9 Best Email Writing AI Tools In 2024 [Free & Paid]

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Is email overload draining your productivity? Are you spending more time crafting emails than focusing on your core business? It’s time to break free.

With the advanced email writing AI tools, generating personalized emails in 2024 can be as simple as clicking a button. These AI-powered tools are set to revolutionize business communication, providing accurate, timely, and professional email responses.

Discover the top 9 AI email writing tools in this comprehensive list, and say goodbye to email fatigue!

What is an AI email writer?

what is an AI email writer

An AI email writer is an innovative software tool that uses artificial intelligence to speed up your email writing process. It is designed to learn from your writing style and preferences to create custom, personalized emails.

With AI help, writing emails becomes a breeze, as these tools adapt to your unique voice and help you quickly generate everything from titles to full professional responses or even captivating cold emails.

Why use AI email writing tools?

Powered by AI, email writing tools are designed to elevate your email communication to a whole new level.

They not only help in drafting precise and professional emails but also learn and adapt to your personal writing style, ensuring a consistent tone in all your correspondence.

AI tools take the guesswork out of email. They craft perfect responses every time. No typos. No grammar mistakes. Just professional, effective communication.

No more lengthy drafts, no more re-reading for errors. And a noticeable boost in productivity!

It may surprise you to learn that emails consistently rank as one of the top time-wasting activities in the workplace.

AI email writers give you the luxury of time – time that can be utilized for more creative or strategic tasks that fuel business growth.

9 best AI tools for email writing in 2024

In an era where digital communication is pivotal, having an AI email writer can be your secret weapon.

It can be your virtual wordsmith, weaving sentences that hit the right note every time. It understands your audience, mirrors your writing style, and delivers responses that resonate.

Whether you are a startup founder juggling multiple tasks, a corporate leader managing a huge team, or a marketer with a sales quota to meet, an AI email writer can be your trusted ally, transforming your email communication into a strategic advantage.

Without further ado, let’s reveal the game-changers. These are the best AI email writers in 2024:

1. Flowrite

Best email writing AI for everyone

flowrite ai tool

Flowrite is a revolutionary AI for email writing ready to rescue you from email overload.

Flowrite is not just a tool; it’s an efficient assistant that helps you navigate the sea of communication with precision and speed. It has gained the trust of professionals in leading companies, including Google, Spotify, Snapchat, Dropbox, and HBO, to name a few.

Its working mechanism is simple yet powerful. You either provide a few words or short sentences to instruct Flowrite, or you can allow its advanced AI to generate the content.

With one click, Flowrite begins crafting a unique message based on your instructions. This fusion of technology and convenience is what sets Flowrite apart.

One of the key strengths of Flowrite is its versatility. It functions effectively across various platforms such as Gmail, Microsoft Office, LinkedIn, and 20+ other popular apps.

This seamless integration allows Flowrite to comprehend the context and select the necessary inputs automatically, providing you with a highly personalized experience.

The highlight of Flowrite’s offerings is its expansive AI template gallery. Whether it’s a promotion announcement, investor reply, sales prospecting, or a simple self-introduction, Flowrite has a template for every situation.

flowrite email ai tool

Best Features of Flowrite

  • Crafts perfect messages using AI
  • Integrates right into your inbox
  • Offers 3 output versions to choose from
  • Instant, personalized reply suggestions
  • Dozens of practical templates for daily conversations


Flowrite comes with a 14-day trial that doesn’t even require a credit card. You can start for free and see what this AI email writer is capable of before you decide to pay.

  • If you only use email occasionally, the Light Plan might be enough as it can write 15 messages per month for you for just €4.
  • Premium Plan is better when you actively use email for work, maybe sending a few personalized messages every day. It can write up to 150 emails for you for €12 per month.
  • Finally, the Unlimited Plan is awesome if you do a lot of daily emailing for work, such as sales prospecting or talking to clients. Paying €24 per month gives you unlimited messaging to cover all your conversations.
flowrite pricing ai tool

2. Rasa

Best AI writing tool for email newsletters

rasa email writer ai

Rasa is an incredibly useful AI application for email writing that’s taking customer engagement to new heights.

