60 Types Of Productivity Tools For Goal Success In 2024

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You wake up energized, ready to tackle the day with unmatched productivity. You fly through tasks with precision and focus, and time seems to stretch, giving you extra hours to enjoy the things you love.

Sounds like a dream? Well, get ready to be excited, because these 60 productivity tools can make this dream your new reality in 2024!

As a no-nonsense goal-success coach, I’ll tell you straight – if you want to become a productivity machine and take control of your life, you need to put in the work and commit to using these essential productivity tools to upgrade your daily workflow to the next level.

This guide will cover all types of productivity tools that can help you succeed in life and business – from daily planners and trackers to team collaboration tools to handy time-savers and even some focus tools for productivity at home.

If you are serious about becoming unstoppable and achieving the success you’ve always dreamed of, then let’s dive into these powerful productivity tools and start transforming your life today.

Remember, time waits for no one – so let’s get to work!

Daily productivity tools

Daily productivity tools

Did you know that the average worker is productive for just 2 hours and 53 minutes during an 8-hour workday? That’s right, according to a study by VoucherCloud, the majority of our workday isn’t spent being truly productive.

If you are only doing meaningful work for 2 hours a day, don’t expect to get anywhere or change your life in the nearest years.

But even if two hours is all you have, these types of productivity tools will help you optimize your workflow and make the most of every minute.

1. Online planner

An online planner is your digital personal assistant, helping you organize your days, weeks, and months. It’s an essential tool to keep track of your big and small goals, remember appointments, break down projects, and schedule tasks, all in one convenient place.

With an online planner, you’ll always know what’s coming up and can manage your time more efficiently, leading to increased productivity and goal success.


If you prefer the old-school pen-and-paper way, here are the best paper productivity planners that will up your planning game.

2. To-do list app

A to-do list app is a simple but effective tool for your daily tasks, available to you online wherever you are. It’s like a digital checklist that helps you stay on track with what you need to accomplish.

A good to-do list tool allows you to quickly create, organize, and prioritize your tasks, ensuring you don’t forget anything and have a clear agenda for the day. When you start your morning with a specific plan, you can just breeze through your list, and complete the tasks one by one.

Top Pick
todoist is best online planner


I’ve been using Todoist for years to keep my everyday tasks in order, and it’s amazing how much time it saves! It has projects, labels, and priorities, and reminds you about upcoming deadlines.

As you finish each task, cross it off your list and enjoy the satisfaction of making progress!

3. Website blocker

A website blocker is your digital bouncer, keeping distractions at bay while you focus on what matters. With this powerful tool, you can temporarily block or limit access to your known time-wasting sites, allowing you to concentrate on your work and boost productivity.

No more falling into the black hole of social media or aimless browsing! A website blocker helps you reclaim your valuable time and energy, channeling it into achieving your goals.

Top Pick
freedom blocker logo


Freedom is an effective tool that can block distractions across all your devices. It protects you from digital procrastination and allows you to schedule regular sessions of focused work.

or read my detailed Freedom review

4. Time tracker

A time tracker is like having a stopwatch for your productivity. It helps you monitor how much time you are spending on tasks, making it easier to identify and eliminate time-wasting activities. By tracking your time, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of your work habits, enabling you to optimize your schedule for maximum efficiency.

Additionally, you can use a browser extension to see how much time you are spending on different websites. This is very helpful when you look back and don’t understand where your time went. A web activity tracker allows you to identify the sneaky time-wasters, which you can then block with a website blocker.

Here is an example of website tracking from the free Chrome extension I use:

website activity tracker example

5. Accountability app

An accountability app is your digital coach, pushing you to stay true to your goals and commitments. It helps you create a support network by connecting with friends, family, colleagues, or even strangers, who will then hold you accountable for your progress.

An interesting study done by the American Society of Training and Development highlights the power of accountability in achieving goals. It reveals that having a goal only brings a 10% chance of success. However, committing to someone increases your odds to 65%.

Most impressively, scheduling a specific accountability meeting with that person boosts your probability of goal completion to a remarkable 95%!

6. Note-taking app

A note-taking app is your digital notepad, ready to capture your brilliant ideas, insights, and reminders wherever you go. It allows you to quickly jot down and organize your thoughts, making it easier to stay focused and productive.

With a note-taking app, you’ll never lose a great idea again, and you’ll have an arsenal of information at your fingertips to help you achieve your goals with ease.

