5 Best Sunsama Alternatives To Plan Your Days In 2024

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I love Sunsama. It’s such a gem for daily planning that I even wrote a detailed review about my experience with it. But I know there is no one-software-fits-all, and some people might be looking for alternatives.

Best AI Planner
motion tool logo
  • Automatic AI time blocking for tasks
  • Flexible setup
  • Meeting scheduling tool
akiflow tool logo
  • All tasks in a single dashboard
  • Time blocking in a calendar
  • Convenient action shortcuts
Best for TEAMS
clickup logo
  • Powerful project management tool
  • Has every feature you can think of
  • Great for team collaboration

Maybe you want an AI planner that offers new cool tricks and automates your scheduling. Maybe you need something that’s easier on the wallet. Or maybe Sunsama just doesn’t match your vibe.

No worries! Before I chose Sunsama as my day planner, I got my hands dirty testing lots of similar planning tools hands-on, some of which are also quite impressive.

In case this mindful planner is not your cup of tea, I’ve curated this list of 5 Sunsama alternatives that should be on your radar.

Whether you are into hardcore project management or just need to get a grip on your daily tasks, I’m sure you’ll find a decent planning tool on this list.

What are the best Sunsama alternatives?

Ready to explore alternatives to Sunsama for your productivity and project management needs? Here’s a curated list of digital tools that offer a range of features, from advanced goal-setting to AI-powered assistance.

Each of these platforms brings its own unique advantages to the table, and one of them might just be the perfect fit for you or your team.

1. Motion

motion is an ai powered alternative to sunsama for daily planning

Best Sunsama alternative for AI-powered planning

If you appreciate automation and AI-driven task management, Motion is an outstanding alternative to Sunsama. Motion employs AI to intelligently plan your day (automatically!), prioritize your tasks, and even reschedule work you couldn’t get to.

What sets Motion apart is its dedication to preventing interruptions and protecting your focus time. For example, if you block a time in your calendar for a specific task, Motion will prevent anyone from scheduling meetings during that time.

It’s almost like having a virtual assistant that rebuilds your schedule when the unexpected occurs, ensuring that interruptions don’t derail your productivity.

As for your weekends and work-life balance, Motion takes that seriously. One of the first things it asks you to do during onboarding is to specify your preferred work hours. Since everything is scheduled automatically, it’s important to set boundaries so nothing gets scheduled in your personal time.

The tool understands the value of free time, automatically safeguarding your weekends and personal time so you can truly relax and recharge.

Best Features of Motion

motion tool logo
  • Intelligent task prioritization based on importance and deadlines
  • Automatic schedule building with instant adjustments when something changes
  • Multiple views: tasks, boards, calendar
  • Powerful system for meeting scheduling


Motion offers a 7-day free trial so you can create some test projects, add team members, and see how much time you can save with autoscheduling.

The individual plan costs $34 per month, but this is reduced to just $19 per month if you pay annually. The team plan starts at $12 per user per month.

how is Motion better than sunsama

For the full comparison, read my Sunsama vs Motion article.

Motion is designed to automate a significant portion of your daily planning through AI. It’s not just about listing tasks; it’s about understanding the priorities and fitting them into your day in the most effective way.

Motion gives you insights into how you and your team spend time and even takes the liberty to reschedule tasks so you meet your deadlines without feeling overwhelmed. Overall, it’s like Sunsama on steroids when it comes to automating your day-to-day.

2. Akiflow

akiflow planner is the best sunsama alternative

Best Sunsama alternative for time blocking

Out of all the day planning apps I had a chance to review, Akiflow seems to be the closest alternative to Sunsama when it comes to features, goals, and overall look and feel.

Similar to Sunsama, this platform gives you a universal inbox where you can effortlessly import tasks from different tools, bringing everything under one roof. This allows you to reduce the hassle of managing multiple agendas and work in a single consolidated workspace.

But Akiflow doesn’t stop at task consolidation. It takes time management up a notch by allowing you to block out time slots in your calendar for specific tasks. This feature enables you to protect time for deep work and avoid the chaos of an overcrowded schedule.

Its feature set is also nothing short of impressive, which makes it a solid rival to Sunsama. Handy keyboard shortcuts, time zone management, auto-linked content, and offline mode are just a few highlights.

Akiflow goes above and beyond with little things like smart labels and a command bar, making sure your productivity is supercharged without you ever having to touch your mouse.

Best Features of Akiflow

akiflow tool logo
  • Universal dashboard for day planning that pulls from multiple task management tools
  • Easy time blocking by dragging and dropping tasks to calendar slots
  • Quick task actions with keyboard shortcuts
  • Recurrent task setup for daily, weekly, or custom periods
  • Time zone support and offline mode for maximum flexibility


Akiflow offers a simple pricing structure.

On a yearly plan, you pay less than 50 cents per day, which is a great deal considering that you’ll be using this planner every single day to support your daily workload, project-by-project progress, and mental health.

