20 Best Chrome Extensions For Productivity I Use In 2024

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If you’re anything like me, you spend a good chunk of your workday on a web browser, and Chrome is likely your go-to. But are you making the most of it and using any of the best Chrome extensions for productivity? Or are you just winging it, trying to find your way through dozens of browser tabs?

The right extension can save you a ton of unnecessary clicks and actions per day, put your most used apps directly into your toolbar, and create a calm, focused environment that is free of distractions. I’m about to share with you my list of the top 20 Chrome extensions that I personally use to stay productive in 2024.

Let’s get this out of the way: This isn’t a generic list slapped together after a quick Google search. I’ve put in the time and the trials, and only the extensions that have passed my rigorous testing and stayed with me through the years have made the cut. And believe me, my bar is high.

15 Chrome Extensions That Explode My Productivity

Do I really use ALL these extensions?

Indeed I do. At the very least, I have them all in my Chrome browser as I’m writing this. A couple of them are interchangeable task managers I’ve been testing for several months, so you don’t necessarily need them all at once.

Here is a screenshot of all the productivity extensions I currently have in Chrome:

my Chrome extensions for productivity

I obviously had to unpin many of them to make this screenshot. Most of the time, I only have a handful pinned, and the rest work in the background or are accessed on demand from the dropdown because I don’t need to interact with them every day.

I also prefer the minimalist approach to my workspaces where I only see the essential tools in front of me, with the least amount of distractions possible.

The only one productivity extension from this list I don’t currently have in Chrome is Noisli – and I explain why later in the article (and what I use instead).

That said, I am not telling you to go download 20 new Chrome extensions – this will likely make your browser even messier than before, which is the opposite of becoming more productive.

However, I encourage you to identify several of the most common actions in your day-to-day workflow and see if there is an extension on this list that can help you save time or become more focused.

What are the best Chrome extensions for productivity in 2024?

1. Checker Plus for Gmail

checker plus chrome extension for gmail

Best Chrome extension for email management

Checker Plus for Gmail is a powerful Chrome extension that brings the most important features of Gmail right to your toolbar. No need to sift through multiple tabs or get lost in the Gmail interface; this extension keeps you focused and on track.

The Checker Plus extension will instantly notify you when there is a new email (which you can limit by using Do Not Disturb mode during your focus hours).

You can read, archive, delete, and even reply to emails right from the extension, which eliminates context switching and makes email management a less time-consuming experience.


  • View emails without opening Gmail
  • Delete, archive, or mark as read (or unread) straight from the extension
  • Get notifications for new messages
  • Quickly compose new emails from the toolbar
  • Handy Do Not Disturb mode to protect your focus
  • Manage multiple Gmail accounts in one place
Why I love this extension

As someone managing 5+ email accounts (personal and business), Checker Plus for Gmail has been a massive help in staying on top of my emails. This simple tool saves me a lot of time every single day.

It’s my most used Chrome extension – I click on it multiple times a day (probably a bit more than I should). I only log into my Gmail when I need to send an email, as all the inbox management happens through this extension.

2. RescueTime for Chrome

rescuetime chrome extension

Best Chrome extension for time tracking

If you tend to procrastinate, lose yourself in social media rabbit holes, or simply feel unproductive after a workday and don’t understand why, RescueTime will give you a full understanding of where your time goes.

It automatically tracks your browsing activity and provides an eye-opening report on your daily activities online. Using smart algorithms, it categorizes websites into different productivity levels, giving you a holistic view of your browsing patterns.

You can, of course, edit which websites should be considered productive versus entertainment, but generally RescueTime is quite good at recognizing it based on the years of usage statistics from other users.


  • Automatically tracks time spent on websites
  • Categorizes websites as productive or distractive
  • Allows you to set daily focus goals
  • Sends weekly email reports
  • Blocks distracting websites during focus sessions
Why I love this extension

I used to have no clue where my time was lost – I was working more than normal hours but wasn’t getting the results I wanted. RescueTime helped me recognize my common “productive procrastination” activities that seemed important but didn’t bring me closer to my goals.