Top Pick
evernote note taking app logo


Evernote is my go-to app for personal and business notes. It keeps organized all my projects, meeting notes, bucket lists, ideas, and important stuff, and I can even scan paper documents into a digital note in one click.

7. Online calendar

An online calendar is your personal time management wizard, helping you effortlessly juggle your appointments, events, deadlines, and client meetings. With its intuitive interface and customization options, you can easily plan and visualize your days, weeks, and months ahead.

An online calendar empowers you to take control of your time, so you can make every moment count toward reaching your goals.

8. Meeting/appointment scheduler

A meeting scheduler is your super-efficient digital secretary that handles the logistics of coordinating meetings with ease.

This handy tool simplifies the process of finding mutually convenient times for appointments, eliminating the back-and-forth emails and allowing your clients and coworkers to book one of your available time slots in one click.

By optimizing scheduling, you save a lot of time and never forget an important meeting.

9. Email tracker & analytics tool

If you interact with anyone through email or doing any kind of email outreach, an email tracker is a must-have tool for productivity.

No more blindly sending emails into the abyss and hoping to hear back! An email analytics tool tells you exactly who opened your email and when, and even suggests optimal follow-up times.

By using a tool like that, you’ll understand what works best for you by analyzing open rates, click-throughs, and response times. This will allow you to completely transform your email game based on actual data, create meaningful connections, and keep the conversation going with confidence.

Business productivity tools

Business productivity tools

Leveraging project management software and other business productivity apps is essential for optimizing daily workflows and utilizing time efficiently.

Here is the list of the most important types of tools for business productivity that streamline processes and improve collaboration, directly impacting your business success.

Whether you are a solopreneur or are managing a huge team, I’m certain you’ll find these tools useful.

10. All-in-one business manager

A modern all-in-one business management system is a comprehensive tool that integrates various aspects of your creative business into one user-friendly platform.

If you have an online business and have products to sell, you can do the whole process from building a website to launching courses to managing clients without switching the context. This versatile tool enables you to manage your business more efficiently, allowing you to focus on growth and innovation.

Top Pick
vonza business manager for productivity logo


Vonza is a great modern tool for creative entrepreneurs. From creating courses and digital products to building sales funnels, forms, and email marketing campaigns, it organizes your whole business in one place.

11. Invoicing software

Online invoicing software streamlines your billing process, enhancing cash flow and minimizing hands-on effort.

By transitioning from tedious manual invoicing to an automated system, you’ll set up a quick process to efficiently create, send, and track invoices for your clients, which will allow you to free some precious time to focus on other aspects of your business.

12. AI email assistant

A smart AI email assistant can completely transform your inbox! Let artificial intelligence take care of sorting, categorizing, and even drafting responses for you.

Say goodbye to inbox overwhelm and hello to smarter, more efficient email management. With your AI assistant taking care of the routine, you’ll have more time and energy to grow your business and do the tasks that really move the needle.

13. Social media scheduler

A social media scheduler is a tool that helps manage your online presence more effectively. It allows you to plan content, set posting times, and fully automate the process of publishing.

Personally, I like to plan my social media content in advance for a whole month, which takes away the pressure of coming up with new content ideas and being glued to my phone every day.

By using a scheduler, you can maintain consistency and engagement, without the constant stress of manually handling everything.

14. Data analytics & automation tool

Data analytics and automation tools help transform businesses by revealing trends and informing decisions based on existing internal patterns.

A tool like this automates repetitive tasks, optimizes your day-to-day operations, and provides valuable insights, boosting productivity and setting your business on a path to success.

15. Video conferencing platform

Since the world moved into remote work several years ago, there aren’t many business people who never attended an online meeting.

Video conferencing platform allows you to virtually connect and collaborate with people in seconds, even if they are all the way across the world.

It allows team members to share ideas, solve problems, and strengthen bonds despite physical distance. These modern communication tools drive productivity and foster teamwork – and they are here to stay.

16. Screenshot tool

Screenshot tools simplify the process of capturing, annotating, and sharing visual information.

If you ever had the need to add an arrow, highlight something, or crop your screenshot, you might know how much time a good screenshot-taking tool can save you on these seemingly simple tasks.

By using the right tool for taking screenshots, you can communicate more effectively, and quickly share visual information to explain your point, ultimately enhancing productivity and collaboration.

