPod AI writer offers two payment options:

1) Usual subscription model

Like most of the other AI-based content writing tools, Brain Pod has several price points depending on the monthly allowance of tokens for text generation. (I’ll explain how tokens are calculated below)

brainpod ai pricing plans
  • The cheapest Starter Package starts at $29.99 per month and gives you 15,000 tokens, 3 opportunities to reclaim tokens if the output is not satisfying, and 3 search credits for SEO. Note that it only includes text-writing tools.
  • If you pay $59.99 monthly, you get 50,000 tokens, 5 search credits, and 5 token reclaims. This is called Premium Package and adds access to the text-to-speech feature on top of writing capabilities.
  • Pro Package gives you 100,000 tokens, 10 search credits, and 10 token reclaims for $99.99 monthly. Additionally, it gives you unlimited access to royalty-free images and allows you to bring 5 team members on board.
  • Finally, the Ultimate Package costs $149.99 and gives you 200,000 tokens, 20 search and reclaim tokens, and 12 team members. It is also the only subscription plan that includes the AI image generator feature.

All plans include multilanguage writing with DeepL integration and the plagiarism-checking feature with Copyscape integration.

PRO tip

If you choose to pay yearly regardless of the package, you not only get a discount but also some extra credits and tokens to play with.

2) Pay-per-use model

What makes Brain Pod different from some other content generators is that it offers a pay-per-use model as an alternative to subscription plans.

It means you can sign up for free, make a deposit to cover your future needs, and will only be charged depending on the number of tokens you use.

To be completely honest, the token cost is not exactly clear to me, and they don’t explain it on the website, aside from saying that it’s 90% cheaper than what their competitors offer. As I understand, different features require different numbers of tokens, so I don’t think you can predict exactly how much you’ll end up paying.

How many tokens do you need?

If you are wondering what on earth a token is, here is the first-hand explanation from Dan Kerns, the founder of Brain Pod AI writer:

brainpod tokens explained
Source: AppSumo page for Brain Pod AI

Why is this the only honest review of Brain Pod AI?

I was really excited about the Brain Pod AI writing tool after reading all the 5-taco reviews from their AppSumo deal. Many people are calling it “amazing,” “revolutionary,” “really great,” and even a “game-changer.”

So I bought it, thinking it would help save me some time by bulk-creating articles that I would then polish and publish.

But the more I tested it, the more disappointed I felt.

It didn’t even come close to the quality I am used to from ChatGPT-4 and other AI writing tools I’ve been using every day for a while now.

But the reviews were so raving – I started to think that maybe I’m using it wrong.

So I went to Youtube and watched a bunch of other BrainPod reviews. And then went to Google and read a bunch of articles about this “amazing” Brain Pod AI writer.

Basically, I went on a quest to figure out what I was missing.

After doing all that, I realized that pretty much none of the other reviewers actually used the tool!

Almost everyone is using the clips and screenshots from Brain Pod’s own demo, creating an impression that it’s a great tool. Sadly, it’s not apparent to users unless you’ve seen the demo itself.

I only found one video where the guy actually showed this tool in real-time use and had pretty much the same impression as I did (kudos to him).

Funnily enough, all of the articles Google found are of the same awful quality – I even wonder if they are written by Brain Pod AI writer…


I decided it’s my duty to share the real honest review of Brain Pod AI to save other people from wasting money on it.

But hey, I’ll stop venting now and let you see for yourself – I’ve got screenshots!

Note that I have very high standards because I have been writing
for many years, and I saw what other AI writers are able to do.

If you find this content quality acceptable, feel free to use the BrainPod AI tool, and don’t mind me. I’m just sharing my opinion here and hope it helps someone avoid making a bad decision and investing in the wrong tool.

Examples of Brain Pod AI writer in use

Yeah, you finally get to see the part you probably came for: examples of using Brain Pod AI for actual writing!

Creating a Blog Post Outline with Brain Pod AI

To start with something simple, I asked Brain Pod AI to write me an outline for this article:

brain pod tool article outline prompt

I figured that it at least has some information to present itself. Boy, was I wrong!

Here is what I got (the beginning of it):

brain pod ai article outline

Clearly, Brain Pod writer didn’t understand the context at all. It generated the outline that has nothing to do with the tool, nor with AI in general, and is mostly about the brain and a healthy lifestyle.

Funny that it can’t even write about itself, isn’t it?

Just for a quick comparison, here is how ChatGPT offered to start the same article:

chatgpt article outline about brainpod

Even though GPT’s knowledge cuts off in 2023, before Brain Pod was even created, it is smart enough to understand what AI writer means and what the article about it is supposed to look like.

Ways to generate an article with Brain Pod AI writer

Brain Pod offers several ways to approach article generation:

  • Article Workflow: A step-by-step routine before article generation
  • 1 Click Article: A full article generated based on a broad title you provide
  • Document Editor: A hands-on process where you can generate content in pieces by using various templates like intro, conclusion, and more
  • Bulk Article Generation: A super fast content creation process where you can get a ton of articles generated from one request (if you have enough tokens)
brain pod ai writer options

Writing an article with Brain Pod AI: Article Workflow

A popular choice is an article workflow that walks you through several steps to input keywords, describe the context, optionally generate a title, choose the tone, and then generates an article for you based on all that input.