As the world’s only truly personalized email newsletter, it’s changing the game by fostering connections with each individual on your list with unique content tailored to their interests.

Rasa.io users have witnessed a notable surge in event participation and engagement within online forums, as well as an upswing in website traffic, all attributed to the profound impact of Rasa’s meticulously curated newsletters.

Rasa also takes nurturing relationships to the next level.

Thanks to automated personalization, it sends the right information to the right people, saving you time, effort, and money on customer relationship management.

rasa logo

Best Features of Rasa

  • Sends out newsletters tailored to each subscriber, because one size does not fit all
  • Turns email into a curated social media feed, never boring and always relevant
  • Aggregates, automates, and curates content, letting you focus on other tasks
  • Allows you to feature select articles in your newsletter, putting the spotlight where you want it
  • Offers unique insights like open counts, click counts, and content performance


Rasa offers a 14-day no credit card free trial to let you test it out and get impressed before you commit to monthly payments.

There are 3 fixed plans for small and medium-sized businesses and a custom enterprise solution with ongoing personalized support and extra features for bigger companies.

  • Standard Plan starts at $29 per month and can handle up to 2,500 contacts. It allows you to introduce 3 additional team members and 10 content sources.
  • Plus Plan costs $140 per month and takes care of up to 10,000 contacts. It can curate your content from 50 sources, allows 5 additional users, and can manage 3 separate newsletters from one platform. This plan also introduces new features, such as content sectioning and multiple domain support.
  • The most sophisticated of the existing plans is called Pro Plan, and is more suitable for agencies. It will cost you $499 per month, but this comes with a white-labeled dashboard, 7 newsletters, 75 sources, scheduled content, and more advanced integrations.

3. HoppyCopy

Best AI writing tool for email management

hoppycoppy ai writer

Say hello to HoppyCopy, an AI email writer designed to streamline your email management and boost productivity.

It allows you to write high-converting emails at an impressive pace, saving you countless hours in the process. Whether you’re drafting email marketing campaigns, drips, newsletters, or more, HoppyCopy has got you covered.

The power of HoppyCopy lies in its advanced AI that can generate powerful copy in mere seconds. Its robust database of 50+ Email AI Templates uses scientifically proven formulas to create copy for virtually any type of email you can imagine.

Not only does HoppyCopy excel in creating fresh copy, but it also stands out with its Content Converter. This feature enables you to convert blogs to emails, emails to tweets, and tweets to texts, thereby repurposing content from any source.

HoppyCopy also prioritizes your email’s deliverability. Its Spam Check feature identifies spam keywords that might land your emails in the junk mail folders and replaces them with a stronger copy to increase open rates.

hoppycopy ai logo

Best Features of HoppyCopy

  • Writes high-converting emails 10x faster, saving you precious time
  • Offers a wide range of AI-generated templates for any email campaign
  • Provides advanced editor tools for crafting unique and persuasive content
  • Repurposes content from any source with the Content Converter
  • Increases open rates by identifying and substituting spam keywords
  • Tracks your competitors’ email strategies with access to thousands of emails from top brands


HoppyCopy comes with a 7-day free trial and a 30-day moneyback guarantee, so you can try it out without any risks involved.

This AI email writer offers 3 payment plans:

hoppycopy pricing
  • Starter Plan starts at $23 per month and is perfect for a solopreneur, a freelancer, or a blogger. It can generate you up to 20,000 words every month and track the email newsletters of 10 competitors.
  • Pro Plan is great for a small team as it allows you to bring two extra team members on board. With up to 100,000 AI-written words per month and the ability to monitor 25 competitors, it’s more than enough for most small business needs for just $39 a month.
  • Pro Plus Plan is designed for bigger teams and serious brands. For $79 monthly, it will generate you up to 300,000 words (that’s a lot of emails!), monitor 50 competitors, and support 5 team members.