17. AI writing software

Even if your business doesn’t have a blog, it probably involves a fair amount of writing. From social media posts to creating catchy titles and engaging landing pages, every online business needs to generate content in one way or another.

An AI writing tool is designed to assist with all kinds of text-based tasks and enhance the writing process. It generates ideas, drafts content, and can rewrite your input in a variety of ways and tones, improving your business productivity and allowing you to create compelling content more efficiently.

18. Graphic design tool

An online graphic design tool helps you create eye-catching visuals that resonate with your audience in mere minutes. The days of Photoshop are gone!

Even without design expertise, you can quickly start any project with user-friendly templates and produce professional-looking graphics easily with all the tools at your fingertips.

Top Pick
canva graphic design tool logo


I’ve been using Canva Pro for many years for all my projects: from social media banners and logos to personal vision boards and such. It’s one of the game-changing tools for any creator!

Team productivity tools

Team productivity tools

Are you looking for a way to boost your team’s productivity and collaboration? You are lucky to have found this list of top team productivity tools!

These handy solutions will help you improve all your processes and get more done together. Whether you need a communication platform or a project management tool, I’ve got you covered with all those types.

Let’s dive in and see how these tools can help your team achieve success!

19. Project management software

An online project manager allows you to easily plan the workflows, organize and delegate parts of the project, and monitor your team’s progress.

It helps you break down complex projects into manageable tasks, assign responsibilities, and track deadlines. Everyone can see an agenda for the next week, month, or quarter, and it’s always clear who is responsible for what.

Top Pick – Monday
monday logo

Monday is known as one of the best project management tools in 2024. It has 200+ templates to cover all your project needs and an intuitive pretty interface to visualize the processes.

From project timelines and calendars to Kanban boards and team members’ workload, a good project planning platform will help you be a better manager and bring every project to success in a stress-free way.

20. Visual collaboration tool

A visual collaboration tool empowers you to brainstorm, plan, and share ideas with your team through engaging visual representations.

By creating mind maps, flowcharts, or diagrams, you can communicate complex ideas more effectively. This tool promotes innovation and teamwork, helping you bounce ideas and unlock your team’s full potential.

21. Team meetings manager

Meetings are notorious for eating up valuable time. According to a report by Atlassian, employees attend an average of 62 meetings per month and spend at least 30 hours in unproductive discussions.

Using an online meeting management tool allows you to streamline your meetings and ensure that everyone’s time is well-spent.

22. Document-sharing tool

Document-sharing tools allow you and your team to access, edit, and collaborate on files in real time. By centralizing your documents, you can maintain version control, reduce duplication, and save time on file searching and messaging.

This tool promotes efficiency, improves communication, and keeps your team quite literally on the same page, driving productivity to new heights.

23. Virtual whiteboard app

A virtual whiteboard app brings the brainstorming experience to the digital world. It allows you to sketch ideas, write notes, and collaborate with your remote team members, just as you would with a real dry-erase whiteboard.

As you harness the power of visual thinking, you can spark creativity, problem-solve, and make better decisions together, noticeably enhancing your team’s performance.

24. Automatic guide generator

An automatic manual generator simplifies the creation of user guides, product documentation, and training materials.

With modern tools, you can just make a quick video and automatically turn it into a step-by-step guide for your clients, students, or coworkers.

A guide maker like this streamlines the documentation process, ultimately boosting your productivity and improving everyone’s understanding of critical information.

25. Messaging tool

Using a professional messaging tool is crucial for teams these days. Not only does it keep your conversations secure and private, but it also amps up your collaboration game with organized group channels, file sharing, and seamless integration with other productivity tools.

Some tools allow group calls and meeting scheduling right out of the box. And others have lots of fun automation features, such as creating a bug report without leaving the messenger.

Work-from-home productivity tools

Work from home productivity tools

While at least 65% of employees want to work remotely, not everyone can handle the freedom and be productive in a home environment.

If you are lucky to have a home office, these types of productivity tools will help you make the most of your remote work experience, enabling you to stay organized and focused and produce good results.

All of the items on this list will help you cut through the noise, eliminate distractions, and crush your goals with ruthless efficiency, no matter where you are.

26. Noise-canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are a true lifesaver for remote workers. They help you create a peaceful sanctuary, drowning out the chaos of your surroundings.

