GoalsWon Review 2024: Is It Worth The Money?

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As a goal success coach, I talk a lot about the power of accountability on this blog. So when I came across GoalsWon, a productivity platform that pairs you with a human coach for 1-to-1 daily accountability, I couldn’t resist giving it a shot.

Accountability is often the missing link between setting a goal and actually achieving it. You may have the best intentions, but without someone to keep you on track, it’s easy to veer off course.

In this GoalsWon review, I’ll share how just one month with a coach has already reshaped my routines and taken my productivity to new heights. From the daily grind to the big wins, you’ll learn whether this service lives up to the hype.

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GoalsWon Overview

  • Daily coaching via chat
  • Dedicated app to check off goals
  • Real human coach (not AI!)
  • Support and encouragement

Quick summary of my experience with GoalsWon

Having used the GoalsWon platform for a month, I can say it really helped me improve my daily habits and keep myself accountable in pursuing my bigger work and life goals.

The real connection with a human coach made a big difference, giving me that extra push that digital productivity tools alone just can’t do.

I’ve completed a 21-day yoga challenge, published more than 35,000 words of blog content, and got back on track with several good habits.

But the real difference-maker has been the consistent support and nudges from my GoalsWon coach! Even on days when my motivation dipped, their timely encouragement and the element of having to report to someone kept me going.

I would 100% recommend giving GoalsWon a try, especially if you work alone like me, trying to balance growing a business with a healthy lifestyle.

What is GoalsWon?

goalswon accountability coaching app to stop procrastinating

GoalsWon is an accountability app that pairs you with a real-life coach to help you meet your goals. You get to chat with your coach every day, laying out your plans for the day and getting feedback and encouragement.

At the start of each month, you can set monthly targets, so you always have something you’re aiming for when you plan your days.

Your coach will be there for you even when you lose motivation, keeping you accountable and ensuring you make tangible progress every day.

Benefits of GoalsWon

Who is GoalsWon for?

GoalsWon is a valuable resource for a wide range of people, including entrepreneurs, remote workers, and freelancers.

If you have clear goals but find yourself procrastinating or losing focus, GoalsWon will continuously provide the extra push to keep you moving.

Especially if you’re someone who knows what you want to achieve but needs that external nudge to make consistent progress, GoalsWon can make a huge difference in your ability to get results.

Matching with coaches in GoalsWon

When you sign up for GoalsWon, the process isn’t just about setting up an account and diving in. You’re taken through a series of easy steps designed to understand your specific goals and the type of accountability you’re looking for.

goalswon goals quiz

This information is then used to match you with a coach who aligns well with your objectives and preferred coaching style.

goalswon coaching support

However, if for some reason you find that your initial coach isn’t the right fit, GoalsWon offers the flexibility to switch coaches.

For instance, I initially started with Mar, who was incredibly kind and supportive. But I realized I needed someone to challenge me more aggressively, to question my decisions and push me harder. So, I was reassigned to Joel after the first week.

The ability to change coaches ensures that you get exactly the support you need, depending on your coaching preferences.

GoalsWon features

1. Daily goals & habits

GoalsWon makes it easy to list daily goals and habits you want to maintain or develop. Throughout the day, you can check off these tasks as you complete them.

At the end of the day, you submit your day’s progress for your coach to review.

This submission process creates an effective accountability loop, as your coach can see exactly what you’ve accomplished and what tasks you didn’t get to check off.

goalswon submitting results daily

This process involves checking off things that you finished, writing a little summary about your day, and evaluating your mood on a 5-point rating scale.

I would usually submit my day before going to bed and wake up to a new message from my coach.

goalswon new coach message

If you have recurring tasks or habits you want to keep up with, GoalsWon allows you to set these up so they appear daily. This ensures you never forget your ongoing commitments!

There’s also an “Undated goals” folder where you can place goals without a specific due date. I haven’t made use of this feature since I already have a task backlog list in my daily planner Sunsama.

2. Chat with a dedicated human coach

If you came here wondering whether GoalsWon actually has a real human talking to you, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s true!