After identifying those, I started using distraction-blocking extensions (numbers 10 and 11 on this list) to limit my access to them during focus hours – which gave me a huge productivity boost!

3. Momentum

momentum chrome extension is great for daily productivity

Best Chrome extension for daily inspiration

Momentum is a beautiful extension that turns Chrome’s new tab page into a personalized productivity dashboard. It greets you with stunning visuals, a clock, the weather in your area, and an inspiring quote every time you open a new tab.

But it’s not just about aesthetics; the extension also incorporates a customizable to-do list and has quick links to your most visited sites. It urges you to set one most important task for the day and focus on it until it’s done.

In the premium version, you get a bunch of additional useful features, such as setting your own images or a vision board as a background, setting up countdowns for important deadlines (or holidays!), and other things like habit trackers.


  • Convenient dashboard in a new tab
  • Inspirational daily quotes and photos
  • Identifying one target task for the day
  • Customizable to-do list
  • Quick links to your most visited sites
  • Weather updates based on your location
  • Multiple habit trackers
Why I love this extension

Momentum reminds me to focus on the important tasks, which often stops me from random browsing during the day. I love having my vision board as a background so it’s constantly in front of my eyes.

Also, a little silly, but I find it lovely when Chrome greets me by name!

4. Tab Manager Plus for Chrome

tab manager chrome extension for productivity

Best Chrome extension for tab management

Tab Manager Plus is an extension for Chrome designed for those of us who can easily find ourselves overwhelmed with too many open tabs.

It organizes your browser by giving you a visual overview of all your open tabs and windows as flexible folders. With sorting, drag and drop, and quick search features, this extension is ideal for busy Chrome users looking to maintain sanity and efficiency.


  • Display all tabs in a visual grid
  • Multiple convenient views (horizontal, vertical, block)
  • Manage all tabs through one extension
  • Search open tabs by the name
  • Limit the number of tabs per window
  • Close duplicate tabs or selected tabs
Why I love this extension

When I’m doing research for my articles, I tend to have dozens of tabs open and sometimes get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of windows I have to switch to get to a specific one. This extension helps me organize the tabs, move them between windows, and quickly find any tab I need.

5. Todoist for Chrome

todoist chrome extension

Best Chrome extension for task management

Todoist is the task manager you didn’t know you needed until you’ve tried it.

It’s a minimalist to-do list app with quick task-adding features, project boards, a simple interface, recurring task support, labels, deadlines, and more.

The Todoist extension gives you quick access to lists and boards directly from your browser and lets you see and manage upcoming tasks.

Through the extension, you can add a new task, add the current website as a task, and set reminders. It pretty much gives you full functionality of the Todoist app without needing to open the website!


  • Add tasks directly from your browser
  • Add the current website as a task
  • Set reminders and deadlines
  • Manage all tasks and projects through the extension
Why I love this extension

Out of all these 20 Chrome extensions for productivity, Todoist is probably the one I’ve been using the longest, at least 4+ years. It allows me to quickly jot down tasks without having to switch applications or disturb my current activity. The extension is indispensable for capturing to-dos as they come to mind, ensuring I stay productive and organized.

6. Evernote Web Clipper

evernote chrome extension in google store

Best Chrome extension for note taking

Evernote is one of the best note-taking apps I’ve ever used. It holds all my ideas, study notes, details of past and future projects, as well as random stuff like medical bills and recipe screenshots.

Evernote Web Clipper extension makes it really easy to capture important pieces of information from the web and save them directly to your Evernote account without logging in every time.

Whether it’s an article, a recipe, or an interesting quote, this extension makes it easy to save and organize everything. Plus, you can add tags and notes to your clips to categorize them and effortlessly find them later.


