12 Best Apps & Tools To Overcome Procrastination

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Procrastination apps aren’t the ones that make you procrastinate more. I’m sure you don’t need help finding those… Instead, the software tools and apps for overcoming procrastination will guard your time whenever you get in your own way and start sabotaging your goals.

From distraction blockers and goal trackers to accountability apps, focus apps, and even brain training tools, this list has everything you need to stop procrastinating!

Whatever causes your procrastination and laziness, it won’t have a chance to steal your time anymore, as you use the right tools to find a productive mood and start working.

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What are the best procrastination apps in 2023?

Whatever your life goals are, learning to overcome the urge to procrastinate can be a game-changer for personal and professional success.

12 Best Apps & Tools To Overcome Procrastination

In 2023, there are many useful apps and websites to stop procrastinating that can be leveraged as strong allies against time-wasting habits.

These innovative digital tools boost your productivity, transform time management, and help overcome procrastination, paving the way for you to achieve your goals and conquer distractions.

Here are the 12 best procrastination apps in 2023:

1. RescueTime

Best procrastination app to stay focused

rescuetime productivity tool blocks websites when you need to focus

RescueTime is an award-winning anti-procrastination app for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It’s essentially your productivity assistant that helps you set focus goals for the day and reminds you to get back on track when you get distracted for too long.

When you start a Focus Session, RescueTime will shield you from websites that don’t contribute to your work. It studies your personal digital habits and tracks how you spend time on your device to give you mind-blowing insights into your procrastination patterns.

RescueTime’s Highlights

  • Fully automated time tracking
  • Distraction blocking during Focus Sessions
  • Impressive statistics on your sources of procrastination
  • Gentle reminders to get back to work

2. Freedom

Best procrastination app to block distractions

freedom is the best website blocking app for productivity

Freedom is a website blocker that protects your focus time. Once you set a timer for focused work, it stops you from procrastinating by limiting the time you are allowed to spend on specific websites and apps.

Whether it’s social media feeds, shopping, games, or funny videos that feed your procrastination, the Freedom app can block all of them during a scheduled focus session whenever you need to scratch some things off your to-do list.

Freedom’s Highlights

  • Improves your everyday productivity
  • Blocks all the digital sources of procrastination
  • Allows you to block the whole internet in one click
  • Keeps you focused during scheduled sessions
  • Has a Locked mode to prevent cheating

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3. Todoist

Best procrastination app for planning

todoist digital planner preview

An online planner is a must-have tool for every goal-getter in 2023. It allows you to break down your projects into measurable goals and doable tasks to see a clear picture and make sure you are making progress.

Todoist is the best procrastination app accessible to everyone. Whether for personal projects, studying, hobbies, starting side hustles, or building a business, it will help you organize your life and stay focused on the next task on your plate without being distracted or overwhelmed.

This planning tool also has a solution for teams and collaborators who work on the same project: you can assign tasks, set due dates, and keep track of everything in one place.

Todoist’s Highlights

  • A super-quick way to add and categorize new tasks
  • Modern and intuitive interface with smooth syncing across your devices
  • Recurring tasks and reminders
  • Due dates, filters, and priority levels

4. GoalsWon

Best procrastination app for goal success

goalswon accountability coaching app to stop procrastinating

GoalsWon is another accountability app that can help you avoid procrastination.

While some body doubling apps match you with random people for mutual support, GoalsWon provides you with an expert accountability coach whose sole purpose is to keep you on track with your goals.

If you have a big project to tackle, an important deadline to meet, or are determined to achieve your goal no matter what, a professional coach will be there for you to keep you disciplined and bring procrastination to a minimum.

Highlights of GoalsWon

  • Trained, professional coach in your timezone
  • Daily support for your goals and challenges
  • Regular feedback, motivation, and encouragement
  • 7-day free trial to see if this works for you

5. Neurogym

Best brain training system for chronic procrastinators

neurogym procrastination course

Habitual procrastination can slow your progress in various aspects of life, resulting in unrealized potential, lost income, and failed expectations. The cumulative impact of procrastination and unmet goals is detrimental not only to your success but also to your personal identity and self-confidence.