Your coach isn’t just an automated message bot or AI coach – they’re a real person who supports you every day.

You communicate with your coach via chat, sending updates, asking questions, and discussing obstacles you might be facing. This interaction makes the experience personalized and far more impactful.

goalswon coach support

As you can see in this example, your coach comments on your day’s results and encourages you to get back on track even if you had some failures yesterday.

This really helped me keep a positive attitude instead of dwelling on setbacks and feeling discouraged.

For even better accountability, GoalsWon allows you to send images as proof of your accomplishments. For example, you can send a gym selfie if you completed a workout.

It’s optional but can be a motivating way to show your coach – and yourself – that you’re making tangible progress.

3. Progress graphs and charts

While it would be nice to have this as a built-in feature, your GoalsWon coach creates progress charts that visualize your achievements and setbacks.

goalswon statistics

This lets you see your progress at a glance and encourages you to keep the streaks going.

4. Targets to work towards

At the beginning of each month, you can set goals that you want to achieve by the end of this month.

goalswon chat example

These act as your north stars for the month, guiding what you should focus on. It keeps you from drifting aimlessly or getting lost in small minutiae tasks.

There is a dedicated area in the app where all your monthly targets live, and either you or your coach will update them every day.

goalswon targets example

Having monthly targets also provides a larger context for your daily tasks. It helps ensure that the daily grind isn’t just busywork but contributes to larger, meaningful goals you want to accomplish.

5. Milestones and support

Besides the targets, GoalsWon has a milestone feature: your coach adds these manually when there is something to celebrate, and they show up as a timeline of your achievements.

Here is an example of my September milestones:

goalswon milestones

The fact that this exists in the app and that your coach celebrates these small wins with you shows that GoalsWon creators know what they are doing and base their work on positive psychology research.

Celebrating every little milestone releases a dose of endorphins inside your brain that stimulate you to keep going and strive for more.

When I finished a yoga challenge, my coach Joel even made me a pretty, inspirational image!

goalswon celebrating wins

6. Mobile and web version

Accessibility is key to maintaining your productivity flow, and GoalsWon understands that.

The platform is available as a web version and also as a mobile app for both Android and iOS.

Personally, I mostly use the Android app to check things off during the day, but I respond to my coach via the website because I don’t like typing a lot on my phone.

goalswon web version interface

You can check off tasks, chat with your coach, see targets and milestones, and view your progress graphs whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

Both versions maintain the same features and interface, so switching between the two is seamless. This allows you to stay engaged with your goals and your coach, no matter where you are.

GoalsWon pricing

GoalsWon offers a 7-day free trial to see if working with a coach is beneficial for you. After that, the cost is $90 per month.

If this price seems high, keep in mind that one half-hour session with a coach would normally cost a few hundred or even thousands of dollars.

And your GoalsWon coach talks to you every day, even on weekends, to keep you accountable and avoid zero days. I would say the price is actually too low for what you get.

What goals can GoalsWon help you with?

GoalsWon coach can support you in multiple areas of your life. Whether it’s related to personal development, career ambitions, or even specific lifestyle choices, there’s room for it all.

You can choose to focus deeply on one project or use your coach as an accountability tool to keep all your habits in check.

Here are some examples of areas where GoalsWon can be helpful:

  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Making healthier eating choices and getting fit
  • Starting and growing business projects
  • Advancing in your career
  • Building and maintaining good habits
  • and more…

From an entrepreneur scaling a project from 6 to 7 figures to a student trying to keep track of deadlines, GoalsWon has the potential to help everyone.

My experience with GoalsWon

I’ve only been using GoalsWon for a month so far, and I see tremendous value in a service like this. I wouldn’t be surprised if I were to nail all New Year’s resolutions after about 6 months of daily coaching.

During my first month with GoalsWon, I completed a 21-day yoga challenge, wrote and published more than 35,000 words of content on my blog, and got back on track with simple yet essential habits like staying hydrated, exercising, and reading every day.