  • Clip full web pages, articles, screenshots, or selected text
  • Save directly to Evernote in one click
  • Annotate clips with notes and comments
  • Tag and categorize clips
Why I love this extension

Evernote has been in my productivity toolkit for years and is an essential tool for me because of how convenient it is to use. It not only saves me time but also keeps all my important finds and notes in one organized place, making it easier to retrieve information when I need it.

7. HyperWrite – AI Assistant

hyperwrite is a smart chrome extension that helps me be more productive

Best Chrome extension for writing assistance

HyperWrite is an AI personal assistant that is integrated directly into your browser.

This extension uses artificial intelligence to help you write faster and has a chat-based assistant that can do all kinds of tasks for you: research and book things, automate long processes, or even Google something for you.


  • AI writing assistance
  • AI chatbot for conversational tasks
  • Research and automation use cases
Why I love this extension

Personally, I only use it as an autocomplete on steroids – it helps me finish the sentences when I’m stuck and generally write faster since I don’t have to type every single word. I mostly use HyperWrite assistant in Gmail and WordPress.

I think the AI assistant has the potential, but at this point of their development, it is faster for me to do most tasks myself.

8. Save to Pocket

pocket chrome extension

Best Chrome extension for “read later”

Pocket extension allows you to instantly save articles, videos, and other web content to watch or read later. It’s a huge time-saver for when you stumble across something interesting but can’t read it right away.

The extension saves your content in a clean, easy-to-read format, stripping away all the distractions. It removes the need to keep a stack of tabs open “for later,” and it syncs with mobile apps for quick access to all your saved resources.


  • Save articles with a single click
  • Tag and categorize saved content
  • Strip away ads and unnecessary formatting
  • Sync across devices
  • Curate a personalized reading list
Why I love this extension

Save to Pocket is my go-to extension for saving long articles or interesting content that I want to engage with later. It keeps everything organized and easily accessible, so I can stay focused on my work while bookmarking the worthy content I come upon.

I recently reorganized my phone home screen, so it’s much easier for me to open Pocket than any entertainment app. Now, when I reach for my phone in bed, I don’t watch random stuff – I read the relevant bits I saved to Pocket earlier. Such a game-changer!

9. ClickUp: Tasks, Screenshots, Email, Time

clickup chrome extension

Best Chrome extension for project management

ClickUp extension is a comprehensive productivity tool that integrates seamlessly with your browser. It combines task management, time tracking, and even screenshot functionality into a single interface.

If you manage multiple projects or team members, ClickUp is a no-brainer AI daily planner to incorporate into your routine for productivity, and the extension gives you quick access to the most commonly used features.


  • Create and manage tasks without leaving your workspace
  • Grab screenshots and attach them directly to tasks
  • Take notes and jot down ideas for later
  • Track time spent on tasks
  • Attach emails to ClickUp projects
Why I love this extension

If you already use ClickUp for project management, this extension is like a shortcut for using the app. If you use it every day, it saves you lots of time while keeping you organized.

10. PawBlock

pawblock is my favorite chrome extension for productivity

Best Chrome extension for blocking distractions

PawBlock is a Chrome-based website blocker for productivity that effectively limits your access to distracting websites while you work.

It is as simple as it gets: you add your most distracting sites to the list, and it blocks them completely until you turn it off. This is particularly helpful for those times when willpower alone doesn’t cut it.

The best part? When you try to access a blocked website, PawBlock shows a cute disappointed animal, such as a kitten or a puppy, that changes to a smiley face if you change your mind and choose not to let procrastination ruin your life.


  • Block access to specific websites
  • Block only parts of the websites through wildcards
  • See cute animals instead of a boring warning
  • Turn it on and off in one click
Why I love this extension

This is not the most popular extension for website blocking, but after trying a bunch, this is the only one I use in Chrome for semi-permanent blocking.

I also have Freedom – a hard-to-cheat desktop app that has multiple customized blocklists and selectively blocks those during my focus sessions.

