10 Focus Apps To Unlock Next-Level Productivity

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As you see some people effortlessly achieve their goals and make their dreams a reality, you can’t help but wonder, what’s their secret? How do they maintain such relentless focus and productivity in the face of countless distractions?

If you are familiar with this nagging feeling that you aren’t living up to your potential, you’ll be excited to learn about some of these focus apps designed to boost your productivity.

This article will reveal the top 10 focus apps in 2024 that are transforming lives and catapulting ordinary people into extraordinary achievers.

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Focus sessions with distraction blocking to get things done

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Productivity assistant with time tracking and focus timer

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Background music that stimulates the brain for focus

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Don’t let another day go by when you are not armed with the tools to unlock your true potential. Join the ranks of the highly productive and let these powerful apps lead you to the success you’ve always dreamed of. The future is waiting, and you don’t want to be left behind.

What are the best focus apps?

1. Freedom

Best website and app blocker to stay focused

freedom is the best website blocking app for undistracted focus

Freedom is one of the best website blockers that keep your distractions away.

It is designed to help you regain control of your time and productivity by blocking all the online beasts that are a threat to your work: social media, entertainment websites, shopping apps, and more.

Just start a focus session by choosing the duration, the type of distractions you want to block, and which of your devices to block, and enjoy the narrow focus on a single task while Freedom blocks certain apps and websites in the background.

By allowing you to customize your digital environment, Freedom ensures that you focus on your important tasks without falling prey to tempting distractions.


Since Freedom is a desktop app and not a browser extension, you can’t easily cheat it by disabling it or using a different browser. To protect your focus, it will block access on a system level so you can focus on what’s on your to-do list.

With Freedom’s easy-to-use interface, you can create a personalized block list with your most distracting apps (or several lists for different needs) and schedule focused work, which helps you achieve more in less time.

Highlights of Freedom

  • Block websites and mobile distractions across all devices
  • Schedule focus sessions for everyday productivity
  • Customizable lists of harmful websites
  • A nuclear option to block the entire internet
  • Lock Mode to prevent cheating
  • An extensive list of optional focus sounds (nature, cafe, office, etc)


Freedom subscription costs $8.99 per month, but if you pay yearly like I do, it’s only $3.33 per month! (You can also use my code JULIETY30 to get 30% off any plan.)

There is a free trial that is not limited by time and ends after 7 focus sessions.

My experience with freedom

I have purchased a yearly Freedom subscription, and it’s some of my favorite tools for daily focus and productivity! Out of all the focus apps I tried, Freedom has the most intuitive interface and the best list of pre-defined “bad” websites, which means it’s able to block distractions successfully while I work.

2. RescueTime

Best focus assistant for goal success

rescuetime productivity tool blocks websites when you need to focus

RescueTime is a game-changing focus app that automatically tracks your daily activities on the computer, providing you with invaluable insights into how you spend your time.

By analyzing your habits and identifying potential time-wasters, RescueTime empowers you to optimize your schedule and maximize your productivity. This app allows you to stay on task and also contributes to your wellbeing by helping you achieve a work-life balance.

With comprehensive reports and customizable goals, RescueTime enables you to fine-tune your routine and make the most of every minute at work. Millions of users rely on RescueTime for their focus management while they are hustling to achieve goals.

Highlights of RescueTime

  • Focus goals to make each day productive
  • Detailed analysis of your time-spending habits
  • Smart reminders to keep you focused
  • Automatic distraction blocking during focused sessions
  • Available for Mac and Windows


RescueTime subscription costs $12 per month or $78 a year, which gives you a sweet 46% discount. They used to have a free version, but it seems to be gone after they launched a new version a couple of years back.

There is a 2-week free trial to see how it affects your focus.

My experience with RescueTime

I’ve been enjoying my RescueTime subscription for a few months at this point, and while I don’t necessarily love their interface, the productivity assistant does its job of keeping me focused quite well. They also have several guided focus sessions a week that you can join for body doubling.

3. Brain.fm

Best background music for focus

brainfm focus music website preview

Brain.fm is an innovative app that provides background music for work that is scientifically proven to enhance your focus and help you work more efficiently.

Their functional music is specifically designed to blend into the background, providing distraction-free listening while gently stimulating your brain with rhythmic pulses that ensure longer attention spans.

Unlike conventional music that competes for your attention, Brain.fm’s focus music is crafted to optimize your performance and gently bring your brain into the desired focused state.