As a 6-level brain training system, Neurogym incorporates several scientifically studied methods to identify your root cause of procrastination and “fix” it with doable daily brain exercises. It uses neuroplasticity to rewire your brain, replacing the neural patterns that lead to laziness with new positive connections that will help you be productive.

Neurogym’s Highlights

  • Fun brain exercises to beat procrastination in 20 minutes per day
  • Rewiring your brain for long-term success
  • Based on scientific research and proven methods
  • 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the results

6. Supporti

Best procrastination app for accountability

supporti app keeps procrastinators accountable

Supporti is a lifesaver for chronic procrastinators! It’s a mobile app that finds you an accountability partner with whom you can check in daily to keep track of each other’s progress.

Studies show that you are significantly more likely to achieve a goal if you have an accountability partner, especially when you set a specific time for a catch-up meeting.

Whether you need to start a new business, study for an important exam, or stick to a new healthy habit, Supporti will help you set a measurable goal and will keep you accountable until you actually accomplish it.

Supporti’s Highlights

  • Finds you a perfect accountability partner
  • Mutual daily support through a mobile app
  • Built-in framework for effective communication
  • New accountability buddy every week

7. Talkspace

Best online therapy app to solve procrastination

talkspace therapy app for procrastinators

Talkspace is an innovative online therapy app designed to provide quick and much-needed support for facing daily challenges. It’s perfect for procrastinators seeking to overcome their time-wasting tendencies.

By offering convenient and accessible therapy sessions through your smartphone, Talkspace makes it easy for you to find the deeper reasons behind your procrastination and stop them from ruining your life.

Highlights of Talkspace

  • Access to licensed therapists in your app
  • Choose between video, messaging, or phone communication
  • Reach out 24/7 whenever you need help

8. TimeCamp

Best anti-procrastination app for time tracking

timecamp app tracks your procrastination time

TimeCamp is a powerful time-tracking app that can be of great help for procrastinators to regain control of their schedule and boost their productivity.

The need to keep your schedule under control is highlighted in every procrastination book out there, and TimeCamp is one of the best apps to help you understand your time-spending habits.

With its user-friendly interface and insightful analytics, TimeCamp equips you with the tools needed to understand how you spend your time, enabling you to make informed decisions about your priorities and time management.

TimeCamp’s Highlights

  • Automatic time tracking for tasks and projects
  • Insightful reports about your productivity
  • Smart time sheets for teams and customers
  • Invoicing and budgeting for businesses

9. Goalscape

Best goal-tracking app to procrastinate less

goalscape app to stay on track with your goals

Goalscape is a smart goal-tracking app designed to help procrastinators organize their goals and priorities and keep track of their progress using a powerful visual map.

This unique holistic overview of your goals boosts motivation and enhances focus, making it an invaluable tool for individuals and teams to overcome procrastination.

Highlights of Goalscape

  • Manage goals effectively to stay motivated
  • Set priorities and track your progress
  • Generate focused action lists with goal filtering capabilities
  • Share goals and collaborate with team members

10. BrainApps

Best brain training app to improve focus and memory

brain training app for procrastinators

BrainApps is an engaging brain training app that develops essential skills for productivity through educational games and step-by-step courses.

By dedicating 10-20 minutes a day to a brain workout, you can train your brain to think faster and improve your memory and focus, growing into a smarter and more productive version of yourself.

The app offers a variety of unique features, ensuring that you not only sharpen your mind but also acquire valuable life skills.

Highlights of BrainApps

  • Games that enhance attention, memory, and cognitive abilities
  • Soft-skills courses, such as learning English, touch typing, and speed-reading
  • Improve creativity, logic, and focus by playing games
  • Learn key ideas from popular self-improvement books

11. StickK

Best procrastination app for risk takers

stickk motivation app for procrastination

StickK is a unique commitment app designed to help procrastinators eliminate unproductive habits by setting measurable goals and holding themselves accountable with financial incentives.

StickK makes you sign a personalized Commitment Contract with yourself and put money on the line as additional motivation to stay on track.

This accountability app ensures that you stay committed and focused on achieving your goals, giving you no choice but to conquer procrastination if you don’t want to lose money.

