GoZen Content.AI Review: Legit AI Writer Or A Joke?

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You’ve seen the raving reviews and got intrigued: is this finally the AI text generator we all dreamed of? In this GoZen Content.ai review, I’ll take you inside the platform to see if it’s the real deal or just another player in the crowded field of AI writing tools.

Stay with me as we explore the ins and outs of Content.ai by GoZen, a platform that claims to save you hours each week by automating multiple aspects of content creation, from writing to image generation. (Prepare to see lots of samples!)

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GoZen Content.AI Overview

  • Great human-like voice
  • Multiple powerful use cases
  • User interface is a mess

My experience with Gozen Content.AI

I’ve been around the block with AI content generators, so when I came across GoZen’s new Content.ai, you bet I had to try it out.

All those glowing reviews had me intrigued, but after initial testing, I was confused because this tool was far from a 5-star experience for me.

(Turns out, those reviews had a little incentive behind them.)

The AI-generated writing GoZen’s Content.AI produces is actually better than most AI tools I’ve had a chance to experiment with. It sounds much more human compared to many GPT-based generators that use the exact same robotic tone and sentence structure.

However, the user interface is a different story. The Blog Wizard is a complete mess and basically unusable for me, and the various glitches I ran into leave a lot to wish for.

Overall, GoZen Content.ai is showing real promise, particularly in the writing department. But when it comes to generating full-fledged articles, it’s not there yet.

As it stands, you can count on it for short-form content, such as Facebook ads or summarizing stuff, but for more extensive projects, it’s more headache than help. It’s a tool worth watching, though, and I’m curious to see how it evolves.

What is Content.AI?

Content.AI by GoZen is a tool that leverages artificial intelligence to simplify your content creation tasks. This tool is built to automate both text and images, and it’s designed to work with a variety of content types, including blogs and landing pages.

gozen content ai preview

The idea here is efficiency without compromise. You end up saving a lot of time, and you’re not sacrificing the quality of your work to do it.

gozen content ai dashboard
Dashboard of Content.ai

Who is Content.AI by GoZen for?

GoZen Content.ai is made for digital marketers, small business owners, and bloggers. It offers an affordable solution for anyone who needs a content generator that can do a lot more than spit out robotic text.

The writing it produces actually sounds human, setting it apart from a lot of other AI writing tools out there. So, if you’re in the market for a multi-purpose tool that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg every month, Content.AI should be on your shortlist.

GoZen Content.AI features

One of the key strengths of Content.AI is its robust set of features: it covers dozens of use cases, from generating ads to article writing to marketing frameworks. It’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into making this tool fit as many buckets as possible.

gozen content ai templates

In my dashboard, I counted more than 70 different use cases available. Whether it’s landing pages or social media ads you’re after, Content.AI is fully equipped to handle it.

Writing an article with GoZen Content.AI

As a blogger, I was mostly interested in an article generator, so that’s what we’ll look at first.

Content.ai has a separate tab called Blog Wizard – this is where the magic is supposed to happen.

First, you input some details about your article, such as description, keywords, language, and tone.

The fact that the first field is called “product/service” and not a keyword or title tells me that this was not created with bloggers in mind but more for marketers.

For the sake of this Content.ai review, I tried to generate an article on the topic “how to sleep better.”

The Blog Wizard takes you through the 5-step article creation process.

gozen content ai review blog wizard

In step 1, It generates several title ideas based on your input. I didn’t quite like any of them; I would say they are more creative than SEO-oriented.

gozen content ai review article titles

You can edit any title or generate more.

The next step creates an introduction, which is unnecessarily long.

Here is an example of an intro Content.ai generated with a Casual tone:

gozen content ai review article intro

To my taste, it reads like an ad and is not that good for an informational article.

But you might have a different opinion on this, depending on your niche and what you are looking for in AI content generators.

The next step is the Outline. Here I got a long, detailed outline, which is topically great, but I would never use such long headings in a blog article.

gozen content ai review outline

You can choose which items you want to include in the article.

It’s a little frustrating that I have to make 20+ clicks just to make it to the next step.

Another problem is that you can’t edit anything, shuffle items around, or choose the heading structure. In fact, here is a spoiler: there will be no headings in the final article – you’ll need to mark up everything manually.