No more distractions from noisy neighbors or that tempting TV show, just you and your focus, ready to conquer the world one task at a time.

As someone who works best in a quiet environment, I see noise-canceling headphones as an essential tool for my productivity, whether I work at home, in the office, or go to a coworking space. If you like to listen to music, they also make sure you don’t disturb other people.

27. Robot vacuum

How much time per week do you spend cleaning your home?

I know some people even use it as a way of “productive” procrastination.

A robot vacuum is one of the tools I swear by as it saves me a ton of time I can dedicate to work or resting instead. If you choose the right one, it’s a completely autonomous machine that keeps your home clean and dust-free.

Top Pick
ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 Omni Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo with Self-Emptying, Auto-Wash, Auto-Refill and Auto-Hot Air Drying, 5000Pa Suction, AIVI 3D Obstacle Avoidance, Built-in YIKO Voice Assistant, Black

Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni

I love Deebot! It cleans my apartment every day at the set time, and then returns to the station and empties the dustbin.

What am I doing in the meantime? Working, reading, and sometimes nothing at all!

28. Meal delivery service

Nothing beats a delicious meal, ready when you are, without the hassle of cooking. Unless you are a chef or a housewife, you probably don’t enjoy spending hours in the kitchen. Thankfully, nowadays you don’t have to!

A meal delivery service saves you precious time, allowing you to focus on your work. It also ensures you get the nutrition you need to fuel your productivity, so you can keep crushing those goals!

Personally, I have all my dinners delivered to me twice a week and ready to eat. Some people prefer meal kit services that still require a bit of cooking but save you a lot of preparation time anyway.

No matter which way you choose, it will add quite a few hours to your week.

29. Grocery delivery

Imagine the freedom of having groceries delivered straight to your door. You can skip the time-consuming store trips and instead use that time to stay in the zone, focused on your tasks.

This tool is for people who love to cook but hate wasting time on continuous grocery runs. Who said online shopping can’t include food?

30. Moon Pod

A Moon Pod is not just an ordinary bean bag, it’s your ultimate relaxation companion. You can basically live on it, from working with your laptop and ergonomic support to sleeping without any back or neck pain.

productive work in a moon pod chair

Perfect for those quick power naps or brainstorming breaks, this versatile bean bag helps you recharge your batteries and return to work with a clear, focused mind.

31. Air purifier and aromatherapy diffuser

Using a combination of an air purifier and an aromatherapy diffuser can work wonders for your workspace. The air purifier cleans up the air around you, while the diffuser adds soothing scents that help you relax. This combo creates a calm and focused atmosphere, making it much easier for you to concentrate and get things done.

32. Virtual assistant device

A virtual assistant device can become your personal productivity sidekick when you work from home. It allows you to set reminders, manage your calendar, or even control your smart home devices with just the power of your voice.

Whether you need to add a new task to your to-do list, get a quick answer from Google about something, or hop on a call, you can do it all hands-free without stepping away from your current work.

Top Pick
Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen, 2022 release) | With bigger vibrant sound, helpful routines and Alexa | Deep Sea Blue

Echo Dot with Alexa

With Alexa’s help, you can play music, control smart home devices, set hands-free timers, and even get weather updates, all with one small device sitting nearby while you work.

33. Local household helpers

Sometimes, we all need a little extra help.

On Care.com, you can find local household helpers who can handle chores like cleaning or laundry, pet care, tutoring, or babysitting, freeing up your time to focus on your work.

They keep your home in tip-top shape, so you can maintain a productive and clutter-free workspace, and take good care of your loved ones when you are busy.

34. Phone lock box

We all know how tempting it is to check our phones constantly, to the point of cell phones being among the main distractions in the workplace.

With a lock box, you don’t have to rely on willpower anymore and can dedicate that mental energy to more important things.

Top Pick
ySky Portable Smart Auto Phone Timer Lock Box for iPhone and Android Phones, Self-Control Timer Locker to Help Kids,Students, Adults Focus Back,Prevent Excessive Games, Mobile Phone Addiction(New)

ySky Portable Phone Lock Box

Lock away your phone and enjoy uninterrupted focus, knowing your device is safely stored until your next break.

35. Break reminder

North Carolina State University researchers found that people take more “microbreaks” at work when they are tired. And guess what? It’s a good thing!

These mini breaks are like a secret weapon against morning fatigue, helping you bounce back and rock your tasks with renewed energy.