This was all made possible by the daily accountability and personalized guidance my coach provided, which helped me stick to a well-rounded sleep schedule so I could show up every day and tick all the boxes.

Since I already use a planner to track my daily workload (Sunsama), I only add things to GoalsWon that I know I need to be kept accountable for.

What I really love about this system is how proactive my coach is, especially when my energy is low. It isn’t just a “check-in when things are good” situation. The coach has my back, sending timely reminders and support, which is especially valuable on the days when I don’t feel my best.

Even when I got in a little slump and couldn’t bring myself to update the app for a few days, my coach kept following up until I found it in me to get back on the rails.

Why does accountability coaching work?

I’m not usually the person who cares a lot about what other people think. Especially a stranger on the Internet who I’ve never seen in real life (which is what a coach basically is).

That’s why I was really surprised to see this accountability thing working so well on me!

On multiple occasions, when I had low energy in the evenings, I found myself doing the thing with the sole purpose of checking that box in the app – without GoalsWon, I would likely just skip it.

Since my coach is Joel, who happened to be a co-founder of GoalsWon, I asked him why it works so well, and here is what he said based on their research:

First, the regular check-ins create a routine that helps you stay on track. Then, you have a social contract with someone else, and that’s already setting up an expectation to follow through. And not meeting commitments feels uncomfortable, so it pushes you to act.

Joel Patrizio, co-founder and CEO of GoalsWon

This all makes total sense to me and explains why it works for me.

For example, I attempted multiple yoga and fitness challenges several times in the past, but I would rarely last even a week. It’s crazy how easy it is to make excuses and justify slacking when it’s just you.

When you have to report to someone, you realize how lame those excuses actually sound. Thanks to the GoalsWon coach, I made it to day 21 of my yoga challenge without a single cheat day!

Honest GoalsWon review: Room for improvement

While my experience with GoalsWon was overwhelmingly positive, it’s only fair to point out a few areas where the platform could do better. No tool is without its quirks, and this one is no exception. Here’s what could use some polishing:

  • Minor glitches in the Android app: Such as screens not updating or timestamps being messed up. Nothing critical to stop me from communicating with the coach, but enough to prevent me from giving this app full five starts. I’ve reported the issues as they were happening, so hopefully, they’ll be addressed soon.
  • Lack of manual reorder: Right now, the platform doesn’t allow for manual reordering of tasks. However, I saw this feature on GoalsWon’s public roadmap, so fingers crossed!
  • Auto-tracking of targets: Currently, you have to manually update your progress towards targets. An auto-tracking feature would make this more streamlined.
  • Built-in charts: While the coaches do a great job of creating charts manually, having built-in charting functionality would be a time-saver for coaches and give users the flexibility to see the real-time progress.

Best GoalsWon alternatives

If you’re considering other options besides GoalsWon, I personally haven’t come across any other app that offers daily human coaching in the same way. The level of personalized support and accountability provided by GoalsWon truly sets it apart.

That said, if you’re open to exploring different approaches to accountability, feel free to check out my articles on accountability partner apps and body doubling apps. These articles cover tools that, while not direct substitutes, offer alternative methods to help you stay on track.

goalswon logo

Final verdict: Is GoalsWon worth it?

Even though I’m a goal success coach myself and generally a pretty disciplined person, I found immense value in using GoalsWon.

It’s one thing to understand the mechanics of goal setting and productivity, but it’s entirely different to have a real, experienced human coach on your side every day.

This platform filled the gaps where self-discipline sometimes falls short. The daily check-ins, the personalized advice, and the occasional tough love made a world of difference in keeping me on track.

So, is GoalsWon worth it? In my experience, absolutely. Whether you’re already disciplined but looking for that extra edge, or you struggle with procrastination and need daily accountability, GoalsWon is well worth the investment.

Overall Rating:
4.8 / 5


  • Real human coach
  • Daily accountability
  • Personalized advice
  • Targets & milestones
  • Support and nudges
  • Progress visualization


  • Android app is somewhat buggy
  • Missing some useful features

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