Quick tip

KoalaWriter does a much better job with article generation, including the outline control. See my full review of the Koala AI tool here.

Each time you click on an item, it adds it to the brief in the left part of the screen.

Be careful with the order: whatever you click on is added to the bottom, so it’s important to only click on things from top to bottom. I didn’t, and I have an introduction close to the end and a messed up list.

The next step is also unexpected: each item has its own generation button, which will only generate that specific section.

gozen content ai outline

You can also click on Generate Brief For All Outlines and then generate the whole article. The size will depend on the number of items you chose and the word limit for each.

Here is an example of a full article generated with GoZen Content.ai.

(Click on the image to read in full size.)

content ai review full article gozen

I highlighted in red some of the obvious parts that are wrong with the article.

For example, it includes the outline and the brief in the article, which is super weird.

There are no headings, everything is just text.

I also don’t understand why the introduction and conclusion are included in the body if they are also at separate steps. This resulted in having two conclusions and two introductions in the final article.

Another issue is that there is no flow to the article – sections don’t lead to one another and read like a bunch of separate thoughts put together.

Overall, the article Content.ai generated is super messy, and it would take me more time to generate and fix it than to write this article from scratch without AI.

I feel like whoever designed this has no clue how blog articles are written now and obviously rushed Content.ai’s launch when it wasn’t ready for the market.

This is a very contrasting experience to what I had when testing KoalaWriter – that one feels like it knows exactly what I need as a blogger, and this one has no idea.

Keyword research with Gozen Content.AI

Content.ai offers a keyword research feature, which is always enticing for us bloggers. It would be really nice to have it all in one tool and not pay for other SEO tools every month.

Unfortunately, GoZen’s keyword research doesn’t seem accurate at all.

For example, I checked the keyword “how to sleep better,” which I know to be difficult to rank for.

GoZen Content AI tool said that it has 880 searches with low competition in the US.

gozen content ai keywords

I put the same keyword into Keysearch (my affordable keyword research tool of choice), and you can see that it shows 9900 monthly searches and that the keyword is extremely difficult (dark red).

keysearch keywords

I can imagine this feature of Content.ai being used for idea generation (although there are much better tools for this) but not for actual keyword research.

Gozen Content.AI landing page generator

Now, this is where things get interesting!

Landing page generation is a really useful feature that I haven’t seen article generators offer before. At least, not in this format.

Content.AI helps you create a landing page with all the typical sections, such as features, pricing, testimonials, FAQs, and even calls to action.

You can choose which sections to include and see the preview of the formatted landing page.

gozen content ai landing page

While it’s somewhat basic and not super flexible, the idea is great and may be enough for many beginner bloggers who have no clue about landing pages.

Generating Facebook ads with GoZen Content.ai

Now, let’s talk about the feature that I liked the most about Content.ai – the Facebook ad generator!

Something that impressed me is that it prompts you to describe the target audience before creating a new ad campaign. This is very thoughtful and something other generators don’t offer.

Still, even here, there are UI issues like inconsistent fonts and other questionable things. “Choose Work,” really, GoZen?

gozen content ai review target audience

When you are done with the audience, the next step is to input details about the product you want to promote.

To show you an example in my GoZen Content.ai review, I made up a fun product called FatBit – a smart watch that tracks your fat loss.

gozen content ai review ad generator

There are a bunch of interesting tone options: from professional or excited to dramatic and gender-specific.

gozen content ai review ad tone

I chose Witty for this product to see what Content AI is capable of.

Here is the Facebook ad description it generated:

gozen content ai review facebook ad

Love it? There is more:

gozen content ai ad 2

While the quality of this ad is pretty good and engaging – it doesn’t read like AI at all – the length is way off.

Facebook limits you to 125 characters in the ad description and GoZen Content.AI generated 272 WORDS. This is more than ten times the length you need.

I mean, yeah, it’s generous, thanks, but what am I to do with that? Use a summarizer on it after?..

You can probably pull the pieces out of this description and create several ads from it. For example, take each paragraph separately to use as an ad or even a tweet.

I also like that it included a placeholder for a CTA button at the end.

Other GoZen Content.AI features

AI playground

The AI Playground in Content.AI is essentially a sandbox for content creators.