Highlights of Brain.fm

  • Music scientifically proven to increase focus and productivity
  • Patented neuromodulation for enhanced brain activity coordination
  • Backed by extensive scientific research
  • Customizable soundscapes to suit your personal preferences


Brain.fm offers a 3-day free trial to get a taste of their special music and see if it works for improving your focus. After that, expect to pay $6.99/month or $49.99/year. If you use my code “juliety” at checkout, you’ll get a 20% discount!

4. GoalsWon

Best focus app for accountability

goalswon accountability coaching app to focus on the goals

GoalsWon is an amazing focus app that is like a turbo mode for your goal success. It’s a science-based coaching app designed to help you stay accountable and on track to achieve all your goals.

By combining smart goal-setting techniques with personal accountability coaching, GoalsWon helps you stay motivated and focused on critical tasks, filtering out everything else. You will get daily check-ins, progress tracking, and personalized coaching to maintain momentum and make consistent progress toward the goal you set.

If you struggle with keeping yourself accountable, GoalsWon will help you stay committed and not sabotage your success.

Highlights of GoalsWon

  • Accountability coaching with personal guidance
  • Daily check-ins to keep you committed to your goals
  • Customizable goal-setting techniques for individual needs
  • Progress tracking to monitor achievements
  • Tools to identify areas for improvement
  • Tools to build good habits
  • Encouragement for increased productivity

5. Flown

Best focus tool for accountability

flown accountability partner app

Flown is a powerful accountability tool that hosts group focus sessions online to help you work side by side with other focused people and feel more motivated.

By creating a virtual coworking for goal-oriented professionals, Flown aims to increase your productivity five times thanks to the science of body doubling.

With 50+ guided coworking sessions every week, Flown is a valuable productivity tool that does a great job of protecting your focus time.

If you struggle to start a new task or find it hard to focus outside of your usual productive hours, you can join one of the Flown sessions and leverage the power of accountability.

Highlights of Flown

  • A powerful tool to become more focused
  • Work in a good company of dedicated people
  • Guided 1 and 2-hour virtual focus sessions
  • A silent online coworking room available to join anytime
  • Great for people with ADHD


Flown membership costs $25 per month, which reduces to $19 per month if you pay yearly. There is also a pay-once-and-enjoy-forever lifetime plan that costs $675.

Being a member allows you to join unlimited focus sessions, and there is a 30-day free trial if you want to give Flown a try before committing.

The coolest thing about Flown is that this tool is completely free on Fridays, so even if you don’t pay after the trial, you can still join virtual sessions every Friday.

6. Motion

Best AI planner for productivity

motion ai planner tool preview

Motion is a revolutionary AI-based planner app that takes the hassle out of organizing your day and your team’s tasks. By automating the planning process, Motion eliminates the need for to-do lists, calendars, and other project management tools.

Instead, it intelligently creates the perfect daily schedule for you, ensuring that you stay on track with your priorities and deadlines. Motion promises to save you at least 30 days each year, or 14 hours every week, allowing you to focus on the tasks that actually matter and enjoy life to the fullest.

Highlights of Motion

  • AI planning assistant to prioritize your tasks
  • Automatic rescheduling of undone work
  • Time blocking for focused work without interruptions
  • Comprehensive project management with Kanban and list views
  • Smart meeting scheduling and management
  • Advanced time tracking and reporting for individuals and teams


Motion offers a 7-day free trial to give it a try with no risk involved. If you happen to be impressed, plans start at $19 per month or $12 per user on a team plan.

7. AdGuard

Best ad blocker for focused work

adguard content blocker helps you stay focused

AdGuard is a must-have app for focused work: it’s a unique desktop ad blocker that provides comprehensive protection from online distractions, privacy threats, and malicious websites.

If surfing the web is a part of your daily work, an ad blocker will save you from aggressive distractions on every web page, helping you focus on the content you need.

By blocking all types of ads across browsers and apps, AdGuard ensures a clean and safe online experience, allowing you to concentrate on your tasks without interruptions. In addition, AdGuard enhances your privacy protection and safeguards you from dangerous websites.

Highlights of AdGuard

  • Works on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Blocks ads effectively on any browser
  • Protects you from phishing and fraudulent websites
  • Protects your privacy from trackers and analytical systems
  • Filters in-app ads in other applications on your device

8. Paymo

Best all-in-one project manager for saving time

paymo project management software tool website

Paymo is an essential tool for achieving your goals as it streamlines project management, time tracking, invoicing, and profitability measurement all in one platform.