4. GetResponse

Best email writing AI for marketing

getresponse ai email assistant

GetResponse provides an AI-powered software program for email writing, drastically reducing the time and effort you typically invest in crafting compelling emails.

With its GPT-powered email generator, it allows you to create industry-optimized, goal-oriented emails at record speed.

One of the prominent features of the GetResponse email tool is its AI subject line generator. By leveraging AI, it optimizes your subject lines to increase open rates and stand out in your subscribers’ inboxes.

Moreover, GetResponse doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution.

It uses AI to tailor emails to your business based on keywords and industry trends, ensuring that every communication is relevant and engaging.

Creating an AI email template with GetResponse is a super-easy 3-step process. Give it your target keywords, choose the goal and tone of your email, pick a design template you prefer, and voila!

Within a few seconds, you’ll have an AI-generated email and subject line ready to go.

GetResponse logo

Best Features of GetResponse

  • Rapid GPT-powered creation of engaging emails
  • AI-optimized subject lines for increased open rates
  • Industry-specific optimization for tailored emails
  • A/B testing for optimizing email performance
  • Brainstorming with AI email assistant
  • 150+ customizable email templates
  • Drag-and-drop editor for easy customization


GetResponse AI email marketing software allows you to start completely free and upgrade to a paid plan later when you fully understand the tool’s capabilities and you daily needs.

getresponse ai email tool pricing

The Free Plan comes with 2500 newsletters, signup forms and popups, a drag-and-drop page builder, and a bunch of essential email marketing tools, but it doesn’t include the AI email generator.

You can get access to AI-powered features for as low as $13.3 per month.

5. Norns.ai

Best email writing AI for outreach personalization

norns ai tool

Norns.ai has positioned itself as a game-changer in the realm of email writing. It utilizes AI to research and craft personalized messages that significantly improve response rates.

It’s not just about sending emails; it’s about making connections that lead to meaningful conversations and, ultimately, conversions.

Using Norns AI software for email writing, you can automatically collect valuable information about prospects from LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. This intel lets you personalize your outreach and nail conversations with AI-generated icebreakers.

No more guesswork or time-consuming manual research – Norns.ai does the heavy lifting for you.

Moreover, Norns.ai doesn’t just stop at email writing. It integrates seamlessly with your tools and workflows, enabling you to have all the insights and messages directly within your working environment.

As opposed to Gmail’s AI assistant which writes pretty bland, formal, and generic emails, Norns.ai is clearly created with personalization in mind and produces impressive emails tuned to a specific person.

It’s all about efficiency and effectiveness, and Norns.ai delivers on both fronts.

norns ai logo

Best Features of Norns AI

  • AI research sidekick for crafting unique emails
  • Written personalized messages for increased replies
  • Prospect data enrichment from LinkedIn, Twitter, and more
  • Generation of icebreakers for enhanced conversations


Norns offers two plans: basic for $19 a month and professional for $99. There is also an option to get a custom plan if you need more features like white-labeling, multilanguage support, and AI customizations.

norns pricing plans

Basic plan allows you to craft up to 1000 messages per month, while Professional plan has no limits. Apart from this, both plans have the same features and personalizations, such as Linkedin, email, or Twitter-based messaging.

6. Copy.ai

Best email writing AI for content marketers

copy ai email writer

Copy.ai is arguably the best AI for email writing, offering impressive writing capabilities with one fixed affordable plan.

It can streamline your email writing process, delivering unlimited high-converting emails in minutes. It liberates you from the time-consuming task of writing emails, allowing you to focus more on strategy and less on crafting the perfect sentence.

Used by over 8,000,000 professionals and teams, including giants such as Microsoft, eBay, and Nestle, Copy.ai has proven its worth in the industry. It’s not just an AI tool; it’s a partner that works with you to get results.

The process is simple.

Just enter your project details, provide a bit of context about your brand and products, and let the AI email writer generate multiple options for your campaign.