It’s where you can experiment with different types of content without affecting your live projects.

This tool offers pre-built workflows for multiple content types and additional flexibility for manually instructing AI.

AI playground can be used for blogs, ads, emails, idea generation, and more.

For example, this is what you initially get with the blog framework.

gozen content ai playground

You can input your own details and add additional instructions before generating.


The Summarizer feature is what many people need, but it’s also not the best in Content.ai.

It’s supposed to generate concise summaries of lengthy articles or documents, making your research and comprehension tasks quicker and more efficient.

In practice, my first few tries didn’t work at all – GoZen gave me an error.

However, after some fiddling, it did generate a summary that was fairly sensible.

I tested it on my own article, and it summarized it well enough.

But there were a few random odd mistakes that were hard to overlook.

gozen content ai review summarizer

The maximum input length is 1000 words.

You can choose whether you want a short or long summary, although it’s not clear how long it would be. The one in this example was medium size.

Image generator

When I purchased the GoZen Content.ai tool, I didn’t even realize they offered image generation, too!

You can just provide a text description of what you want to see, and the tool generates a corresponding image.

Personally, I’m not super impressed by the quality of the images. I’m getting better results with Canva.

gozen content ai image

It also has trouble understanding body parts, and it even inserted the umbrella into a hedgehog in one of the images.

There are several styles you can play around with. For example, here is Line Art.

gozen content ai line art

The bear it generated reminded me of Winnie the Pooh. Do you see it?

Glitches and bugs of Content.ai

While an occasional error I can deal with, Gozen’s tool gave me a lot of those during my tests, to the point that I have to mention it in the Content.ai review.

Here are a couple of examples.


gozen content ai error


gozen content ai error 2


gozen content ai error 3

Why does Gozen Content.AI have such raving reviews?

You might be wondering, with all these glitches and hiccups, why does Gozen Content.AI have so many glowing 5-star reviews?

The answer lies in their incentivization strategy. Right after purchasing the tool, I got an email from GoZen offering an additional 10k monthly words for leaving a review.

gozen ai review incentive

Although they don’t explicitly ask for a 5-star rating, the timing of this offer is noteworthy. Users get prompted to review right after purchase, often before they’ve had a chance to fully test the tool.

This setup creates an environment where people are more likely to give favorable reviews, fearing they might miss out on the bonus words if they share a less-than-stellar experience.

GoZen Content.AI pricing

GoZen offers a free plan that allows you to generate 2000 words per month, 1 article with a Blog Wizard, and 10 images.

gozen content ai pricing

The premium plans range from $9 to $99 per month and all offer unlimited article generation. They have various limits in monthly word and image count, as well as how many users you can bring on board.

Does GoZen Content.AI have a lifetime deal?

At the time of writing this, there is still a lifetime deal for GoZen Content.ai writer available on AppSumo.

gozen content ai lifetime deal

They offer multiple tiers ranging from 30,000 monthly words for one $49 payment to 500,000 monthly words for $499.

Best GoZen Content.AI alternatives

In my subjective opinion, these are the best GoZen Content.ai alternatives in 2024:

Best choice
koala writer ai logo
second best
writesonic logo
third best
copymatic logo ai
gozen content ai text logo
Overall Rating:
3.0 / 5

Final verdict: Use GoZen Content.AI or not?

So here’s the deal: I’m genuinely torn about Gozen Content.AI. I’ve rated it a 3 out of 5, and even that feels a touch generous, given my experience with other tools.

The platform does generate good-quality human-like text in many cases, but it seems to be a better fit for marketing purposes rather than blogging.

I found the landing page and Facebook ad creation features to be promising, but there’s a laundry list of improvements that need to be made. The Blogging Wizard is very far from being on my recommended list.

Given its current state, I can’t wholeheartedly recommend GoZen Content.AI. While it has the potential to be a really valuable text generator, it’s just not there yet.

If you’re in the market for a reliable AI writer, there are way better alternatives that might better suit your needs right now.


  • Landing page generator
  • 70+ templates
  • Multiple writing tones
  • Best for writing ads


  • Messy blog workflow
  • Multiple glitches & errors
  • Inaccurate keyword research
  • Many features don’t make sense

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