Honest Jasper AI Review: Is It Still Worth It In 2024?

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Jasper was arguably the number-one tool for AI-assisted writing before ChatGPT came into the picture. At least in my blogging circle, pretty much everybody I know who dared to use AI before it became mainstream was a Jasper fan back when the tool wasn’t even called that.

But with everything that happened in the generative AI industry in 2023 and so many new impressive tools flooding the market, many people wonder if Jasper is still a solid choice for content writing.

In this Jasper AI review, freshly produced in 2024, I’m testing the tool’s current AI generation capabilities (showing you every step!) and comparing it to my experience with many other similar tools. I’ll also tell you some best practices I learned as I was getting Jasper Certified and share my honest opinion on whether it still makes sense to use Jasper for your content creation.

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Jasper Overview

  • Creative, non-boring writing style
  • High-quality, unique content
  • Multiple dynamic workflows
  • Consistent brand voice
  • No export feature

Quick summary of my experience with Jasper

After exploring Jasper AI extensively with hundreds of generations, I found it to be quite useful overall despite some flaws.

Dynamic workflows and prompt enhancement save a lot of time on creating new content compared to AI chatbots like ChatGPT. The quality of the content is noticeably better and more creative compared to many other generators I’ve used, especially if you utilize the brand voice feature.

With Jasper, I realized it’s possible to write a good article in 20 minutes as opposed to many hours, or even a couple of days I needed before.

Overall, if you take your time and learn how to make the most of it, Jasper has the potential to accelerate your content production and give you several extra hours in a day.

What is Jasper AI?

Jasper, also previously known as Jarvis and Conversion AI, is an advanced AI writing tool that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to transform how we approach content creation.

jasper ai homepage
Screenshot of Jasper’s homepage

With its innovative capabilities, it can assist in generating clear, concise, and contextually relevant content for all your blogging and marketing needs.

Think of Jasper AI as a smart assistant that helps you articulate your thoughts effectively, easing the content development process without losing the personal touch that makes your voice unique.

I should also mention that Jasper’s interface, workflows, and pricing plans have changed quite a lot, and if you read someone’s review from last year or older, you may have a hard time following along and finding many of the features.

Jasper’s benefits

Who is Jasper for?

Jasper’s AI-powered magic benefits a wide range of individuals and professionals:

  • Solo bloggers who want to stay consistent with their content creation process without putting in long hours or hiring a huge team.
  • Digital marketing agencies looking to scale content production for multiple clients efficiently.
  • Freelance writers seeking to expand their client base and take on more projects.
  • Social media marketers who need to continuously create engaging content for numerous profiles and platforms.
  • Small business owners wanting to build an online presence but lacking dedicated marketing staff or large budgets.
  • Startups and growing companies aiming to expand their audiences cost-effectively through high-volume, high-quality content.
  • Any organization where the marketing team is stretched thin but expected to continually produce new campaigns, blog posts, social updates, and more.

Key Jasper AI features

As I mentioned, Jasper has changed a lot, and the new UI highlights simplicity and straightforward workflows – exactly what we need from an AI tool that is supposed to make work easier.

Here is what your Jasper dashboard looks like in 2024:

jasper ai dashboard
My Jasper dashboard in 2024

From here, you can access all your previous creations, navigate to Chat or Campaigns, manage your Brand Voice, or quickly create new content.

Let’s take a look inside each feature and see how it performs.

The primary place where you’ll be spending time in Jasper is inside a Document, which is somewhat similar to Google Docs but way more advanced than that, thanks to the AI features.

This is where you end up when you create a new piece of content or open an existing one.

jasper document editing

You can start writing something right here by prompting Jasper directly in the editor, although it’s not the most optimal way to start something.

1. Create Mode

The best way to create a new piece of content with Jasper is to leverage the Create mode (first tab on the left).