Then, using Copy.ai’s powerful editor, you can polish and perfect the content, including AI-rewriting specific parts of the email before sending.

copy ai text logo

Best Features of Copy.ai

  • High-converting AI-generated email copy
  • No generator limits per month
  • Writing impressive emails in a few clicks
  • Customizable options for various campaign types
  • Powerful AI Chat for up-to-date research


Copy.ai only offers two plans: Free and Pro.

The Free Plan allows you to generate up to 2000 words per month, whether it’s emails, social media posts, or blog content. It also gives you full access to the AI chat that is far superior to ChatGPT.

You can start unlimited projects and use any of the 90+ copywriting tools for free, with the monthly word count being the only limit.

Juliet’s take

If you are looking for a free AI email writing generator, Copy.ai is your best bet.

The Pro Plan costs $36 per month if you pay yearly or $49 with monthly payments. It gives you 5 user seats and unlimited writing of emails, blogs, and whatever else you might think of.

copy ai pricing

7. Lyne

Best cold email writing AI for personalization

lyne email tool ai

Lyne AI is one of the best smart tools for email writing, designed to supercharge your cold email campaigns.

It harnesses the power of AI to deliver hyper-personalized emails at scale, significantly boosting response rates and efficiency.

This cutting-edge tool goes beyond traditional personalization, utilizing AI to craft highly individualized outreach messages.

It helps you connect more effectively with your prospects, leading to increased reply rates and more positive responses.

Lyne.ai’s personalized approach ensures each prospect experiences content that’s specific to them, helping your emails stand out among the generic spam in their inbox.

This AI-powered tool also enables you to tap into your prospects’ online activities, starting off cold emails with a personalized note for an instant connection.

Whether you’re a lead generation agency or you’re generating leads for your own business, Lyne helps you scale your operations effortlessly using AI technology.

lyne logo

Best Features of Lyne

  • Supercharges your emails with advanced AI personalization
  • Uncovers rich prospecting data with AI-powered research
  • Crafts powerful subject lines to drive open and reply rates
  • Scales operations without expanding your workforce
  • Closes more deals with AI-powered lead generation
  • Integrates seamlessly with your sales stack for greater efficiency


Lyne has a Free Forever plan that doesn’t require any monthly payments. It allows you to test out different features and only pay for the credits you have actually used.

lyne pricing ai tool

Paid plans range between $120 per month for 1200 personalized rows and $729 per month for unlimited rows. However, even the unlimited plan seems to have a cap of 2000 emails per month.

Juliet’s take

Get ready to close more deals and fill your sales funnel with warm replies, thanks to Lyne’s AI-driven approach!

8. Hypotenuse

Best AI email copy generator

hypotenuse ai tool

Hypotenuse stands out as the best AI for writing emails, designed to make the process of generating compelling marketing emails quick and effortless.

Its sophisticated AI technology is purpose-built to alleviate the stress of conjuring up the right words when staring at a blank screen, thereby streamlining your email creation process.

By simply inputting the purpose of your email and specific keywords, Hypotenuse’s advanced AI writes an email that’s relevant and personalized to your brand and audience.

Hypotenuse AI tool allows you to adjust the tone of your emails to match your brand or target audience, ensuring every message hits the right note.

Whether you’re composing marketing newsletters or outbound sales emails, Hypotenuse swiftly produces polished, professional emails, complete with subject lines and email body copy ideas tailored to any topic.

Hypotenuse excels at crafting cold emails that prompt responses, using AI-generated subject lines and persuasive copy to encourage leads to take action.

hypotenuse ai logo

Best Features of Hypotenuse

  • Creates professional emails in minutes for any topic
  • Offers a variety of tones to match your brand or target audience
  • Crafts lead generation emails that convert with just a few clicks
  • Generates catchy email subject lines to improve open rates
  • Saves hours per week in writing marketing emails


Hypotenuse offers a 7-day free trial for any of their 3 plans.

hypotenuse ai pricing

Plans start at $29/month for about 25,000 generated words and go up to $90/month for about 175,000 words. The more expensive Growth Plan also includes unlimited AI-generated images, priority support, 5 team members, and up to 25 plagiarism checks.

