Koala Writer Review 2024: Best Long-Form AI Writing Tool?

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Despite actively using AI for content creation, I’ve long been skeptical about AI tools that claim to produce quality long-form articles. I’ve gone as far as to write a 1-star review for one of the popular tools that I was disappointed by. After that, I decided not to waste any more time reviewing subpar software.

But here I am, writing this Koala Writer review because this tool finally broke the mold. Of all the tools that hit the market this year, Koala AI Writer is the only long-form one that’s genuinely impressed me.

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KoalaWriter Overview

  • Human-like article generation
  • SEO optimized content
  • Good for affiliate articles
  • Super affordable

Quick summary of my experience with Koala AI Writer

I used to be against one-click articles and say that I prefer a more hands-on approach. Turns out, I just hadn’t seen a tool that could do what I do – until I met Koala.

This AI generator lets me create an article exactly as I want it in just a few minutes – as opposed to spending hours working with ChatGPT section by section.

Whoever designed Koala Writer clearly knows what they are doing, what Google wants to see, and how to prompt AI to get the best results.

Koala also nails Amazon roundup articles and product reviews, which I’ve never seen an AI tool be good at before. Most of them can only handle informational content.

If you are blogging professionally and want to scale your content production, Koala is a no-brainer.

So, let’s break down what sets Koala Writer apart. I’ve given this tool a comprehensive test run, and I’m happy to say that this software lives up to the hype and actually exceeded my expectations.

It’s a real asset for anyone involved in content creation. Stay tuned to find out why!

What is KoalaWriter?

KoalaWriter is an AI-powered writing tool designed to simplify the content creation process, particularly for long-form articles. Whether you’re writing a product review, an informational blog post, or even an Amazon affiliate product roundup, this tool can generate a full engaging, SEO-friendly article in one go.

koalawriter ai writing tool preview

Koala is based on OpenAI’s GPT algorithms, but unlike ChatGPT, it has access to the Internet and can take into account real-time data, such as recent news.

Apart from top-notch content quality, KoalaWriter offers multiple features that other AI writers don’t, such as reviewing Amazon products for affiliate articles.

There is also a KoalaChat where you can brainstorm with AI or ask questions in natural language.

Benefits of KoalaWriter

Who is Koala Writer for?

If you’re in the trenches of content creation – whether as a blogger, freelance writer, or entrepreneur – KoalaWriter is definitely worth your attention.

Content marketers and SEO professionals will find particular value in its data-driven approach to article creation, as well as built-in search optimization.

Simply put, if you’re looking to elevate your content game without sacrificing hours of your day, KoalaWriter is the tool you’ve been waiting for.

Key features of KoalaWriter AI

1. Long-form content generation

KoalaWriter shines when it comes to generating long-form articles. It excels in creating content that isn’t just long for the sake of length but is genuinely rich and informative.

All you need is to type in a target keyword you want to rank for and click Create Article.

koalawriter review blog generation

There are many other things you can tune, and I really encourage you to play around and get to know them – the result of AI generation is always of better quality when you put some time into making it your own.

That said, you can simply insert the keyword and leave everything else on default settings, and you’ll still get a solid publication-ready article.

If you are looking for an AI tool that can generate one-click articles with the decent quality you can publish with minimal polishing, Koala AI Writer is your best bet.

Koala creates a full-length, well-crafted article in just a matter of a couple minutes of guiding it in the right direction. (This is a simple and straightforward process, not at all like instructing ChatGPT with tons of sentences.)

Just like in ChatGPT Plus, you can choose between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 for each article, taking into account that GPT-4 takes up five times more credits.

As expected, GPT-4 is only available for paid Koala users.

2. SEO-friendly content

When it comes to SEO, most AI writing tools can’t compare to a real human, although many try. That’s why it’s so common to use an SEO tool like SurferSEO or NeuronWriter (my choice) to further optimize the article.

KoalaWriter has SEO built right into its core. It understands that having quality content isn’t enough to compete for rankings these days; the content needs to be optimized for search engines to attract traffic.

Right after choosing the keyword, Koala prompts you to choose between manual and AI-powered ways of optimization.

koalawriter seo optimization options
Optimizing articles with KoalaWriter

AI-powered SERPs analysis

AI-powered mode basically does what you usually manually do in those SEO tools – but it is fully done for you. It analyzes your top competitors ranking in Google for your target keyword, finds dozens of common terms, and includes them while writing an article for you.

This feature alone makes KoalaWriter worth the price, as it gives you a far better chance of your content ranking high in search results.

Understandably, this automated mode requires a lot of resources, so it’s not included in the free trial.

While this is a cool feature, I personally love to have as much control as I can over the content creation process, so I tend to choose Manual mode anyway.