If you need an app for overcoming laziness or an extra push to stop procrastinating, StickK is like a friend who bets you can’t be productive.

Highlights of StickK

  • Customizable Commitment Contracts tailored to your goals
  • Option to designate a referee for added accountability
  • Financial stakes to increase commitment levels
  • Goal tracking and reporting tools to monitor your success
  • Community of goal-getters for support and encouragement

12. Sensa Health

Best mental health app for procrastinators

sensa app for mental health to overcome stress and procrastination

Sensa is a modern mental health app created to help procrastinators take care of their mental health by offering personalized advice and tools for self-improvement.

Recognizing from research that most people experience stress or anxiety regularly, Sensa is designed to provide support and guidance for issues ranging from burnout and procrastination to ADHD and anxiety.

Built upon Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) principles, Sensa provides a complete journey to improved mental health with a user-centric approach.

Highlights of Sensa

  • The app helps with stress, anxiety, burnout, and ADHD
  • Creates a personalized anti-procrastination plan for you
  • Supports your mental health with easy daily activities
  • Mood journal, habit building, and quick relief exercises
  • All content reviewed by professional therapists

Can apps really help you stop procrastinating?

Apps and software tools can help you overcome procrastination by boosting productivity, improving time management, blocking distractions, increasing motivation, and keeping you accountable.

Procrastination apps often incorporate features like goal setting, time tracking, habit building, and progress monitoring to keep you focused on your tasks. Ultimately, they help you break free from destructive habits and achieve your goals more efficiently.

Other productivity apps for procrastinators

The 12 tools above are more than enough of a toolkit to get serious about your goals and successfully overcome your procrastination habits.

However, there are many more productivity apps out there that can make a life of a chronic procrastinator easier. In fact, if you incorporate just a couple of these tools into your daily routine, you might be willing to stop identifying as a procrastinator and join the productivity ninjas club!

Here are a couple of other apps that help keep you on track:

  • Flown: This is an online coworking space with 1-hour and 2-hour guided focus sessions where you can leverage the power of body doubling and stay productive longer. There is also a quiet virtual room that you can join at any time to work alongside others for a sense of accountability.
  • Forest app: This is an app for focus based on the Pomodoro technique. It has a free version and a pretty cute design, and the idea is to virtually plant a tree during your focused sessions. It doesn’t block distracting apps like Freedom or RescueTime, but your tree dies if you leave the app, which is usually enough of an incentive.
  • Taskade: This is a robust productivity tool that includes features of AI project planning, note-taking, mind mapping, and more, powered by artificial intelligence. It can actually help you get things done much faster by keeping everything in one place and even doing some parts of the work for you!

Final thoughts on using anti-procrastination apps

Leveraging effective apps for focus and planning is something I would recommend to any procrastinator. By tracking your habits and using procrastination apps to keep yourself accountable, you’ll learn to manage your time better, which will inevitably increase your day-to-day productivity.

By making these tools a part of your workflow, you can conquer procrastination and will have a much better chance of goal success.

Give them all a try, and stick to the ones that click with your work habits and preferences, making you less of a procrastinator and more of an achiever!

FAQs on procrastination and productivity

What procrastination means?

Procrastination means delaying or postponing tasks, whether intentionally or subconsciously, resulting in poor performance, failed deadlines, and increased stress. It is a common issue that many people face, involving various time-wasting habits that prevent them from achieving their goals.

What causes procrastination?

The main reasons for procrastination are fear of failure, overwhelm, perfectionism, poor planning, and lack of motivation. Here are the 18 most common causes of procrastination and how to deal with each of them.

What apps can help with procrastination?

The most useful apps to overcome procrastination are RescueTime, Freedom, Taskade, and Flown. Together, they effectively address time management, project planning, distraction blocking, and accountability, which is everything you need to stay focused and consistent with your goals.

Can procrastination be a good thing?

In some cases, procrastination can be good as it allows for a brief mental break to reassess your priorities and welcome new creative ideas. However, chronic procrastination can lead to negative consequences, such as missed deadlines, increased anxiety, and lower self-esteem.

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