Juliet’s take

Hypotenuse is a powerful AI email copy generator that saves you valuable time each week and ensures your message is communicated effectively.

9. SmartWriter

Best email writing AI for sales outreach

smartwriter ai email writing tool

SmartWriter grabs the spotlight as the best email writing AI software, providing a platform to generate thousands of personalized emails that capture attention and encourage responses.

Leveraging artificial intelligence, it serves as your AI email assistant, automating the entire outreach process to be 40 times faster and 6 times cheaper than traditional methods.

SmartWriter automates hours of research and copywriting, enabling the creation of converting emails within seconds.

It draws on the prospects’ online data to craft punchy personalized cold emails for sales or backlinks at scale.

SmartWriter’s AI email generator delivers industry-shattering reply rates with personalized messages built upon proven conversion systems. These messages are designed to convincingly persuade your prospects to take action.

SmartWriter helps to build extensive, verified lead lists in your desired niche, and can even scrape thousands of LinkedIn profiles with the SmartWriter Chrome Extension.

This ensures a constant supply of potential leads for personalized outreach.

For businesses with a low online presence, such as salons and cafes, SmartWriter generates personalized emails based on Google and Facebook Reviews.

smartwriter ai logo

Best Features of SmartWriter

  • Personalized cold email outreach
  • Broad lead list construction and LinkedIn scraping
  • Personalized Linkedin outreach
  • Unlimited credit rollover
  • Full automation of research and copywriting
  • Customized emails for businesses without websites


SmartWriter offers a 7-day free trial to explore the AI email writer and other features.

Paid plans range between $59 and $359 per month, and all of them give you full access to AI tools, including AI Email Generator and Linkedin outreach.

The price is defined by the number of credits available monthly for AI writing, starting from 400 leads per month and up to 3500 leads.

smartwriter pricing

They also mention on the website that they have plans with up to 25,000 credits if you decide you need more.

Choosing to pay yearly gives you 20% off every plan.

Is AI email writing ethical?

When implemented correctly, the use of AI for email responses is not just ethical but also beneficial.

It’s essential to remember that AI email tools are here to assist, not replace, human interaction. It’s about optimizing workflow and reducing workload while maintaining transparency.

You realize that AI is a good thing when giants like Google start implementing AI features in their email management systems.

While I wouldn’t include Gmail’s AI generator in the list of best email writing tools as it doesn’t compare to any of the AI writers I discussed here, the fact that even Google adds machine learning functionality to help you write faster is a clear signal that AI is here to stay.

If AI software is used for more than just improving grammar or writing your thoughts faster (for example, as AI support chatbots on websites), ideally, recipients should be informed that they’re communicating with an AI.

Also, the AI should be programmed to respect and protect users’ personal data.

Are AI writers the future of email?

Looking at AI email generator use cases, it’s hard not to see their impact on the future of digital communication.

Whether it’s drafting professional emails, responding to customer queries, or creating personalized campaigns, AI writers are proving their worth. Their ability to streamline communication and increase efficiency positions them as a key driver in the evolution of email.

As technology progresses, it’s likely we’ll see AI writers becoming an indispensable part of our email ecosystem.

Final thoughts on writing emails with AI

The advent of AI in email communication is reshaping our work lives, making communication more efficient, professional, and personalized.

With the diverse range of AI email writing tools available in 2024, businesses of all sizes can find a solution tailored to their needs.

Whether free or paid, these AI tools offer a wealth of benefits, from saving valuable time to enhancing research and customer interaction.

As we continue to navigate the digital era, integrating AI into your email management strategy could be the game-changer for your business needs.

Embrace the power of AI and let it transform the way you communicate! The future of email is here, and it’s more intelligent than ever.

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