So don’t underestimate the power of taking short breaks throughout the day!

A break reminder tool can help you schedule those productivity-boosting microbreaks and nudge you to step away from work for a refreshing bit.

Not only will you feel better, but you’ll also stay focused, boost your well-being, and tackle your goals with enthusiasm, even on those days when you are running on empty.

Tools to skyrocket productivity

Tools to skyrocket productivity

Looking to boost your personal productivity to new heights? Technology has got you covered! Here are a bunch of extremely useful types of digital tools that will help you become a productivity ninja and get more done in a workday.

36. Email checker

An email checking extension is a valuable tool for managing your inbox more efficiently. It helps you instantly see incoming messages, ensuring that you stay on top of important communications.

It also allows you to manage several mailboxes at once, eliminating the need to log in to each one several times per day. Additionally, you can turn on Do Not Disturb mode for a few hours whenever you need to focus without distractions.

I use the free Checker Plus for Gmail extension and it has been a huge helper in keeping my inbox at zero most of the time. You can archive, delete, mark as spam, unread an email, and even send a quick reply without even opening a new tab.

37. Macro recorder

A macro recorder enables you to automate repetitive tasks by recording your actions and turning them into a script. This tool saves you time and effort, allowing you to quickly execute complex jobs you do every day with just a few clicks.

It’s a great tool to boost your productivity and eliminate monotonous work.

38. Text expander

Text expanders help you create and use keyboard shortcuts for frequently used phrases or text snippets. By reducing the amount of typing needed for repetitive content, you can speed up your workflow and minimize errors.

It’s a simple yet powerful tool that can improve your efficiency and accuracy in written communication.

39. Smart reusable notebook

A smart notebook is like your regular paper notebook but cooler and more eco-friendly.

As usual, you can take handwritten notes, sketch ideas, draw prototypes, and plan your days, making it an excellent productivity tool for creative work. What’s different? It has an app that scans your work into the cloud, so you can access all your creations online while wiping your pages and reusing them.

Top Pick
Rocketbook Planner & Notebook, Fusion : Reusable Smart Planner & Notebook | Improve Productivity with Digitally Connected Notebook Planner | Dotted, 8.5' x 11', 42 Pg, Terrestrial Green


Rocketbook is a reusable smart notebook that merges pen and paper with digital technology.

Write or draw with a special pen, upload your work to cloud storage using the app, and erase the pages to use again!

If you enjoy the paper feel but want to digitize your notes, this might be a wonderful solution to speed up your workflow.

Personally, I don’t use this tool because I have an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil for illustration and digital planning, but if you still stick to paper, that’s a nice middle ground that doesn’t break the bank.

40. Audio-to-text converter

Audio-to-text converters transform spoken words into written text, making it easy to transcribe meetings, interviews, or voice recordings.

You can use one to capture ideas when you are on the go or even generate an initial draft of content when talking feels easier to you than writing.

This tool saves you the time and effort of manual transcription, allowing you to focus on analyzing and utilizing the information instead. It’s an essential productivity tool for anyone dealing with a significant amount of audio content.

41. AI chatbot

ChatGPT made a big entrance this year, pushing many other chatbots to up their game too.

Using an AI chatbot is like having a super-smart writing buddy right by your side, ready to help you with all sorts of tasks involving words and ideas. It can give you a hand with brainstorming, drafting blog posts and essays, editing your work, and answering all kinds of questions, making your life a whole lot easier.

There is no limit to ways you can leverage it for both personal and business productivity.

42. Speed reading app

A speed reading app trains you to read faster without sacrificing comprehension. It helps you improve your reading speed and retain information, so you can become more efficient at studying, researching, or just read more books in a year.

Additionally, some speed-reading apps use interesting proven techniques for displaying text that keep you focused and distraction-free at all times.

43. Grammarly

Grammarly is a writing assistant that helps you improve your grammar, punctuation, and overall writing style. By providing real-time suggestions and corrections, it ensures your written communication is clear, concise, and professional.

This tool not only helps you avoid embarrassing mistakes but also enhances your writing skills over time, making it a valuable addition to your productivity toolkit.

I’m saying it as someone whose first language is not English – Grammarly has honestly improved my writing a lot over the years.

There are a couple of alternatives to Grammarly that offer similar services but this tool pretty much dominates the market and is known to be the best across all industries.