11. Pause – Stop Mindless Browsing

pause chrome extension lets you stay productive and avoid procrastination

Best Chrome extension for mindful browsing

Pause is a free little extension created by Freedom that places a gentle roadblock between you and time-wasting websites.

While PawBlock restricts your access to a distracting website completely, the Pause extension interrupts your impulse to mindlessly browse by prompting you to pause for a moment. This several-second gap allows you to take a breath and rethink your decision to get distracted.

This momentary pause can often be the difference between a productive day and a wasted one.


  • Pause before visiting distracting websites
  • Customize the list of distracting sites
  • Set the pause duration
  • Super-simple and lightweight extension
Why I love this extension

Pause is a subtle yet effective way to cultivate mindfulness in your browsing habits. By prompting you to pause, it gives you a chance to redirect your focus, helping you avoid time-wasting websites as much as possible, and be more mindful about your online behavior.

12. Taskade – Team Tasks, Notes, Video Chat

taskade productivity app has a chrome extension

Best Chrome extension for AI-powered productivity

Taskade is an intelligent task manager for both personal projects and team collaboration. It offers real-time synchronization, which means that any change made by a team member is instantly reflected across all devices, thereby minimizing miscommunication or outdated information.

It’s essentially a real-time workspace for you and your team where you can add new tasks right within Chrome. There is also a nice feature that allows you to select any text on any website, right-click and add it to Taskade as a task.

The extension also has an option to replace a new tab with Taskade, but I don’t find it particularly useful since I’m already using Momentum.


  • Manage daily tasks
  • Collaborate on team projects
  • Quickly add new tasks wherever you are
  • Real-time chat and video conferencing in the app
  • Set deadlines and reminders
  • Hierarchical project views
Why I love this extension

Taskade is one of the best project management software tools in 2024, whether you are a lone wolf or have a whole team on your side. The extension is just a cherry on top that lets you add tasks quickly.

13. Grammarly: Grammar Checker and AI Writing App

grammarly chrome extension

Best Chrome extension for writing and editing

Grammarly goes far beyond your average spell-checker. It analyzes your text for a wide range of grammatical errors and provides insightful suggestions to improve the clarity and impact of your writing.

The extension works where you are, checking your writing across platforms, which makes it equally useful for professional emails and casual social media posts.

Grammarly also includes a solid plagiarism checker that scans millions of web pages to ensure your work is original, a feature invaluable for professional content creators and students alike.

With the recent introduction of GrammarlyGO, an AI-powered writing assistant, this tool has become an even more valuable addition to anyone’s productivity toolkit.


  • Spelling and grammar checks
  • Style and tone suggestions
  • Context-specific recommendations
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Works wherever you type
Why I love this extension

Grammarly has been a real asset for refining my writing. Since I’m a non-native English speaker, I’ve been using Grammarly for many years, and by repetitively fixing my typical mistakes it helped me become a better writer.

I also use the plagiarism checker all the time as an additional layer of control for myself and the AI tools I use.

14. Loom – Screen Recorder & Screen Capture

loom chrome extension

Best Chrome extension for screen recording

Loom is a convenient extension for Google Chrome that lets you capture your screen effortlessly. Whether you’re making a tutorial or just trying to demonstrate a process, this extension makes it incredibly easy to record, edit, and share your videos.

This extension allows for both full-screen and window-specific recording options, as well as adding your talking face in the corner, accommodating different types of presentation needs.

The instant sharing capability, facilitated by a generated link, streamlines the process of video distribution, whether for internal team communication or external client presentations.

Loom’s free version lets you capture 25 videos up to 5 minutes each before upgrading, so you can make good use of it and see if it makes your life easier.


  • Capture full screen or specific windows
  • Record with audio and video
  • Simple video editing tools
  • Fun backgrounds and customizations
  • Instant sharing via link
  • Secure video storage
Why I love this extension

I honestly don’t understand how I was working without Loom before. It simplified my life and communications tremendously! I even use it when I reach out to any technical support to avoid back-and-forth emails and show a quick video of the issue from the get-go.