To test it, I asked Brain Pod AI writer to generate an article for the keyword “accountability partner checklist” I was planning to write. I gave it a thorough description of what I wanted to see in it, almost maxing out on 600 available characters.

Here is the output (you can right-click and open it in a new tab if it’s too small to read):

brain pod ai article workflow

What’s wrong with the output?

I mean, the better question would be: what’s right with the output? (Hint: nothing)

  • First of all, it gave me less than 100 words when I expected an article.

I am not even sure what I was supposed to do next. Press compose again and again with the same input?

  • Second of all, the output itself has nothing to do with my topic.

I am writing an article about accountability partners, which might be either about finding the right accountability partner or about being a good accountability partner yourself. Even though I explained what I wanted in the description, either of these two angles would be acceptable.

Instead, Brain Pod spat out a paragraph about the job search industry and how to choose the right candidate for a position. Here is one of the sentences:

The format is often a table of contents with questions and/or descriptions within the table of contents.

Did I mention that it makes no sense?

  • As if the first two weren’t enough, the output is full of junk and errors.

There are random numbers in the text. Spaces are missing in-between sentences.

Clearly, BrainPod pulls the information from somewhere on the web, not even doing a good job of putting it together properly.

Writing an article with Brain Pod AI: 1 Click Article

By this point, I didn’t expect much from the Brain Pod AI writing tool anymore, but I still wanted to see what the one-click article generator was capable of.

The first problem with this tool is that all you can give it is the title.

I believe that without giving AI writer a detailed prompt, you can’t expect good quality output that is also unique and adapted to your tone and preferences.

Whatever AI tool you work with, if 10 people were to input the same title or keyword, it will likely give a very similar output unless you can give it a proper prompt with your personalized guidance and expert opinions.


If you want to build a website that will please Google and get decent traffic for years to come, I wouldn’t even consider publishing one-click generated articles.

Anyway, this time I asked Brain Pod AI writer to create a one-click article based on the title “how to make yourself more accountable.”

Here is the output (you can right-click and open it in a new tab if it’s too small to read):

brain pod ai one click article

This time it created a 1000-word article, which is a step up from the 100-word output from the Article Workflow.

Sadly, the content itself is still bad. You can read for yourself: it feels like a bunch of random sentences slapped together.

While this time it’s at least somewhat close to the topic I gave it, it doesn’t really answer the question in the title. There are no clear steps, just random information on several topics somewhat related to accountability.

Also, one of the subheadings appears in the article twice, with different content under it, but this doesn’t surprise me anymore.

Again, there are mistakes and things like random numbers and symbols all over.

brainpod inserts random numbers in the text
brainpod writing is full of trash

Is Brain Pod writing plagiarism free?

Even though BrainPod’s output is unusable for my purposes, I decided to check its writing for plagiarism, first with their own tool.

As you can imagine, it didn’t go well. In fact, it didn’t work at all.

brainpod plagiarism checker

So I took the output to Grammarly plagiarism checker, and it showed 16% of plagiarism.

Now, that shows to me that Brain Pod is rewriting the content it finds, so it’s at least not identical to the sources. However, 16% for a thousand-word article is still extremely high. I usually get no more than 1-3% when I write naturally and up to 5-6% max if I use alternative AI generators.

So here goes another Brain Pod AI’s failure.

Brain Pod AI Writer in SEO mode

BrainPod AI editor has 5 modes you can use during writing: Normal mode, Power mode, SEO mode, Writer mode, and Text to Speech mode.

SEO mode is particularly interesting for content creators whose goal is to bring organic traffic to their websites. So it’s really nice to see this unique feature in an AI writing tool.

Let’s see how it works.

If you generate a new article with Brain Pod or open one of the existing ones in My Content, you will see the editor. To the left, there are tabs to switch between writing modes.

The third one is SEO mode:

brain pod ai seo mode

All you need to do is input your target keyword and press the Create button.

The process takes some time, and you have to make one more click to see the results when it’s done with the SEO search (again, not obvious).

Remember that this feature is very limited, so use it wisely. For example, I only get 3 monthly searches included in my plan.

Here is how BrainPod’s SEO tool looks:

seo optimization brain pod ai

I tested it with the first “article” I generated through Article Workflow before. (As you can see, it gave its own output the SEO score of 11.)

I only used one keyword for the SEO search, but I think you can give it several at a time, too.

The layout is clear and promising, but the suggestions themselves are not very good quality. Most of them are one-word keywords, and many don’t even make sense.

For example, it wants me to use “Matt” and also include “4 apps” 18 times, which is ridiculous.

I’ve had experience with great SEO tools before, for example, with Surfer SEO and Neuronwriter, and this is very far from what I expect from a good-quality SEO tool.