If you prefer to pay every month, Akiflow will cost you $24.99.

When you hop on a 7-day free trial, you are offered a 1:1 onboarding call so you can learn how to make the most of this tool.

3. ClickUp

clickup is often chosen as a more affordable sunsama alternative

Best Sunsama alternative for team collaboration

ClickUp is a productivity platform engineered for as-smooth-as-possible team collaboration. Its versatility allows it to be the go-to platform for virtually any type of work, making it particularly useful for teams with diverse project requirements.

One of its standout features is centralizing project-related communication so everyone stays in the loop without the need for excessive meetings or updates.

Enhanced visibility is another cornerstone of ClickUp, offering a single source of truth for all ongoing projects across your organization. This transparency reduces the need for unnecessary meetings and gives everyone a crystal-clear understanding of what’s happening and who’s accountable for what.

But that’s not all. ClickUp takes automation seriously. From onboarding employees to managing expense reimbursements, you can automate a wide range of business processes without having to write a single line of code.

Coupled with an AI-powered assistant tailored to your role, ClickUp ensures you’re working efficiently and smartly.

Best Features of ClickUp

clickup logo
  • 15 different work views: lists, boards, calendars, Gantt charts, docs, mind maps and more
  • AI-powered productivity assistant with dozens of role-specific templates
  • Centralized project-related communications
  • Wide range of no-code automation features
  • Flexibility and easy customizations


ClickUp has a free forever plan that surprisingly doesn’t limit your team size. This alone is enough to consider it if you can’t afford Sunsama yet.

Paid plans start at $7 per user per month and offer more storage, additional features and views, increasingly powerful tracking and reporting, and more.

The AI assistant is an add-on that you can use for just $5 a month on top of any plan, except the free one.

how is ClickUp better than sunsama

While Sunsama is ah-mazing for daily planning, it doesn’t have half of ClickUp’s features when it comes to team management and project-based collaboration.

And their AI assistant is something that makes ClickUp a no-brainer if you are open to the idea of delegating some of your time-consuming tasks to artificial intelligence.

4. Taskade

taskade ai tool productivity preview

Best Sunsama alternative for daily productivity

Taskade is designed as a comprehensive digital planner suited for those focused on achieving tangible results. Whether you’re managing individual goals or team projects, Taskade provides a structured approach by combining to-do lists, notes, mind maps, and more into one platform.

This platform is reinforced with AI tools that not only streamline your work process but also enhance productivity.

Taskade makes it simple to manage projects, offering various project views like lists, boards, calendars, and timelines. It goes beyond basic functionalities by embedding AI into every aspect of your work.

With a few intuitive commands, the built-in AI assistant can generate outlines, break down tasks into subtasks, and even summarize lengthy documents. This helps you work much more efficiently and get more done in a day without losing quality or burning out.

Taskade stands apart for its real-time collaboration features. With real-time chat and video conferencing built into the platform, teams can discuss tasks, collaborate, and make decisions quickly, eliminating the need to switch between tools.

Best Features of Taskade

taskade ai app logo
  • AI-enhanced digital planner
  • Extensive library of templates for various project types
  • Built-in real-time chat and video conferencing
  • Built-in AI assistant for task automation, brainstorming, content generation, and more


Taskade offers a range of plans starting from $5 per month and up to $239 per month, depending on your needs. It caters to different audiences and gives you access to different features based on the plan you choose.

One thing that I like about the Taskade pricing structure is that you don’t have to pay more with each new team member you bring on. For example, a $23 plan lets you create a team of up to 10 users.

There is also a completely free plan with limited access to AI assistant and other features, so you can take your time exploring the platform and understanding which plan is more suitable for you to upgrade to.

how is taskade better than sunsama

Taskade steps ahead with its deeply integrated AI capabilities that offer predictive and automated task management.

It’s an all-in-one solution that allows for real-time collaboration, sparing you the inconvenience of using multiple apps.

Even though it doesn’t have the minimalist look of Sunsama and the interface might feel a little crowded at times, it fully compensates for it with a variety of project templates and a highly capable AI assistant.

5. Hive

hive app is the best sunsama alternative website preview

Best Sunsama alternative for hybrid teams

Hive is a project management platform explicitly designed for hybrid work environments. It brings a multitude of project views like Gantt, Kanban, Calendar, and more into one central dashboard, providing a flexible approach to project planning.

Hive excels in multi-step projects by offering simple workflows, powerful proofing and annotation tools, and templates that speed up repeatable steps.

One of Hive’s strengths is its advanced goal-setting features. You can set, track, and optimize goals across teams or even the entire organization, linking these goals to specific projects and actions.

Hive enhances team management by providing timesheets and time-tracking functionalities, along with robust team resourcing options.