You can choose on of the dozens of predefined templates, or simply tell Jasper what you have in mind and it will create a custom workflow for you.

jasper ai review create content mode

Create Mode allows you to brainstorm and draft new content from scratch with AI prompts and suggestions. Jasper AI assistant aids in content ideation and initial drafting to help kickstart the writing process.

Some of the useful AI templates include:

  • Long-form content: Blog Post, Listicle, Instructional Post (how-to guide), Opinion Piece, Thought Leadership Article
  • Content enhancement: Content Summarizer, Rewriter and Improver, Paragraph Generator, PAS and AIDA frameworks
  • Social media use cases: Facebook post, Instagram thread or caption, Linkedin post or article, caption for Pinterest, TikTok, or Snapchat, Reddit post, Quora answer, Tweet, or a Twitter thread
  • Email templates: Welcome email, Cold email, Follow-up email, Newsletter, Subject Lines, Email Sequence, Product Update email
  • For creators: Script, Outline, and Description templates for podcasts and videos
  • Other: Press Release, Search Ad, Survey Generator, Review responder

I’ve tested a lot of generative AI tools by now, and honestly, many of them only give the impression that they offer a variety of templates. In reality, all the templates have the same workflow with one or two fields under the hood.

Jasper was a pleasant surprise for me because each of their templates is indeed unique and offers a custom workflow with relevant information to fill.

But don’t just trust my word – let me show you a few examples!

So here is a listicle article template:

jasper review listicle article

You can see that Jasper prompts you to choose the topic, describe your audience, and give it an outline.

Conveniently, every field offers AI-generated suggestions, so you don’t really need to spend a lot of time here outside of providing a basic context.

After the basic fields, Jasper gives you a chance to make additional input – in this case of a listicle post, you can specify the list items you want to be mentioned.

jasper prompting additional information

All of these fields are optional. But this is also your opportunity to add a touch of personalization right away so you don’t have to edit much after.


Personalization is super important if you want to stand out in a sea of AI-generated articles. Always aim to make your content unique by giving Jasper custom guidance based on your expertise.

Now, let’s compare this Listing workflow to a different type of post and try the Thought Leadership article.

jasper article structure example

You can see that the steps are completely different. Instead of the audience and list items, Jasper asks you about your key arguments, unique angle, and credentials to support your expert opinion.

How cool is that?

I think there is a great time-saving opportunity here, and these well-thought workflows can benefit anyone from a journalist with strict deadlines to a brand that aims to be loud and recognized as an expert in the industry.

Now, let’s create something for social media, shall we?

jasper social media post example

For a LinkedIn post, Jasper wants you to specify the topic and the key message. Optionally, you can highlight the industry trends and add call to action.

Every workflow in Jasper AI is so intuitive that even a non-technical marketing trainee or a beginner blogger can do a good job with most of these tasks.

I can’t possibly show you every single template, but I’d like to share one more!

Here is an example of the Re-engagement Email workflow. Jasper asks you what kind of incentive you want to offer your customers and whether or not you want to ask for feedback.

At first, the resulting email was a bit too long, but I asked Jasper to shorten it, and this is the result:

jasper email example

I think with minor edits this is similar to what I receive in my mail from brands, so not bad for one minute of work, Jasper!

This can be even better if you add more custom information and attach your knowledge base.

Jasper content examples

Alright, I know you probably ended up reading this Jasper review just to see the actual output examples. Am I wrong?

I will not disappoint – I promised to share my experience at every step, so here you go.

This is a piece of a listicle article I created with Jasper.

resulting word count jasper

Mind you, this is how it writes using my voice (or at least what it thinks my voice is). You will get a different result for the same input without a brand voice or by choosing your own voice (which is a good thing).


I should mention that the initial draft I get from Jasper’s blog post templates is about 500-600 words. In this case, I used additional prompting to add several sections, which took me about 10 minutes to get to a 1559-word final article.

This might be a turn-off for some folks who are looking for one-click article generation. But personally, I think one-click articles are not a good strategy in the long run.