15. Scribe: AI Documentation, SOPs & Screenshots

scribe chrome extension

Best Chrome extension for documentation

Scribe leverages artificial intelligence to help you document processes, capture screenshots, and generate standard operating procedures automatically.

The coolest thing about Scribe is that it automatically generates step-by-step tutorials based on a series of actions you perform on your screen!

This feature is a crazy time-saver for businesses that require constant updating of training guides, internal manuals, or documenting any kinds of processes.


  • Auto-generate documentation
  • Auto-capture and annotate screenshots
  • Create visual step-by-step guides quickly
  • Share documents with team members
Why I love this extension

Scribe drastically cuts down the time you spend on documenting processes. If you have a business or manage a team, you will be impressed by how much time it can save you on every step, from onboarding new clients and team members to introducing new processes to everyone.

16. Adblock Plus – Free Ad Blocker

adblock chrome extension

Best Chrome extension for ad blocking

Adblock Plus is a free extension for blocking distracting ads all over the Internet. From pop-ups to banners and video ads, this extension keeps your browsing experience smooth, letting you focus on the content that matters.

Its customizable filtering lists give you the control to choose what types of ads get blocked, creating a more personalized browsing experience.

You can also whitelist websites, which is particularly useful if you want to support certain publishers by viewing their ads (as a blogger myself, I appreciate people who use this feature).


  • Block intrusive ads
  • Customize filtering lists
  • Whitelist favorite websites
  • Avoid malware and viruses
Why I love this extension

Adblock Plus has been improving my online experience for many years by getting rid of distracting ads and making websites load faster.

I’m so used to not seeing ads that I’m always shocked to see some websites with intrusive advertising all over the screen on other people’s computers. Often you have to jump through hoops to just read the content, which is crazy!

17. Noisli

noisli chrome extension to create productive environment

Best Chrome extension for background music

Noisli creates a customizable background noise environment right in your browser, helping you focus better or relax. Whether you prefer the sound of rain, a coffee shop chatter, or a crackling fire, Noisli has you covered.

Its ability to mix and match different sounds allows you to create custom soundscapes tailored to your specific focus goals or personal preferences.


  • Choose from various ambient sounds
  • Customize and mix for different vibes
  • Set timers for focus sessions
Why I love this extension

I used Noisli for years to drown out distractions and get into the zone before I recently switched to Brain.fm, a science-backed music tool that stimulates your brain for better focus. My favorite background noises in Noisli were rain, thunder, and sea waves.

18. News Feed Eradicator

news feed eradicator chrome extension for productivity improvement

Best Chrome extension for selective distraction blocking

Sometimes, you don’t have the luxury of blocking sites like Facebook or YouTube completely because you might need them for work (research, DMing clients, and more).

For such cases, the News Feed Eradicator is a lifesaver! It lets you selectively block specific distracting parts of the websites without limiting access to other parts.

The most common use case is to block social media feeds that grab your attention when you access the platform with a specific purpose in mind and pull you into endless scrolling when you’d rather be working.

By removing endless feeds out of your reach, News Feed Eradicator helps create a more productive online environment.


  • Blocks social media feeds
  • Adds inspirational quotes instead
  • Compatible with multiple social media platforms
  • Simple and lightweight
Why I love this extension

We all know our most time-eating distractions. For me, it was YouTube. With this extension, I removed the home page feed, so it doesn’t catch my attention in the first second, and now I only use YouTube as I intend to: to see my subscriptions, the Watch Later list, or search something.

19. Awesome ChatGPT Screenshot & Screen Recorder

awesome screenshot chrome extension

Best Chrome extension to take screenshots

Awesome Screenshot is the best screenshot-taking tool for Chrome. It allows you to capture your screen in various ways, annotate your screenshots, and even record videos.