Connectivity is another area where Hive shines. Regardless of location or team structure, Hive centralizes all team interactions and tracks workspace activity. The platform also supports real-time communication with features like Notes and Hangouts that ensure every meeting concludes with a clear action plan.

To stand as a strong competitor to Sunsama and its alternatives, Hive recently introduced a new AI assistant called HiveMind, designed to make your life and daily work easier. It can generate content, suggest catchy email subject lines, draft message replies, or translate something in seconds.

Best Features of Hive

hive logo
  • Customizable project views for various objectives and planning styles
  • Advanced goal-setting and tracking capabilities to achieve results on time
  • Timesheets and time tracking for optimizing project delivery
  • HiveMind AI assistant to help you out with time-consuming activities
  • Over 1,000 integrations with other tools


Hive offers a free forever plan with up to 2 team members, which is perfect if you are a solopreneur with an assistant or just starting a new business.

Team subscriptions start at $12 per user and offer multiple add-ons, time tracking, built-in calendar, and other perks.

What is Sunsama?

Sunsama is a daily planning and task management tool designed to help you focus on your most impactful work for the day. Its core philosophy revolves around creating a mindful daily planning routine that streamlines your tasks and commitments.

With its minimalist approach, Sunsama aims to provide a work-life balance and shield you from burnout by allowing you to prioritize and manage your day effectively.

What I love most about Sunsama (besides daily rituals) is that I can drag tasks, emails, and to-do items from multiple other project management apps in a super easy way directly onto my agenda for the day.

I can also schedule (or auto-schedule) each task into my calendar to take advantage of the timeboxing technique and make sure everything gets done.

Why do you need an alternative to Sunsama?

First off, while Sunsama is incredibly intuitive, it doesn’t offer advanced AI features that some users might crave. If you’re someone who’s fascinated by the potential of machine learning to auto-schedule your tasks or offer intelligent suggestions, you might find Sunsama lacking in this department.

Secondly, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: the price. Sunsama isn’t exactly budget-friendly, especially for stay-at-home moms or students who are closely watching their expenses. If you’re looking to manage your daily planning without denting your wallet, you might want to explore other avenues.

Additionally, Sunsama focuses on delivering a simple, clean experience, but what if you need more bells and whistles? It lacks some features like native time tracking or elaborate project management functionalities that certain professionals might find essential.

Ah, and it also doesn’t work with Apple Calendar, which is enough to urge some people to look for Sunsama alternatives.

Finally, the aesthetic. Sunsama’s minimalist design is a blessing for some (myself included) but might be too plain for others who are maybe used to more sophisticated planning solutions.

If you’re yearning for a tool with a different vibe – maybe something more colorful or visually dynamic – Sunsama might not hit the mark for you.

What to look for in Sunsama alternatives?

If you are in the market for a new planning app to replace Sunsama, consider these criteria to ensure you’re choosing the best option:

  • AI capabilities: Does it offer smart suggestions or auto-sorting?
  • Affordability: Is it within your budget, or does it offer a free tier?
  • Feature set: Does it have the specific functionalities you need, such as recurring tasks or calendar integration?
  • Aesthetic appeal: Is the interface pleasing and motivating to you?
  • Ease of use: Can you navigate the tool effortlessly, or is there a steep learning curve?

Frequently asked questions

What is the cheaper alternative to Sunsama?

If you can’t afford Sunsama, ClickUp offers a robust daily planning experience at a fraction of Sunsama’s cost, or even for free.

Why is Sunsama so expensive?

Sunsama positions itself as a premium planning tool with a focus on mindful, intentional task management. Its pricing reflects the specialized features it offers, such as integration with multiple other high-end productivity apps and a minimalist design aimed to facilitate work-life balance.

You can also read Sunsama’s pricing manifesto to learn more about this company’s explanation and values.

If you are an entrepreneur juggling multiple commitments, Sunsama makes your life organized and reduces the planning stress to a minimum. It’s 100% worth it if you value your time and mental health.

Is there a free Sunsama alternative in 2024?

If you are on a really tight budget, both ClickUp and Taskade offer a free forever plan for basic project planning that you can rely on before you can afford to upgrade or switch to Sunsama. While they don’t mirror all of Sunsama’s features, they provide the essentials for effective task and project management.

Does Sunsama ever offer discounts?

As of my last update, Sunsama does not offer discounts on its pricing plans. Their stance leans towards maintaining a uniform pricing structure to align with the premium features they offer.

They also think it’s not fair to their current users to offer big discounts to new people, so they don’t even have Black Friday sales or anything similar.

Final thoughts on choosing a Sunsama alternative

So there you have it – a deep dive into an array of Sunsama’s alternatives that cater to varying planning styles and budget constraints. While Sunsama holds its own in the daily planning arena, each alternative brings a unique flavor to the table.

Whether it’s AI capabilities, cost-effectiveness, or something else you’re after, I hope you found your perfect planner somewhere on this list!

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