It saves you an incredible amount of time by removing the need to switch back and forth between countless tools. All your project-related information is in one place, allowing you to focus on important work and keep track of every part of your business smoothly.

With built-in collaboration tools, workflows, and transparent time tracking, Paymo keeps teams organized and productive. It helps reduce context-switching delays, ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget.

Highlights of Paymo

  • Task planning with Kanban boards, to-do lists, and spreadsheets
  • Project management with Gantt charts, scheduling, custom workflows, and team milestones
  • Automatic time tracking and reporting
  • Enhanced client and team collaboration tools
  • Online invoicing and expense tracking with estimates and profitability reports


Paymo has a Free plan with unlimited projects, time tracking, and invoicing, which may be enough for personal use. A Starter plan is meant for freelancers and small businesses, starting at $4.95 per user per month and adding project templates, integrations with other tools, and tech support on top of the basic features.

For bigger teams, Paymo offers two more plans with recurring tasks, unlimited clients, Gantt charts, and more features for employee management.

9. Forest App

Best focus app for motivation

forest app for focused work

Forest is a must-have productivity app that helps you maintain focus and prioritize important tasks. By using an engaging tree-planting process, the app encourages you to stay committed to your work without distractions.

This focusing tool adds a beautiful touch of gamification to the well-known Pomodoro technique for productivity. When you set the timer and focus on your tasks, your virtual tree grows, and leaving the app during your focus session causes the tree to wither and die.

Fores is free and fun to use, and it helps you focus on working or studying without interruptions. It also partners with a tree-planting organization, allowing premium users to spend virtual coins to plant real trees on Earth.

Imagine helping the planet by staying focused on your work! That’s Forest for you.

My experience with Forest

I’ve been using Forest mobile app for years to grow cute trees while I work, and they also have a simple Chrome extension. I especially love the feature of working in the allowlist mode with the ability to block everything other than a couple of specified websites I need for work.

10. BrainApps.io

Best brain training app to improve focus

brain training app to improve focus

BrainApps.io is a unique playground for your brain designed to help you improve focus, memory, attention, and even typing speed.

The platform offers a range of brain-training exercises, games, and tools, all aimed at sharpening your mind. By engaging in these activities daily, you’ll notice focus and memory improvement and get better at problem-solving skills.

BrainApps also offers quick summaries of the most popular self-development books to learn from, leading to even higher productivity and efficiency in both your personal and professional life.

What is a focus app?

A focus app is a tool designed to help you stay concentrated and productive by minimizing distractions, optimizing time management, or enhancing cognitive abilities. These apps often include features such as Pomodoro timers, task planning, website blocking, or brain-training exercises.

What does the focus app do?

The main goal of any focus app is to help you stay concentrated on your task, so you can get work done and achieve your goals. Through various techniques and tools, focus apps keep you on track and remove common distractions, so you can manage your time efficiently and enhance your productivity and focus.

Using an app to help yourself avoid distracting websites and become more accountable is a smart strategy for goal success.

Final thoughts on using apps to focus

Harnessing the potential of technology has made it easier than ever to stay productive and focused. Using the right tools can be the missing piece that transforms your performance, and the focus apps and websites mentioned in this list are powerful tools that will help you up your game.

Don’t allow yourself to have zero days when you don’t take any action towards your goals. Incorporate these powerful apps into your daily routine and enjoy focused work with a tuned brain, digital assistants, and ambient background.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best focus app for Mac?

RescueTime is the best focus app for Mac. Its ability to track your activity and provide detailed reports helps you identify time-wasting activities and improve productivity. With RescueTime, you can set goals, track progress, and block distracting websites and apps to protect your focus.

What is the best focus app for iPhone?

Among many apps that offer Pomodoro timers, Forest is one of the best apps for focus available for iPhone in 2024. It’s a beautiful productivity tool built to make staying on track and motivated easier.

What are the best focus apps for ADHD?

The best focus apps for ADHD are RescueTime and Brain.fm. RescueTime helps you understand and optimize your time-wasting patterns, while Brain.fm provides scientifically designed music to boost focus and concentration.

What are the best focus apps for students?

The best focus apps for students are Motion and Forest. Motion is an AI-based planner that optimizes schedules and time management, while Forest gamifies focus by growing virtual trees as you concentrate on studying.

What are the best focus tools for developers?

The best focus tools for developers are Paymo and AdGuard. Paymo is a comprehensive project management tool that assists developers in tracking work time and managing tasks effectively, while AdGuard blocks ads and distractions, enabling developers to focus on coding and problem-solving.

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