Focus tools for productivity

Focus tools for productivity

It’s no secret that distractions are a common occurrence, but they can significantly impact your productivity. A study from the University of California, Irvine, revealed that, on average, it takes 23 minutes and 15 seconds to regain focus after an interruption.

This is where the right focus-oriented productivity tools can truly make a difference. By employing these tools to minimize distractions and effectively manage your time, you’ll be better equipped to maintain a good level of productivity and consistently make progress toward your goals.

44. Focus app

A focus app can be your best friend when you need to concentrate on your work.

These apps use various techniques, the Pomodoro method being the most popular among them, to help you stay on track and put an end to distractions.

45. Social media feed blocker

Social media can easily pull you into a rabbit hole of endless scrolling.

Thankfully, a fine-tuned feed blocker can help you regain control. By temporarily hiding your social media feeds, you stop them from catching your attention when you just log in to do one specific little task.

Personally, I block YouTube and Facebook feeds as they have random stuff that I don’t need. If I want new content, I go directly to subscriptions or groups respectively.

46. Ads blocking tool

Ads can be intrusive and disrupt your workflow. Sometimes it’s easier to leave the page than to get to the actual content through the wall of ads. And don’t even get me started on the ones that move and distract me from reading.

An ad-blocking tool helps you create a more focused online environment by removing ads from the websites you visit, allowing you to concentrate on the content you are actually interested in and work more efficiently.

That said, some of the websites are reader-supported and don’t bombard you with ads. You can always turn your ad blocker off for those specific sites to support them if their content is valuable to you.

47. Phone apps blocker

Mobile apps can be a constant source of temptation, but an app blocker can help you stay focused.

Honestly, I would recommend removing certain apps completely if you recognize their detrimental effect on your productivity.

A phone app blocker allows you to temporarily disable access to certain apps on your phone in order to minimize distractions and maintain your productivity throughout the day.

48. Background noise tool

A background noise tool can help you create the ideal work environment by generating soothing sounds or white noise.

Whether you prefer the hum of a coffee shop or the gentle pitter-patter of rain, these tools can help you find your focus and stay in the zone.

49. Desk timer

A desk timer is a desktop gadget whose sole purpose is to act as a Pomodoro timer. Unlike the digital focus tools that are on your phone, it doesn’t distract you with messages or notifications, allowing you to leave your phone in another room and stay in the flow until it rings.

Essentially, It’s an effective productivity tool that helps you manage your time and stay on task. By setting specific intervals for work and breaks, you can maintain your focus and avoid burnout.

50. Do not disturb tools

“Do not disturb” (DND) is a powerful thing that can help you eliminate interruptions.

If you turn it on on the phone, it will silence notifications and messages, and prevent the calls from getting through to you unless it’s urgent, creating a distraction-free environment that allows you to concentrate and do some productive work.

Some productivity tools also offer DND mode if you ever need to pause them. For example, I enable it on my email checker (mentioned in #36) in the morning, so I have a couple of hours of focus time without email interruptions.

bonus tool
ASSURED SIGNS Do Not Disturb Door Hanger Sign, Welcome Please Knock - 2 Pack - 9 x 3.5' - Universal Fit - Perfect Do Not Disturb Signs for Bedroom, Hotel or Home Office for Privacy and Ensure People Do Not Enter

DND door sign

This is an exact sign I have on my home office door. I use it for meetings, focused work, and meditation, and my husband knows well to not disturb me when the sign is up.

51. Email cleaner

An email cleaner helps you declutter your inbox by automatically organizing, archiving, or deleting unwanted emails.

You can set up specific filters and pretty much teach it how you want everything to be. For example, you can remove marketing and spam emails but set reminders to ensure nothing important falls through the cracks.

By keeping your inbox organized and reducing digital clutter, you can focus on your priorities and be more productive.

Long-term productivity tools

Long-term productivity tools

While all the previous tools are great for day-to-day productivity, you need to look at the bigger picture if you want to achieve the biggest goals.

This last type of productivity tools is focused on improving your long-term vision, smart planning, and maximizing your performance to achieve even more success in the future.

52. Mind map maker

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of ideas swirling around in your head? A mind map maker can be a lifesaver in such situations.

This tool allows you to visually organize your thoughts, ideas, and plans, making it easier to see connections and prioritize tasks.