So there are two extremes here:

  • 1-click article writers that flood the internet with generic AI-generated content. I’m pretty sure Google will learn to identify them pretty soon and clear the SERPs.
  • Exhausted creators who manually write every word and spend days producing a single article (this was me at some point, too).

Jasper offers a healthy balance between this two, pulling the best from both worlds. It generates the first draft of the article in your brand voice and gives you easy-to-use tools to continue writing it with or without AI.

At the end, you are getting a good, unique, personalized article in under 20 minutes, which for me is a great deal.

Now, here is one more example – this time from the informational article.

jasper ai article sample

Is this 100% my voice and how I would word it? Of course not, and I wouldn’t expect it from any AI tool in the near future.

Is it a good-quality article with good flow and readability, acceptable for publishing? Absolutely!

Is it better than most of the other AI writers in 2024? Way better.

2. Remix Mode

If you have been creating content for some time, you can leverage your existing content by repurposing it for other platforms – and Jasper offers an easy way to do this.

Remix Mode allows you take an existing blog article, social media post, or a website page and transform it for multiple channels with AI assistance. New variations of content can literally be spun out with just a few clicks.

jasper remix mode workflow

Most users don’t follow you on all platforms. Hardly any user sees every single piece of your content due to the tricky algorithms and the way people interact with information.

So don’t worry about being repetitive! If the information is valuable, your readers will probably be grateful to read it, or will at least appreciate a reminder.

3. Jasper Chat

If you used ChatGPT or any other chatbot, you’ll be familiar with the next feature.

Jasper Chat provides a live chat interface where you can get instant answers to your questions or generate ideas by simply asking questions in natural language.

jasper ai chat features

The interface is as simple as it gets, but let’s break down the three features because you don’t want to ignore these:

  1. You can toggle between Speed and Quality. Speed is the default, but I personally always choose Quality, and I honestly never had issues with speed in the Quality mode, so not sure this is even a choice. (I would encourage everyone to choose quality when it comes to content creation.)
  2. The next “magic” button is for enhancing your prompt. This is arguably one of the best things Jasper offers, and I suggest you always use it, especially if you are not an expert in prompt engineering.
  3. The last feature is Brand Voice. Make good use of it for content creation, but feel free to skip it for research or ideation tasks.

Let me show you an example of prompt enhancing. The top part is my input and under the line is the enhanced prompt Jasper generated.

jasper ai enhanced prompt example

You can see that it created a detailed well-structured prompt that includes the role, the context, the details, and other types of guidance for AI.

This is ideally how you should prompt ChatGPT and other manual chatbots. But I assume most people without prompt engineering training would give instructions similar to mine – and then complain that they don’t get good results from a tool…

Jasper makes leveraging AI more accessible to everyone by transforming your simple prompts into a proper format.

And here is the result (well, part of it). Everything on this screenshot (left and right) is generated from that one prompt.

jasper marketing strategy example

This could easily be the first draft of a document that would likely take a human several hours to write manually.

You can literally generate this in two minutes as the foundation for a brainstorming session with your team or a client strategy meeting.

PRO tip: Give Jasper some context

Make sure to always include some unique details about your brand and your audience in your prompt so AI has something to work with and doesn’t just generate generic boring ideas.

Jasper Chat also includes the footnotes with several resources this report is based on, which you can explore for further research.

4. Brand Voice

I think Brand Voice is one of the best features an AI writing assistant can possibly offer!

Not only it lets you stand out among generic AI-generated competitor articles that all look and read the same, but it also lets you keep a consistent tone of voice across all your marketing channels.

You can set up your brand voice from the left menu in the dashboard.

jasper adding voice

You can teach Jasper AI on your brand voice in three ways:

  • Copy and paste a piece of text you previously wrote
  • Upload a file with an example of your writing style
  • Give Jasper a URL to one of your blog’s pages

Jasper then uses your brand assets like style guides to recognize terminology, structure, and nuances that give each brand its unique voice.

It ensures all generated content sounds authentic to your company’s established tone.