Manual SEO mode

koala writer ai manual optimization

You can list everything that you want covered in the article here, and Koala’s AI will take all that into consideration. From my experience, most of these are either reflected in section headings or in FAQs if you have them enabled.

You don’t need to spend extra time optimizing your article for SEO; the tool takes care of that for you, making your workflow more streamlined.

Wondering how well it’s actually optimized? Wait until I show samples and screenshots in the “My experience with KoalaWriter” section, or jump there now!

3. KoalaChat

In addition to KoalaWriter, you get access to KoalaChat with a single subscription.

Based on OpenAI’s technology, KoalaChat is designed for SEO and content creators, so you can expect it to be knowledgeable in this area without additional prompting.

koala writer ai chat

Another thing that makes KoalaChat much more useful than ChatGPT is its access to real-time data.

While ChatGPT can only answer queries based on information in its knowledge base, KoalaChat can fetch up-to-date facts and statistics, fact-check the output, or even reference recent news, adding another layer of value to your content creation efforts.

4. Amazon roundup article

Product roundup articles can be particularly tricky, and before Koala, no AI writers could help me with that without spending a ton of time copy-pasting each product’s information.

KoalaWriter surprises once again, offering a dedicated article type called “Amazon Product Roundup,” able to generate complete, ready-to-publish product roundup articles for affiliate blogs in a couple of minutes.

koalawriter ai review amazon roundup

By utilizing live Amazon data, including reviews and current product specifications, KoalaWriter crafts articles that are not just convincing but also highly relevant and up-to-date. A dream come true for affiliate marketers!

The tool allows you to choose how many products you want to include in the article and whether you target Amazon.com or another country’s version.

You can also feed it a link to Amazon search results if you want different products from what your target keyword will find.

koala product roundup review

By default, this type of article Koala writes in first-person “we” language, as opposed to third-person language in regular articles. (This is always customizable, of course.)

There is an option to “Enable first-hand experience” to make it sound like you actually tried the product. I haven’t used this feature because I don’t think it’s ethical, and I always update the article anyway if I have personal experience with the product.

5. Amazon product review article

Writing Amazon product reviews needs a different approach than other types of content. I didn’t even know KoalaWriter had this feature until I started using the tool.

If you run an affiliate website, Koala AI will help you create convincing, persuasive Amazon product review articles that have a high chance of converting readers.

Just insert the URL and your target keyword, and let Koala do its magic.

koalawriter review amazon product review article

The tool uses real-time Amazon data, which means you get a comprehensive review based on the latest customer opinions and product information.

This ensures your reviews are accurate, up-to-date, and more likely to result in successful affiliate sales.

6. Write a blog post based on a YouTube video

One of the most unique features of KoalaWriter is the ability to write a blog post based on a YouTube video.

I’ve seen many tools offering to generate a script for a YouTube video, but I’ve never seen any tool offering to convert an actual video into a blog post.

All you need to do is input the video URL (not even a transcript – just a link!), and KoalaWriter will transform your video content into a full-fledged, SEO-optimized blog post.

koalawriter review youtube to blog

This is a real game-changer for those looking to repurpose content across multiple platforms.

If you’ve ever tried to create an article based on your video, you know it takes a bunch of time. You can’t just grab a transcript and publish it. You need to do keyword research for Google, analyze competitors, create headings, and more if you want a chance at ranking.

With Koala, this whole process can be literally done in a few minutes, and it results in a great article with your unique thoughts and your own voice. Amazing!

Other notable Koala AI features

Multiple tones and styles

KoalaWriter offers a variety of tones and styles, catering to different brand voices. Whether you need a formal tone for a corporate blog or a casual tone for a lifestyle blog, you’re covered.

The default tone of Koala articles is confident and knowledgeable, and other tone options include Excited, Professional, Friendly, Formal, Casual, and Humorous.

To make your articles even more unique, you can also choose a Custom tone and give KoalaWriter your own unique instruction.

By default, it writes in the third person, like most other AI tools do, but you can change this to whatever point of view you prefer.

koala writer ai generator point of view

For example, I mostly write in the second person, and sometimes in the first if I’m sharing my actual experience, but I think this depends on the niche and personal preference.

Internal linking

One more amazing feature of Koala AI Writer is… (drumroll, please…) internal linking!

If you ever dreamed of an AI article generator that can automatically add links to your relevant blog posts to the text, you are up for a treat. That day has come!

In Koala, you can list the links you want to link to in the article, and it will naturally link to those in the text. I can’t even express how helpful that is.

koala ai writer internal linking

You can, of course, link to the external pages, too, but I think this is invaluable for internal linking as it’s an important part of blogging that many people overlook.

One caveat, though: this is mainly useful for the GPT-4 mode. If you use GPT-3.5, Koala will just add the Related Posts section to the article with your list of links.

WordPress integration

KoalaWriter allows you to automatically push your article to WordPress after generation.

