55 Productivity Affirmations To Empower Your Daily Grind

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As a goal success coach, I believe that mindset is the key to achieving any results! And with self-motivation being one of the important factors affecting work-from-home productivity, you need all the mental support you can get to keep you on track with your goals.

The process of repeating productivity affirmations makes a big impact on your mood and efficiency! In this post, I’ll share my 55 affirmations that will make you more productive if you use them daily.

Do productivity affirmations work?

As long as you believe affirmations can work and give them the power to affect your subconscious mind in a positive way, they can do miracles for your attitude and performance.

Productivity affirmations empower you, improve your mood, increase your self-confidence, shape your new productive identity, and set you up for a successful day.

That said, affirmations aren’t magical spells or incantations. They are not prayers to someone else to fix something for you. Positive self-talk is a science-backed tool that can rewire your brain in a variety of different ways, one of which is becoming more productive.

You don’t lose anything by trying positive affirmations. At the very least, you’ll smile and get into a productive mood. Let’s go!

55 positive affirmations for a productive day

Everyone has a bad day sometimes, and it’s okay. You are a human being and you are allowed to have a break. But when you are procrastinating for too long, it gets harder and harder to get back on track.

To push yourself out of a slump and start being productive when you feel lazy, saying productivity affirmations may be a good way to jump-start your day.

productivity affirmations

Read mindfully through this list, choose a few statements that make you feel good and excited, write them down, and repeat them every morning!

Create a habit of starting the day in a good mood and you’ll be surprised how being happy to work towards your goals actually helps you achieve more.

Here are 55 productivity affirmations you can use to be more effective every day:

1. This day is going to be an extremely productive day!

2. I find it easy to work consistently and be productive.

3. I am a person who gets things done.

4. I am productive and successful in all areas of my life.

5. I am ready to start the day now, and I plan to have a good one!

6. I am good at setting goals that really matter.

7. Staying focused, and working productively without distraction is normal for me.

8. I will put to good use every spare moment I have.

9. I am energized and motivated to get more done.

10. I am excited to check everything off my to-do list today.

11. I can easily get into a productive mood and start working.

12. I love being productive.

13. I accomplish more and more each day with ease.

14. I make efficient and effective use of my time.

15. I productively work with the same enthusiasm I start a project with.

16. I enjoy getting things done.

17. I am exploding with motivation!

18. I am naturally productive. Productivity is my default state.

19. I am excited and love to get things done.

20. Energy flows through me, I am motivated and productive today.

21. I am focused and productive.

22. Being effective and productive is just my normal way of life.

23. I am a productive, motivated, and highly driven person.

24. I can solve any challenge this day is going to put in front of me.

25. I tackle my to-do list with ease.

26. I choose to do great things today.

27. Being focused, efficient, and productive is an important part of my life.

28. I am turning into someone who is just naturally productive in their everyday life.

29. I will be the best version of myself today.

30. I always finish what I start.

31. I am the queen of productivity.

32. I have the energy to do anything I want.

33. I find it easy to be productive.

34. I will make the most of this day.

35. Being productive comes effortlessly to me.

36. I get things done.

37. I enjoy finishing my tasks on time.

38. People see me as someone who is naturally productive and successful.

39. Today, I will challenge myself and will succeed.

40. I am transforming into a productive and efficient person.

41. All the decisions I’ll make today will bring me happiness and wellbeing.

42. I am good at creating systems to speed up my work.

43. My mind is clear and focused.

44. I will finish my tasks with joy today.

45. I am ready to have an amazing day.

46. I make great decisions.

47. Today I will be full of ideas.

48. Good energy is flowing through me.

49. I am motivated to work hard today.

50. My ability to focus and concentrate is better than ever before.

51. I am an achiever.

52. I am a natural doer.

53. Being productive brings me joy.

54. I am full of energy and get stuff done.

55. I am a productivity ninja!

What are productivity affirmations?