You should only train Jasper on your own content and the documents you have the rights to. It might be tempting to give it a piece of someone else’s content if you want to sound more like them, but this is against Jasper’s terms and may result in losing access to the tool.

Make sure to enable your brand voice when you are creating content.

jasper using brand voice example

On the Pro plan I’m currently on, you can create up to 3 brand voices. This is useful when you have more than one project to write content for, like I do. If you have a Creator Plan, you can only have one brand voice.

You can also set the default voice by clicking on your avatar from the Dashboard and choosing Settings -> AI Settings.

Besides the voice, you can (and should!) also give Jasper some background information about your brand or anything that might be useful for future content creation.

For example, in this case, I uploaded one of my review articles as a PDF into the knowledge base, and now Jasper is able to use that information (i.e. my opinions and experience with the product) for writing related content, such as social media posts, Quora answers, and more.

knowledge base used

5. Jasper AI Art

Jasper also offers AI image generation, which you can potentially use to supplement your articles or social media content.

You can choose to create an image in Free Form (from scratch) or with one of the 10 Templates, such as Food Photography, Ink Art, Travel Photography, etc.

Normally, I don’t expect an impressive quality of generated art from text-first AI tools, so I’ll just show you some examples and leave you to judge them yourself.

My first test was asking Jasper to show me a woman high-fiving a giraffe.

jasper ai art human

First of all, it clearly doesn’t know what a high five is, but I’ll let that fly.

These images look kind of alright until you see the arm separate from the woman on the last one. And better not look at her teeth!

This was with the “Realistic person” template and a simple prompt.

But as you may remember, Jasper offers to enhance your prompts, which we can also use in the art generator!

So, for the next test, I asked for a panda and enhanced the prompt. Interestingly, the resulting prompt is longer than the allowed space, which results in a cut-off sentence every time.

jasper ai art prompt

Well, it’s cute, but I’m not impressed knowing what other art generators can do these days. Also, Jasper seems to have trouble with body parts.

My final example is a cityscape, which looks pretty even though it doesn’t exactly follow the instructions.

jasper ai art sample

You can also try to give Jasper art creator an image if you want to replicate a particular style, or instruct it with some fields, such as Mood, Style, Medium, and more.

Other things I like about Jasper

Surfer SEO integration

Jasper integrates seamlessly with Surfer SEO, which gives you an easy way to optimize your article in the same place you write and edit it.

Surfer uses natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze the top results in Google for your target keyword and give you a list of common words and phrases that you should include in your content too for a chance to rank.

It’s been continuously proven by the SEO industry (and yours truly) that well-optimized content ranks higher in most cases. So make sure to find a tool that you like and keep your articles semantically competitive in addition to being awesome.

Of course, you’ll need an active Surfer subscription in order to leverage this duo. I personally use Neuronwriter as my content optimization tool of choice, but if you are already using Surfer, integrating the two is a no-brainer and a really convenient way to streamline your content production process.

Browser extension

The Chrome extension really expands Jasper’s usefulness by letting me access its features directly within my regular workflow tools.

Instead of switching between the windows and logging in to Jasper app to get AI assistance, I can interact with Jasper wherever I am, such as in Gmail, Docs, and beyond.

jasper extension email

From my understanding, the Jasper extension doesn’t “see” the page you are on, so you can’t ask it to summarize the page or do other things like you can with some other extensions. But you can use it as you would normally use Jasper, whether it’s to write something with a template or ask questions in a chat.

I also appreciate that you can just click on the Jasper extension and disable it for a particular site.


The Favorites feature is one of those seemingly little tools that actually save you time in the long run.

jasper favorites

You can mark your most used templates, as well as documents or campaigns you reference often, as favorites and access them directly from the sidebar.

Room for improvement

While Jasper is an impressive AI writing tool, it’s far from perfect.