KoalaWriter wordpress draft

If you blog with a different platform than WordPress, they also offer multiple other integrations through Zapier.

Outline control

Before generating an article, you can toggle “Use outline editor” if you want more control of the outline.

Instead of creating an article right away, KoalaWriter will first generate an outline you can fully customize to make the article your own.

This is where your expertise comes in: you can add sections that you know your reader might benefit from, but your competitors didn’t think of.

Koala lets you easily add, edit, delete, or reorder H2s and H3s. This ensures the final output aligns perfectly with your voice and content strategy.

Personally, I always have this on so I can tweak the article structure if necessary and not just hope it will turn out okay.

As hands-on as you want

Koala AI Writer caters to all types of bloggers.

If you are like me and like to personalize your content as much as possible, you can make good use of KoalaWriter’s settings. For example, use the Manual optimization mode, edit the outline to your liking, or write a custom instruction that will be applied to each section.

However, if you just want to publish more content fast without sacrificing quality, you can simply input a keyword, click Create Article, and still get a decent result.

Key takeaways & FAQs

These additional features are only useful for certain types of blog posts and not in every niche, but they are a really nice addition other AI writers don’t offer.

The Key Takeaways feature transforms the article’s introduction to add a quick summary as bullet points, while the FAQ section answers common user queries based on real-time search results.

KoalaWriter pricing

First of all, Koala lets you generate an article or two without even signing up or submitting your email.

From my experience, only tools that are really confident in their content quality dare to operate like this. Apparently, KoalaWriter’s creators are pretty sure that you’ll love the free article so much that you’ll immediately subscribe for more.

I mean, they are not wrong…

Once your 5,000 free words run out, you can choose a plan that fits your content needs.

The paid plans start at $9 for 15,000 words generated monthly and range all the way to $2000 per month for 10,000,000 words.

koala pricing

All plans include all Koala features and only vary by the number of words you can generate with KoalaWriter and the number of chat messages you can receive in KoalaChat.

The numbers are pretty generous, too. For example, Jasper’s plans start at $49 per month, which is not affordable for beginners and smaller solo bloggers.

With KoalaWriter, you can create 7-9 great-quality articles per month for just $9. I 100% expect this price to go up in the future, so I would suggest checking this tool out now if you are at all interested.


All the numbers are based on the GPT-3.5 generator. Expect to see roughly 5x usage of AI credits if you use GPT-4. That said, Koala’s GPT-3.5 output is much better than I could ever get from ChatGPT-3.5, so I’m pretty sure it’ll be enough for most people.

Does Koala Writer have a lifetime deal?

KoalaWriter used to offer a lifetime plan when they just launched. Sadly, it’s not the case anymore.

koala lifetime

I wish I could go back in time and get that deal!

My experience with KoalaWriter

I heard a lot of positive feedback about KoalaWriter before I finally got around to trying it myself.

After generating the first article with Koala, I was genuinely impressed and knew instantly that I’d be writing a review about this tool.

So, I made sure to take a few screenshots for you as I was testing the tool’s capabilities.

Let’s start with the outline.

I chose the keyword “can you freeze zucchini” and the Default method of SEO optimization, and here is the outline Koala generated:

koalawriter outline example

You can tell I didn’t edit it at all because there is no “Undo changes” button at the bottom – it appears if you change anything in the initial outline.

I think KoalaWriter did a very good job here with H2s and H3s, and I wouldn’t really want to change anything here. This structure makes sense to me.

When I used the Manual mode, it created an outline that included all the topics I wanted as H2s. I also tested the FAQ option, and all the generated questions made sense to me.

I think I saw once or twice that one of the FAQs was too similar to one of the existing headings, so I removed it. Otherwise, I don’t change much other than maybe updating some headings to reflect my personal style.

KoalaWriter AI sample

I know this is what you came to my KoalaWriter review for, so here you go.

This is a piece of one of the articles I created with the KoalaWriter AI tool:

koala writer article sample

This was created with a second-person point of view and default tone.

Personally, I think it is really good, considering it was generated with the default tone and no custom instructions.

You can make your own judgment based on this sample.

Is Koala a good-quality AI writer?

I have to say, KoalaWriter has exceeded my expectations in delivering high-quality articles. From SEO-friendly elements to its versatility in handling different types of content, this AI writer is in a league of its own. The fact that it can accomplish this in mere minutes is remarkable.

I would say Koala’s output is pretty similar to how a real person would write this. This is the quality I would be satisfied with if I hired a human writer.

I could probably write it better myself, but it would take me 3+ hours to write a similar-length article, another hour to optimize with NeuronWriter, and maybe some additional time to do detailed research beforehand. And it would probably make no difference for rankings…

If I were to hire a writer for this article, I would probably need to pay $100+ for the same result as I got with Koala in about two minutes.