If you click on any keyword, it will show you so-called examples of use, which also looks to me like random stuff that is not helpful at all.

seo examples of use brain pod ai

There is also a list of headings Brain Pod recommends you to include, which look like they were bluntly stolen from someone else’s articles.

Here are some of the headings it suggested (keep in mind that my article is about accountability partners):

brain pod seo headings suggestions

Finally, the keyword tool doesn’t show how many times the word is already used, as other tools do, it only indicates whether it’s enough with red or green color.

Funnily enough, the colors also don’t work correctly.

For example, it was saying I needed to use “goals” 4-11 times. When I added the word “goals” 4 times, it didn’t turn green, but it did when I added it 5 times, which looks like another bug with the boundary values in the algorithm.

SEO Tool to use instead
neuronwriter logo


This is the tool I use to optimize my articles for SEO. It’s easy to use, insightful, and all the keywords make sense.

They also recently introduced the WordPress extension, which I’m particularly happy about as it allows me to optimize as I write without copying or importing the content.

If BrainPod were ever to match Neuronwriter’s level, there is surely a long road ahead.

Generating an AI image with the Brain Pod tool

Now, let’s look at the AI image generator BrainPod offers.

I am sure you can tell that I did not expect much by this point, but it appeared to be even worse than I anticipated.

So in the editor, you click on the AI Image Generator button, and it opens an area to the left where you can input your prompt and some other guidelines to generate an image.

brain pod image generator ai tool

I needed a featured image for my article about AI email assistants, so I tried to generate it with Brain Pod. Here is what I gave it:

  • Prompt: cute robot assistant typing on a laptop
  • Style: illustration
  • Mood: cheerful
  • Keywords: ambient light (first option from the dropdown)
  • Inspiration: Pixar (one of the options)

And here is the image BrainPod AI generated. If that’s how they think Pixar looks like, then I don’t even know what to say…

I’ll let you evaluate the image quality for yourself.

brain pod ai generated image
Brain Pod AI generated image

And what is there in the middle? Looks suspiciously similar to the Dreamstime watermark to me… (If you don’t know, Dreamstime is a big player in the stock photos industry)

Just for the sake of comparison, here is what I generated with Canva AI tool earlier with a similar prompt (without mentioning Pixar):

image created with Canva ai
Canva AI generated image

I actually ended up using this image for my article with some personal touch. You can try Canva here, it’s legit one of my favorite tools of all time.

Can Brain Pod AI really generate 2000 articles at once?

The last thing we’ll be looking at today for this Brain Pod AI review is the Bulk Article Generator.

Even though I personally prefer a more hands-on approach to my blogging, I feel like this is the feature that drives most people’s interest, so I peeked at it as well.

Everywhere you look, they say how they have this amazing bulk generator that can write up to 2000 articles at a time for you.

brain pod ai writer bulk generator

Now, if you still had faith in Brain Pod AI writer, this next thing will come as a disappointment. (Sorry)

When you enter the Bulk Article Generator, it appears that you can only insert up to 250 keywords (one keyword = one article) and not the promised 2000.

brain pod ai writer bulk generator limitation

You can also choose the desired length of the article, for which you have 3 options.


Be mindful of the article length: 1500 words and “2500 words or more” are very different in terms of the number of credits you will lose per article.

The Verdict: Is Brain Pod AI writing tool worth it?

If you read the whole thing, you surely have the answer by now.

Brain Pod AI writer is NOT a good quality AI writing tool. It generates awful content, doesn’t deliver on promised features, fails at image generation, and is overall buggy and non-intuitive.

I mean, if you want to create a junk website that will never rank on Google, or at least not for long, go for it.

But if you want to build a legit business with great content that both search engines and your users will appreciate, I’d rather look at the alternatives.

Brain Pod AI writer’s alternatives

These are the best Brain Pod alternatives I know for content writing in 2024:

best Choice
Koala Writer
koala writer ai logo
Second best
copy ai text logo
third best
copymatic logo ai

For SEO optimization, you can’t go wrong with either Surfer SEO or Neuronwriter.

And there are plenty of superior tools for image generation you can try if you need beautiful images to supplement your content.

Wrapping up

This concludes my review of Brain Pod AI writer and image generator!

I wish they just focused on writing first and not tried to do all the things at once, including images and music.

It’s similar to restaurants: if you want good sushi, you usually have a better chance of finding them in a dedicated sushi place, or a Japanese bar, as opposed to the global cuisine restaurants where there are burgers, pizza, sushi, and borshch at the same time.

There are always exceptions, but sadly, Brain Pod is not one of them.

From the quality of the content itself to the UI/UX bugs I found every step of the way, BrainPod ended up being a huge disappointment for me.

That said, I know it’s still early. The tool only came out a few months ago and has good potential – sadly, it isn’t able to deliver good-quality writing at this point.

If Brain Pod ever changes for the better and starts producing an acceptable quality of content, I might give it another try and update this article. In the meantime, you are better off with the alternatives I mentioned above.

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