Here are some flaws of Jasper AI to be aware of:

  • Sometimes, the output is too much for what it needs to be. For example, nobody wants to read a 500-word email. It’s not a dealbreaker, though – if it happens, you can then select everything and use Ask Jasper to make it shorter. But it would be nice to be able to do it in the initial flow of creating an email, either by specifying the length or adding a custom prompt to keep it succinct.
  • Be careful not to confuse Jasper. When you give additional information in the templates, try not to confuse the AI with conflicting tasks. Once, I asked Jasper to illustrate each point with an example, and it ended up only giving me examples (with no content before that) instead of adding them to the content.
  • No export feature. You have to copy and paste the content if you want to take it to WordPress or elsewhere. There is no export or WordPress integration.
  • Jasper lies about accessing the Internet. From Jasper Academy, I learned that Jasper is meant to be a creative copywriter and not a research tool, so it doesn’t actually search the internet but predicts every word of the output based on its existing knowledge training. That said, it often pretends to search the web and tells me there is nothing there. (Come on, Jasper!)

To illustrate the last point, here is the result of my two unrelated Jasper queries.

For the first one, I asked it to identify the best product in one very popular niche in 2024. It said “after searching the web, no specific results came up.”

jasper lies example

For the second one, I simply asked it what my website is about. (I actually expected it to know it because I uploaded my website to the knowledge base before.) Anyway, it pretended to search the web, and apparently, it “didn’t bring up any results.”

I was later able to get the correct information from Jasper Chat by giving it my website link, but I’d still prefer it not to lie or pretend to search the web.

How to use Jasper AI

1. Create a campaign

Jasper offers Campaigns as a way to organize generated and repurposed content into related groups for things like seasonal marketing pushes.

To create a campaign, simply go to Campaigns in the left menu and click either “Create Campaign” or “New Campaign.” Here, you can choose your brand voice and knowledge that will be used across all the creations within this campaign.

2. Create a piece of content

When inside the campaign, you can either click on “+ Create Content” in the sidebar or follow Jasper’s guidance on the screen.

You can start with a template, or create a blank document and access the templates from the Create mode. It’s a matter of personal preference and doesn’t differ much.

Jasper also has a convenient way to create content directly from the dashboard. Just tell it what you need and it will generate a dynamic workflow for your specific use case.

jasper ai review create new content

3. Use Jasper Chat for up-to-date info

As I came to understand, Jasper doesn’t access the Internet unless you use the Chat functionality. It uses creativity to predict the output, which means you won’t get up-to-date information about the real world with the commands inside the editor.

So, if you need Jasper to get some real-time insights, make sure to use the Chat.

You can also talk to the Chat at any point while working on your content piece, ask it questions, and then easily push the response to add to the document.

jasper chat to document

4. Continue writing with AI assistance

Besides the Create and Chat mode, there are three quick ways you can interact with Jasper inside the document as you are writing or editing.

  1. Press “/” anywhere to give Jasper custom guidance. You can type what you need, use one of the dynamic suggestions, or click “Continue writing” to add more to the last thought.
  2. Click the floating “+” button that appears near each paragraph (to the left).
  3. Highlight the text and tap the “Ask Jasper” button that appears. From there, you can change the tone or length, translate the text to a different language, or otherwise improve it. Another useful feature here is “Repurpose content,” which you can use to, say, turn a particular interesting thing you are writing about into a tweet.

Best practices for using Jasper AI

Based on what I learned while getting Jasper Certified and working extensively with other AI chatbots, here are my top tips to make the most out of Jasper AI in 2024:

  • Use the Brand Voice feature to infuse all outputs with your company’s authentic tone. This ensures consistency across channels.
  • Leverage the Enhance Prompt feature, especially if you aren’t good at prompt engineering. Better prompting always leads to higher-quality responses.
  • Give the assistant clear, specific tasks or questions rather than ambiguous inquiries. Narrow the scope for the most productive assistance and try to avoid any confusion.
  • Always provide the necessary background context around any generated content. Creative AI can interpret directions differently without sufficient framing, resulting in wasted time and being disappointed with the AI tool.
  • Fact-check any generated results, as Jasper AI is not fully capable or reliable on its own.
  • Don’t expect coherent long-form articles from a single click. First drafts are relatively short, but Jasper makes it really easy to finish the article with your expert touch and personalized prompting.