I love that it’s not nearly as generic and boring as ChatGPT. That I can tweak EVERYTHING if I want to. That I can choose a point of view in one click.

Overall, Koala is certainly a good-quality AI article writer every tool aspires to be.

Is KoalaWriter good at SEO?

When a new tool claims to replace two tools at once, I usually don’t expect it to be really good at both features.

In rare cases, I’m proven wrong, and this is one of them.

Koala not only generates good articles but optimizes them for search engines, so you don’t have to!

I’m not gonna praise the tool here, I’ll just show you the result.

Mind you, I didn’t change a single word in the article KoalaWriter AI generated.

I copy-pasted the full article and the title into NeuronWriter and only added my own quick meta description.

And here is the result:

koala writer review seo optimization
NeuronWriter score for Koala article

I honestly didn’t expect to see this value!

Actually, I would be satisfied if it would give me 55+ from the get-go and not 30 like other long-form generators.

I guess it also depends on the competition – this particular term is not extremely high-difficulty like some others might be.

This particular article was generated with the Manual optimization mode, where I only added about five topics I wanted to be covered in the article (not even keywords – topics).

Imagine what it can do in the AI-powered SEO mode!

Honest KoalaWriter review: Room for improvement

Koala is pretty simple and straightforward, and I haven’t found a lot to complain about. So I will share a few nice-to-haves here which aren’t really cons:

  • Using KoalaWriter with GPT-4 takes 5 times more AI credits compared to 3.5. I understand how it seems painful from the user’s perspective, but knowing that using OpenAI’s API (which is in the core of Koala) costs 15 times more for GPT-4 than GPT-3.5, it’s not even as bad as it could be.
  • It would be cool if I could give Koala a sample of my writing to mimic my style. That’s what I usually do with ChatGPT for a consistent tone across my website. Some other tools that offer this call it brand voice.
  • KoalaWriter has quite a few fields you have to fill out before hitting publish. If you use a templated approach for your content creation, this adds up to some unnecessarily wasted time. Would be awesome if I could create templates for specific types of posts that will remember all my settings, such as section prompts, tone, point of view, etc.
  • Would love to see a light theme option in addition to the dark one.
  • In Amazon roundup articles, it would be useful if I could include at least one or two products that must be in the article instead of just relying on a search.

Frequently asked questions

Is Koala Writer AI plagiarism free?

Based on my experiments, Koala Writer doesn’t plagiarize anyone’s content, but it can use generic phrases that might be flagged as plagiarism in some tools.

I checked one article in Grammarly’s plagiarism checker, and it showed 12% plagiarism. However, upon closer look, it flagged a lot of common phrases that you can’t avoid using when talking about specific topics. For example, it flagged “larger mental health issue, such as anxiety,” which can be used in a plethora of articles, and I wouldn’t call it plagiarism.

It didn’t flag a single whole sentence as plagiarized, which is a good sign. Still, I would probably try to rephrase a couple of sentences to just be on the safe side with Google and reduce the % to 10 or less.

Is KoalaWriter AI detectable?

Honestly, I have no idea because I don’t care about AI detection. Since Google publicly announced that they are okay with AI-generated content as long as it’s valuable, fact-checked, and helps the user, I ditched the AI detectors and never looked back.

As long as you create content for people and not just spamming the web with tons of low-value articles, you’ll be fine regardless of the tool you use.

Is Koala AI better than ChatGPT?

In my experience, Koala AI is several steps ahead of ChatGPT, especially when it comes to creating SEO-optimized long-form articles. And I’m saying this as a loyal ChatGPT Plus user.

While ChatGPT is a strong performer in conversational and short-form text, Koala’s algorithms and access to real-time internet data make it an exceptionally powerful tool for generating ready-to-publish, SEO-friendly articles.

koala writer text logo

Final verdict: Is KoalaWriter AI worth it?

Based on my tests, KoalaWriter is one of the few really impressive long-form content generators on the market in 2024. It’s also one of the most cost-effective ones, at least for now.

I would say the output is the equivalent of hiring an experienced medium-level freelance writer but with a much faster turnaround, ridiculously lower price, and much less headache.

It’s also well-optimized for SEO out of the box. And affiliate-friendly, which most AI writers can’t compete with.

It’s like someone finally got what we content creators need and wrapped it all up in one intuitive interface.

If you want to scale your content creation process, Koala is a smart choice.

Overall Rating:
4.8 / 5


  • Full article generation in minutes
  • Highly customizable workflow
  • Actually SEO-friendly outputs
  • Key takeaways & FAQ section
  • Simple & straightforward step-by-step article writing approach
  • Can write affiliate roundups and product review articles
  • Multiple tones and POVs
  • Chatbot designed for content creators and marketers
  • Internal linking
  • WordPress integration


  • GPT-4 takes 5x credits
  • No light theme
  • Can’t use specific products in a roundup article

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