It can help you brainstorm more effectively, whether it’s a personal project or a business strategy. With a mind map maker, you’ll plan everything with a clear overview, and make better decisions based on the big picture.

53. Goal tracker

Being a goal success coach, I can’t possibly write a post like this and not mention a goal tracking tool!

We all have goals. Big and small, personal and professional, long-term and short-term. Setting goals is easy. But keeping track of your progress and actually achieving them can be quite a challenge.

That’s where a goal tracker comes in handy!

Top Pick
goalscape productivity tool logo


This tool helps you monitor your progress by breaking down your goal ideas into smaller, manageable milestones, setting priorities, and see the progress in a unique visual way.

With a goal tracking software like this, you can keep an eye on how your project is going, stay motivated and focused, and even celebrate your successes as they happen.

54. Habit tracker

Whether you are trying to develop positive habits or break the not-so-good ones, a habit tracker is a game-changing productivity tool.

It can come in different forms, from paper habit trackers to sophisticated apps, and it helps you gradually introduce new healthy behaviors into your daily activities.

The longer streak you have with a new habit, the harder it is to give up. Your brain will resist breaking promises because you already did a lot of work to get there.

Here is my example of French learning with Duolingo. There are days when I only do French to keep the streak. But that’s exactly the point – I’m doing it!

productivity tools in action - my duolingo streak almost a year
Duolingo does a good job with streaks

By building and tracking your habits consistently, you can change your life in a relatively short time span and become the best version of yourself you always knew you can be.

55. Brain training app

We all want to keep our minds sharp and agile, don’t we? Brain training programs are specifically designed to give our cognitive skills a boost.

By engaging in regular mental exercises, you can improve memory, focus, and problem-solving abilities. Over time, you’ll notice that your mind feels more alert and your productivity increases!

56. Fast typing software

In today’s fast-paced world, being an efficient typist can save you precious time and reduce errors, leading to a significant boost in productivity.

Fast typing software offers targeted exercises and practice to help improve your typing speed and accuracy. As you become more proficient, you’ll notice that your whole workflow becomes faster and smoother.

Depending on your current skills, it might be possible to learn to type two or even three times faster. Just imagine how much time you could save by typing at lightning speed!

57. Appsumo

If you are a business owner like me, you are always on the lookout for new tools and services to streamline your work processes.

Appsumo is a fantastic platform that offers discounted deals on a variety of productivity tools, software, and services. Some deals come and go, but they often offer crazy discounts at the beginning, saving you thousands of dollars in the long run!

By exploring and taking advantage of these deals, you can stay ahead of the curve, monitor trends, and discover innovative tools that will make your work more efficient.

58. Social media analytics

In the age of social media, understanding your audience’s behavior is crucial for success! Social media analytics tools can help you track engagement, reach, and other key performance indicators, giving you valuable insights into your online presence.

By analyzing this data, you can refine your strategy, optimize your content, and achieve better results. You can be more confident with your process when you know when is the best time to post and what your audience likes.

Most social media analytics tools offer content scheduling too.

59. Book summary service

As a bookworm who sometimes reads 100+ books a year, I can tell you there isn’t enough time in life to read every book worth reading.

That’s where a book summary service comes in. These tools provide short and to-the-point summaries of popular books, allowing you to absorb key insights and ideas in a fraction of the time.

If you can read a book, read a book. But if your reading time is limited and the list keeps growing, reading a book summary is better than nothing.

Oftentimes the summary is enough to understand the gist of it and start implementing it into your life.

60. Sunrise alarm clock

Waking up feeling refreshed and energized is essential for starting your day on the right foot and spending it productively.

A sunrise alarm clock simulates the gradual rise of the sun, providing a gentle, natural wake-up experience. It can also imitate nature sounds like birds and the ocean!

It’s a simple change to your morning routine that can make a world of difference in your overall wellbeing and performance.

Final thoughts on being productive in 2024

Well, there you have it: 60 types of productivity tools that will help you work smarter, have more hours in a day, and actually achieve your goals by the end of 2024!

Being productive doesn’t have to be a chore – with the right types of tools, you can make progress while still enjoying what you do. Now go through the list again and bookmark the tools you think might help you do better.

Incorporate the modern tools into your routine now or risk being left behind, as others succeed while you are trapped in a cycle of unproductivity and regret!

But don’t overwhelm yourself: implement them into your routine one by one, starting with something that makes the most sense for your current workflow.

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