Jasper AI pricing

Jasper offers a pretty straightforward pricing structure and a 7-day trial to test if the AI matches your needs.

jasper ai pricing
  • The first plan is called Creator. It costs $49 per month, includes one seat and one brand voice, and can integrate with Surfer. This is perfect for most small bloggers and freelance writers. You can’t organize your content into campaigns, but you can generate unlimited content, including with the browser extension.
  • The next plan is Pro, which is what I currently use. It allows you to bring up to 5 people (your writers or content managers) on board (with additional charge), set up three brand voices, use campaigns, and create AI Art, all for $69 per month.
  • Finally, there is a Business plan. This is a custom plan for agencies and bigger teams, which you can’t directly sign up for. But if you get in, you open up a whole lot of extra features, such as Kanban boards, performance analytics, custom templates, and more.

You will save about 20% on any plan if you pay annually.

One more thing to note is that regardless of the plan, you can pay extra for Copyscape-powered plagiarism checks if you want additional peace of mind.

Jasper AI vs ChatGpt: Which is better?

When it comes to Jasper AI vs ChatGPT, both are capable AI assistants, but Jasper has some standout advantages because it’s built for business with specific content-oriented use cases in mind.

While ChatGPT can produce quality responses given adequate prompting, this takes significant manual effort repeated for every new task. Jasper removes this friction through things like dynamic workflows that really streamline your work.

Jasper lets me organize content in campaigns and repurpose it to multiple marketing channels in an efficient way. This saves tons of time versus feeding all details to ChatGPT on each step and trying to find something in the history.

Another thing I appreciate about Jasper is that it always remembers my brand voice, while ChatGPT needs to be constantly reminded and often ignores my custom instructions anyway.

While the output from both at their best is fairly comparable, Jasper provides a much more convenient solution tailored to content productivity. I also feel like it’s more creative out of the box compared to a generic ChatGPT writing style.

Best Jasper alternatives

If you’re curious about Jasper alternatives, there are a number of tools available that can assist you in creating engaging content. Here are a few options:

  1. Koala: If your only use case is creating blog articles, Koala Writer is the best choice in 2024. It’s a tool made for content creators by a content creator, and it clearly knows SEO and what a blogger needs from an AI writing tool. Give Koala a free try, or read my detailed review with samples.
  2. Writesonic: This platform is similar to Jasper in a way because it uses AI to help you create various kinds of high-quality content. From blog articles to social media use cases and more, Writesonic is designed to meet a variety of content needs. Check out Writesonic.
  3. ArticleForge: This tool is many bloggers’ favorite one-click article writer. It’s designed for generating content in bulk as fast as possible without sacrificing quality. Get a free ArticleForge trial.
jasper ai logo

Final verdict: Is Jasper worth it in 2024?

After putting Jasper AI through extensive testing, my overall verdict is that it remains an excellent choice for content creation and production needs in 2024.

While not perfect, the optimizations and productivity boost it brought to my workflow far outweighed any minor shortcomings. Features like dynamic templates, brand voice training, and enhanced prompting set it apart from alternatives, and the outputs are unique, creative, and high-quality.

Jasper continues to streamline content generation, saving me significant time that can then be invested in higher-level strategic work. Even accounting for the competitive rates of other options, I’ve found the value Jasper provides to be well worth its monthly subscription cost.

For bloggers and marketers focused on output quantity and consistency, Jasper earns my strong recommendation.

Overall Rating:
4.7 / 5


  • Really good content quality
  • Powerful prompt enhancement
  • Brand voice and background knowledge base
  • 50+ useful templates
  • Plagiarism check


  • First drafts are short
  • Doesn’t search the internet
  • Need to fact-check
  • No export to WordPress

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