Productivity affirmations are short statements infused with positive emotions that are meant to inspire you and make you more productive. They are a source of self-motivation that is always available to you, even when your energy is low.

writing a productivity affirmation in a notebook

How to use affirmations to increase productivity?

When it comes to making affirmations work, everyone is unique and different things work for different people. There are no strict general rules on how to use affirmations but there are a few tricks you can use that increase the chances of affirmations working for your personal and professional goals!

➼ Choose 2 to 5 productivity affirmations

Go through this list and find several statements that make you feel excited when you are saying them to yourself. The more positive feelings an affirmation brings, the better effect it will have on your productivity and creative workflow.

➼ Repeat affirmations in your head all day

There are many ways to use affirmations. Some prefer writing them, some prefer saying them in the mirror, and others listen to subliminals.

Personally, I found that the most effective way of making productivity affirmations work is to just keep repeating them in your head all day long. Let them saturate your subconscious mind and keep the negativity away.

Whenever you are not doing focused work, whether during chores or in-between tasks, exclusively think positive thoughts like “I am a productivity ninja!” and they’ll keep you in a higher energetic state, long enough to get work done.

➼ Combine with other productivity techniques

Affirmations can do a great job of building you a productive mindset, but you can supercharge your workflow even more if you use them in combination with well-known and proven techniques for productivity.

➼ Create your own productivity affirmations

When you get the hang of repeating affirmations, you can play around with them and use your own wording. What things pump you up the most when you hear them?

It might be something like “I am a productivity god!” or “I’m on fire today!”, or whatever floats your boat.

I know that some people get their mood elevated instantly when they use profanity language like saying “You are a successful b*tch!”. Try out different wording and find what works best for you.

➼ Share your positive energy

When you share your motivation with others, it doesn’t take away from your energy. In fact, it multiplies and strengthens when you combine it with other people’s energy and get excited together.

Ever noticed how you always come back from a meeting with someone who inspires you in a pumped-up state, eager to work on your own projects? That’s the power of shared energy and accountability partners.

Feel free to share this list of affirmations with friends when they need some extra motivation!

When is the best time for productivity affirmations?

The best time to repeat productivity affirmations is either in the morning or right before you start working, and then more throughout the day. Especially when you aren’t in a productive mood.

Imagine showing up to your home office every time with a smile on your face, excited to work on your projects! Compared to a sleepy kitten not willing to do anything but crawl back to bed, which one do you think is gonna be more productive?

Both good and bad days should end with productivity. Your mood affairs should never influence your work.

Greg Evans

Whenever you feel down or not in a working mood, make a small effort and repeat a few affirmations from the list above. Say each one with intention, out loud if it makes you feel better, and let your both conscious and subconscious mind know that you are in control, and you are up for being productive all day!

What affirmations to use for a productivity mindset?

To find the best affirmations that will work for you, you need to define your current pain point first. Use these productivity affirmations when you aren’t effective with your day, anxiety affirmations in stressful situations, and financial affirmations to build a good relationship with money.

If you are a female entrepreneur, you can make good use of empowering affirmations for businesswomen and beautiful self-love affirmations.

Additionally, here is a great collection of free positive affirmations that covers all aspects of a happy life and has affirmations for every day of the week.

Final thoughts on using productivity affirmations

Those were my favorite 55 affirmations for a productive and intentional life.

But you are the only one who can make them powerful for your life by repeating them with intention every day!

Your positive emotions generate the energy needed for affirmations to work for you. You can totally change the flow of your day for the better if you set a positive intention as soon as you wake up.

empowering positive affirmations for productivity

Say every word with your heart and mean it!

Have you ever seen a cool and empowering public speaker mumbling their words in a monotonous way? I doubt that! So why would you do this to yourself?

Put emotion into every word of your affirmations, and made them sound believable! You need to persuade your subconscious mind that your only option for today is to have a good and productive day!

Repeat several of these affirmations in the morning and promise yourself to aim to be the best version of yourself every single day. This way, if you look at yourself a year later, you’ll be amazed by how much you’ve changed and improved in both your mindset and your life!

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