With Awesome Screenshot, you can capture specific elements, entire screens, or selected areas and add delays before capturing, giving you flexibility based on your needs.

They also recently added a ChatGPT-based assistant you can integrate for various time-saving use cases.


  • Capture full or partial screenshots
  • Record short video clips
  • Annotate your windows with text
  • Handy editing features like highlighting and blurring
Why I love this extension

I used to take screenshots with a built-in instrument on Mac, but it lacks some features I need, such as blurring sensitive information. Awesome Screenshot extension has everything I need and more, and I appreciate how easy and intuitive it is.

20. MozBar

mozbar seo chrome extension for productivity

Best Chrome extension for content creators

MozBar gives you instant metrics on any website or search engine result page, making it a must-have tool for anyone involved in SEO. It allows you to quickly assess the domain authority and relevance of websites, all without leaving your search.

With the Moz toolbar, you can quickly see the content structure of a particular website and analyze on-page SEO, including highlighting dofollow/nofollow links, seeing metadata and headings at a glance, and so much more.


  • Check domain and page authority
  • View website metrics directly in the search
  • Examine page elements
  • Check link attributes
Why I love this extension

MozBar will not be a necessary tool for everyone reading this post, but as a blogger, I’m using it every day for various use cases, so I decided to include it. Between monitoring my domain authority and quickly checking for dofollow attributes on links, it’s easily my favorite SEO tool in Chrome.

Why do you need Chrome extensions to be productive?

Having the right smart Chrome extensions for productivity can make each day in your life a productive day. They are embedded right in your browser, so you don’t need to switch between different apps or platforms to get things done.

Some tools on this list are meant to create a productive environment for you, whether it’s through blocking distractions, adding background music for better focus, or giving you a quick button to save non-urgent things for later.

Others make it really easy to do everyday tasks without context switching, such as managing your to-do list, checking emails, or capturing videos of your workflows.

It’s all about creating an ecosystem within your browser that aligns with your workflow, helping you automate mundane tasks, stay focused, and minimize the number of extra clicks as much as possible.

Of course, I’m not advocating for you to overload your browser and download all of these extensions – these are just the ones that work best with my workflow.

Select a handful of extensions that directly address your most time-consuming or distracting issues, and gently introduce them into your Chrome setup one by one until you get used to them.

What are some other tools for productivity?

Not all of the best productivity tools have browser extensions. Some provide more value when you use their website or a desktop app.

If browser extensions don’t cover all the bases, there’s a wide array of useful standalone tools that can take your efficiency to another level.

For more information, you can read my article about 60 types of productivity tools and see my list of the best AI tools for productivity.

Wrap up

As someone who values a minimalist workspace, I’m selective about the tools I integrate into my daily workflow. These 20 Chrome extensions make the cut because they each solve specific challenges, whether it’s cutting down on tab chaos, eliminating distractions, or helping me write better.

I really hope they help you be more productive and achieve your goals faster!

Frequently asked questions

If you are working from home, RescueTime and ClickUp can make a huge difference in your productivity. RescueTime will help you identify where you lose your time, and ClickUp will help you keep track of tasks and projects so you don’t miss any deadlines.

For students, Grammarly and Todoist are the best Chrome extensions for productivity improvement. Grammarly assists with multiple writing and proofreading projects, while Todoist helps manage assignment deadlines and study schedules.

Todoist for Chrome wins in the to-do list category of Chrome extensions. Its clean interface, easy navigation, and advanced task management features make it easy to track everything from simple tasks to complex projects.

PawBlock is my go-to Chrome extension for maintaining focus. It limits your access to distracting websites, making it less tempting to procrastinate on your tasks.

RescueTime is the best Chrome extension for chronic procrastinators. It tracks your online activity to identify rabbit holes, and it blocks all distracting websites during focus sessions.

While Chrome extensions can vary in their RAM usage, having too many running simultaneously can definitely slow down your system. Be selective in what you keep enabled to maintain optimal browser performance.

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